Adam Rippon Savagely Ranks Olympic Sports | Cosmopolitan

Adam Rippon Savagely Ranks Olympic Sports | Cosmopolitan

What the [expletive] is bobsleigh? Can I say that? It’s Cosmo, right? Hey everybody! I’m Adam Rippon and I love judging people,
and today I’m gonna judge Olympic sports from easy to hard. I mean this sounds difficult. This can go up at the top. Bobsleigh. OK, alpine skiing. I have to move bobsleigh down. (Groan) Alright, alpine skiing. Seems like difficult because it involves like,
trees. But alpine is one of my favorite Bed Bath
& Beyond candles… so I’ll put it right above bobsleigh. About even. Curling? Our curling team was amazing because the team
captain every time we saw each other, he called me Meryl Streep. So for that, I unfortunately still need to
put this at the bottom. Biathlon. When I was a teenager, I also thought I was
biathlon… and then later in life I realized no, I’m not. I’m fully ‘athlon. And that was really hard for me, but it was
easier than bobsleigh. So, just… because we’re all a little bi….athlon. OK, figure skating. So I think figure skating is hard, but maybe
it’s equal. I’m gonna just… I’m gonna do an even, but higher, you know
what I mean? That’s equality, like the same… but better. Luge? Hell yeah. That’s when you lay down on the sled. I’ll just do like… I mean, well, you just lay down I guess. OK, this is hard. Short track speed skating. OK, I’m gonna put this here. This actually looks like a vision board now. It looks beautiful. Snowboarding? OK, um, I’m gonna put this adjacent to figure
skating because Chloe Kim could literally eat a churro and still win gold. I’ll do this because actually I like Chloe
Kim, as a human. I’ll keep her close to me, but lower than
me. Is that fair? Ice hockey. I mean, I’m a sucker for all ice sports
and I’m a sucker for the whole entire women’s hockey team because they loved me when I was
there. That’s a quality in people that I like,
love. So, I’m gonna give them the upper hand. I’ll go here. Speed skating. Alright, this is so long. That’s a lot further up… that’s not
fair. Oh wait, hold on, this is making me look like a [expletive]
I need to make figure skating harder. Freestyle skiing? Just like alpine skiing. Alright, ski jumping. Yeah, I’m gonna put this one at the top
because these people are [expletive] nuts. Poor curling, Jesus Christ. All the way so far down. They were so nice to me at least I can do
that. And there you have it. Most of the winter OIympic sports ranked from
hardest… to curling. Bye.

100 Replies to “Adam Rippon Savagely Ranks Olympic Sports | Cosmopolitan”

  1. "when i was a teenager i also thought i was like… biathlon. And then later in life I realized, no, im not. I'm fully Athalon"

  2. And Adam's dual, or should I say, bi-career as an Olympic athlete and standup comedian, is officially underway

  3. "Poor curling. Jesus Christ, all the way so far down" * pans downward 3 feet away from all other sports * omg lol I'm dying

  4. ???I love Adam he’s up there with the new generation of olympian that like… tweet and over sleep and aren’t homophobic, and still win
    “when I was little I though I was bi…-athalon” honey ME TOO

  5. Why does everything he say sound so unintentionally sexual?
    "…move this at the top", "at the bottom", "hard for me", "lay down on the sled", "I'm a sucker", "so long"…
    Love it 🙂

  6. I do speed skating on rollerblades and that shit is so hard plus the injuries can be crazy. I know someone who crashed into a wall when she was training, broke her knee cap in half and the top half of the bone completely shattered

  7. adam you're the cutest but gurl what are u wearing? did u bring that outfit from home, or did u buy the materials at michael's on the way?

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