Action sports renaissance man: Hannes Arch

Action sports renaissance man: Hannes Arch

♪ (light music) ♪ I think that when
you want to reach a goal you have to realize
that there will be ups and downs, mentally and physically,
and you will be challenged,
and you have to be able
to torture yourself. This means
you go for training even if you are too tired from the day; you have to do it
because you know it’s necessary. You can’t just do what you feel
like doing; that would get you nowhere. You need a goal. You have to know what is right for you. You can push yourself
and have fun doing it. Pushing yourself means training hard,
noticing how your mind and body work and how you can function at 100%. It’s a great feeling,
and luckily I enjoy it. ♪ (light electronic music) ♪ First of all, I try to find
freedom to be creative, and when you are creative
it is in your nature to look for challenges,
your own challenges. I think Red Bull Air Race
is definitely a challenge that demands the most from me. ♪ (hard rock music) ♪ ♪ (light acoustic music) ♪ Especially with the life
I have right now, being an Air Race pilot, it’s important to know
where you are at home, and it’s not about the results;
it’s about something fundamental in me. My whole life has been based on a philosophy of community, community in climbing,
achieving something together, having an adventure together,
so for me it is quite normal to escape from a world
where you quickly feel alienated and go where I feel comfortable. In this case being
together with my friends, and in the case of Robert and Jürgen, just going climbing and just spending a nice day outside. This passion always
characterized Hannes. It has never been about the results,
but about the idea and the passion and then the consistency of doing it
and really working on it, going much farther than others,
is something I would say really distinguishes Hannes. Looking back, it doesn’t surprise me
that Hannes got to this position, because the things he has done– with climbing it was always
about achievement, and then with paragliding he explored
new things and achieved great results and the same was true
with B.A.S.E. jumping and the same with flying, and because of that I am not surprised that he got into this position
in the air race. ♪ (marimba music) ♪ It’s funny, we always had a certain image, whether that was the image of a tinkerer or many said I had
an aggressive style of flying. I think not much will change
in the image, because that’s me– I add the whole team a touch, I have always tried to prepare myself
as perfectly as possible. Maybe with a bit more experience,
with a bit more coolness I will at least try to get
into the competition, because I have hopefully learned
a little in the past few years. I have discovered
that if I always do what I love and what makes me happy,
then my life works itself out. Then I’m good at what I do,
I’m able to compete, and I’m happy, it fits
with my environment, and ultimately
this led to a Red Bull Air Race, from a combination
of everything I have learned. ♪ (acoustic guitar music) ♪ When I look back on my life
and my career I find that it’s all based
on a definite drive for freedom. You want to climb a mountain,
you want to see what’s behind, what is possible in life in general,
so mountain climbing was the perfect kind of game for me. Adventure–for me it has always made
more sense than going to school. I learned everything there
that I needed to learn, everything which seems
important to me now. It has a lot to do with trust
in a team and in a partner, has a lot to do with taking responsibility
and effort and challenge, dealing with risk, and so on. And the rest just happened. I have had trust in myself, so I don’t force myself
to go a certain way, but instead I trust life itself,
whatever happens, and what happened was paragliding. ♪ (light music) ♪ There are impressions
which stick with you in any sport and with flying, I can still feel
the fascination I felt lifting off the ground for the first time,
and I think the impression shaped me, along with my need
to experience freedom and adventure. As a 15-year-old kid, that was a dream come true. I had 100,000 visions at that point, visions of life in the future, dreams. What could be better than, as a child, suddenly feeling a purpose in life and having only the drive to do that?
I still have that. ♪ (acoustic string music with harp) ♪ This drive to do something new and to feel that you can make
the impossible possible, and everything together with my friends– we were the first to jump
from high mountains, at a time with BASE jumping
was not yet “in,” based on a philosophy of life, and I think the curiosity and the drive was there
to develop myself further. This singlemindedness and focus and a certain amount of professionalism was there from the beginning. Hannes always had the camera
with him, just to document things. Who knows what could come from it? And it did work out well. Pictures were developed from that,
adventures were documented in a way which then became standard. The professionalism was there too,
which is necessary to make these achievements possible, because you can’t get that far
just doing this as a hobby. The logical next step was then to develop myself further, and when I saw aerobatics
for the first time, that interested me. Suddenly it was possible. When you sit in a stunt plane yourself,
suddenly you feel no great difference between stunt flying or paragliding
or mountain climbing. Whatever you do, you are absorbed
completely in your enthusiasm, and so it happened that suddenly I was a Red Bull Air Race pilot. You can live out your dream,
and I’m doing that now. ♪ (electronic music) ♪ I was able to achieve a lot
at the Air Race because of a lot of previous experience,
and because I found over the years that the sport itself,
whatever you’re doing at the moment really isn’t the most important thing
in life, so I was able to keep a certain distance,
and if you have that distance you can observe yourself. When you can observe
yourself, you can learn. When you observe a lot and learn,
and you add diligence, and the intention to play the game
of the Air Race as well as you can, and you want to win,
you can be very successful. There is certainly
a bit of luck involved as well, along with having the right team,
and being at the right point in your life. Everything needs to work together in order for you to succeed
and become the world champion. ♪ (acoustic guitar music) ♪

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  1. I do like Redbull videos, but it is flustrating when you can't understand one freaking word! I have a sugestion that all race's can benefit from " SUBTITLES "

  2. Thanks, everyday is a learning experience. I can be very resourceful, but I am guilty of overlooking very simple things at times. Thanks for setting me straight!

  3. 14ik5e hey teacher and the shipping for everything you did for a present and playing with guns can be to get to know the person that's going to be home for nothing break the film take care how did of the place in a minute to see if this guy yeah I guess what

  4. Hey Red Bull, I'm a Force Recon Marine, I skydive, BASE, Speedfly, Paraglide, Kiteboard, and am starting rock climbing.  I'll be your renaissance man.

  5. Fliegen war wohl sein Leben und leider auch sein Tot. Ein großer Österreicher, ein stolzer Steirer ist von uns gegangen! Flieg weiter Hannes, auch wenn wir dich jetzt dabei nicht mehr bewundern können! R.I.P.

  6. byl dobrej..s tou nehodou nevím..u tak zkušeného pilota..v posledních týdnech ho možná něco trápilo a třeba i proto se to stalo..že udělal chybu..

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