Action sports relay race – Red Bull GerGetIt

Action sports relay race – Red Bull GerGetIt

According to Georgian Mythology Prometheus, Amirani was chained to this rock. He was Titan God and became mortal because he gave fire to humans. Since then, fire is inside every person living here. We are physically strong and have a competitive spirit. This is just a legend, but I feel this fire burning inside me. We are now in Kazbegi which is only 200 km from Tbilisi. I spent my childhood here. I used to come here every summer to climb. This place is extremely beautiful and very unique. For example Gergeti Trinity Church is the highest cultural landmark in Europe — we are so proud of it. Tomorrow, Red Bull GerGetIt will be held here. It is a combination of four different sport disciplines. The first discipline is whitewater kayaking. Competitors have to kayak 6km across the river Tergi. The second discipline is rock climbing. There is 30m high rock ready for climbers. This is the first time that someone will climb this rock, so climbers have to give it their all to reach the top. The third discipline is mountain biking with track distance of 12km. It goes through a forest, village and includes downhill elements. The fourth and the last discipline of competition is mountain running with the finish line at Gergeti Mountain, an altitude of 1170m. I am very happy that this competition took place. We were fighting until the end and we won. We deserved this victory.

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