Ace Combat 7 | VR Mission #1 | Scramble | F-18F Gameplay | 1080p 60fps

Ace Combat 7 | VR Mission #1 | Scramble | F-18F Gameplay | 1080p 60fps

Let’s begin the briefing. The Peyton Peninsula radar site to the northwest of us here at Fort Grays has picked up number of unidentified aircraft. They ignored our warnings from the IUN PKF and are making their way towards our base. As the IUN has air traffic control over all
of Usea, we’re almost most certain the crafts belong to the Free Eruseans. You guys will scramble immediately. Visually identify the aircraft and then use your
radios to order them to land. If attacked you have permission to engage them in
combat. Waste no time destroying them. Mobius 1, sortie. 118th Tactical Fighter Wing, this is the
Albatross control tower. Do you copy? This is Omega 11. We hear you loud and clear, over. Mobius 1, you have permission to
take off right after Omega 11. After takeoff, you’ll under command of the AWACS Sky Eye. Contact the unidentified aircraft and order them to land. Wind is 130 degrees at 18 knots we are
good for takeoff. Omega 11, you are cleared for takeoff. Okay. Go! Go! Go! Omega 11, is in the air. Mobius 1, stand by. Mobius 1, you are cleared for
takeoff. Keep an eye on approaching fighters. If they get close we’re done for. So this is the guy… Do we know the number of bogies? Increasing alert. Altitude restriction lifted. This is AWACS Sky Eye of the 118th
Tactical Fighter Wing. You’ll be under our command from here on out. Omega 11, follow Mobius 1. This could turn into a firefight. I hope this guy’s the real deal. You’ll find out if he is soon enough. Everyone will. We’re picking up several unidentified
aircraft. Omega 11, try contacting them via radio. Unidentified aircraft, this is the IUN PKF… Unidentified aircraft has a radar lock on us! Bandits fired! The unidentified aircraft are confirmed hostile. Weapons free. Engage. Don’t let them near the base! Wilco. We’re too heavy to maneuver! I can’t get away! Bandit behind you. Fox 2. Missile away! Dammit! We lost somebody! Missile closing! Missile hit! They’re moving so fast! Bones 2, respond! Bones 2! Damn it! Mobius 1, missile inbound. You’re behind on target kills. Nice. Crap, we’re too slow! Locked on enemy. Enemy destroyed. Awww yeah! That was amazing! This is Viper 2. I’ve arrived and am aware of the situation. Viper 2 and Rapier 1, assist Mobius 1. All aircraft, rejoin formation. You’re new here so I’ll fill you in. This guy’s the real deal. I can’t stand old-timer pilots. Such candor. Haven’t you said too much? I’ll be the judge of that. We’re picking up something new on radar. We have lost all of Bones Squadron. Do we keep going? The enemy’s en route. Viper 2, can you look after yourself
for a bit? I’ll watch your backs too. Let’s make this quick. In clouds. There’s an enemy unit approaching the base. Take it out. Mobius 1, enemy down. Hey, did you see the ribbon emblem? Half remaining. Mobius 1 again?! Omega 11, pay attention. Stop staring at Mobius 1. Something just came up on our radar. Looks like enemy reinforcements. Railgun fire! Viper 2, it looks like you’re running out of targets. Will you be okay without me? We have to do this, for Erusea’s sake. Find the leader! Fulcrum down! Three targets remaining. Railgun fire. One target remaining. Mobius 1 has shot down a bandit. We’re not picking up anything on radar. Mission accomplished. Good work. Well, I’ll be… He’s the real deal all right. You know from fighting just once? Watch all you like. There will be more
battles. Until then we rest. Return to base. This is the Albatross control tower. AWACS Sky Eye, we’ll take it from here. 3,200 meters to carrier. You’re too fast. Lower speed. You’re straying to the left. Bank right. 1,600 meters to carrier. You’re straying to the right. Bank left. Landing confirmed. Excellent landing. Nice job, Mobius 1. Nice work. Now, go get some rest before your next sortie. Thanks to your efforts the unidentified aircraft was taken down. You helped us make it clear that it belonged to Free Erusea. I have some guys looking into the enemy’s motivations. I’m afraid it’s looking like things could get pretty ugly. For now, Mobius looks to have delayed the enemy’s plans. We need a closer eye on the enemy’s movements, and you should be ready to move out at any moment.

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  1. Omg, imagine it, an ace combat of the future. Where VR isnt for the fucking aripod rich. Where we can truly be the aces of the sky!

  2. I just think it is utterly disappointing that the game is not entirely on VR. It's just some shitty extra content, like almost everything for VR.

  3. thimbs up for AC, down for the vid.
    i dont like ppl moving around like a bobble head when wearing vr.
    next time play the mission a few times before recording, and we dont have to watch someone looking around like its the 1st time using vr.

  4. Works fine for me Deluxe Edition Repack–180719/

  5. "I can't stand old-timer pilots" you piece of shit, that is the legend, the Ace of Aces, the Man himself, Mobius 1, and you will speak to this hero with nothing but the utmost respect and reverence, you worm

  6. I have rarely been as motion sick as I was playing this. I was on my back for a solid hour, like I'd chugged a liter of goldschlager played vomit comet on a tire swing. Amazing, but nauseating.

  7. I love how you can hear the subtle hints of " Sitting Duck " in the hangar. Nostalgia and goosebumps everywhere, and I'm loving it!

  8. Hey ace combat fan

    Can you create a video on DCS world

    This is the website

    And here is the trailer about the game

  9. The radios and the fighter sound when it’s starting off are 100 times more realistic and the carrier radios amazing I wish the game had stuff like this on Xbox

  10. Horrible esa mierda prefiero los antiguos simuladores de vuelo
    Esto no es un simulador esta mierda es un juego shooter de aviones

  11. The 118th….Scramble Take off from a Carrier….Remix of Sitting Duck……old ISAF callsigns…..back in the saddle, Mobius 1, engage.

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