Ab Tak Chhappan | Hindi Thriller Movie | Nana Patekar | Revathi | Action Film

Ab Tak Chhappan | Hindi Thriller Movie | Nana Patekar | Revathi | Action Film

October Yes, it was in October 1985
that I joined the police force It’s 19 years For the first 5 years,
I always wore the uniform.. and noted down First Information
Reports in the police station The revolver remained silent,
in my holster In 1994, I was transferred
to the Special Force.. I took off the uniform
and my gun started speaking up Ever since, this is the
thing that has been happening I agree, you have a nice plot But your party’s asking
for a lot of money Just give him a bit of advance, Rashid.
– That I will Talk it over with him. I’ll come and sign the
papers tomorrow if he wishes Come on. Nothing’s happening. Relax I thought you were
about to bump me off Sir, are you here to bump me off? If I had to do that,
I’d have done it by now You’ve been called over.
To talk it over Eat some? – Tobacco in my mouth When did you come to Nashik?
– Two days ago Why has the ACP called me to Mumbai? How would I know? As if he’ll tell me what
business he has with you He asked me to bring you along,
so I’m doing that I do what my seniors tell me to do Yes, sir..? We’ll be there in a couple of hours Yes, sir.. I’ve stopped
near Kasara for a cup of tea Very well, sir You read about Salman, sir? Have you read about Salman and Vivek? Yes What do you think?
Who’s going to have Aishwarya finally? What brains! We need to ask Aishwarya Your wife’s away at her mother’s,
so you can have all the fun, right? Oh come on, sir.
– You have a girlfriend, don’t you? No, sir Really? Who’s the one in
the red light district? Tell me..
– Sir.. – Tell I have two of them there, sir.
First class items I mean it. First class Write down a report On the Mumbai National
Highway this afternoon.. in an encounter between the
Mumbai police and the underworld.. the dreaded gangster
Rafiq Suleman was killed The Mumbai police were on the
look out for Rafiq for a long time Rafiq Suleman was
accused of four murders.. apart from the killing
of the legislator Patwardhan It is reported that Rafiq Suleman
worked for underworld don Zameer Zafar The police wanted
to arrest Rafiq but he.. ..opened fire and the police
had to resort with retaliatory firing Look madam, I don’t know anything. In the last two months,
this is the fifth occasion that.. Inspector Sadhu Agashe has targeted
members of the Zameer Zafar gang Shivani Roy reporting for Star News. The press has come to label your
department as the police underworld What can be done, sir? Should we have presented
Rafiq in court without any evidence? He’d have been let off and
killed half a dozen more people If killing a criminal can
save the lives of many innocents.. what is the problem?
– Maybe true But Mr Deshmukh is concerned.. that because of your department the.. ..reputation of the entire
police department is getting tarnished Not fair sir. He’s well aware that it
is because of this department.. that the city of Mumbai has some peace That’s true too Isn’t it the same officer..?
– Sadhu. Sadhu Agashe Sadhu’s becoming a hero nowadays Hello! Congratulations sir.
– Thank you. Including Rafiq,
that’s the fiftieth victim, sir I don’t keep a count Why didn’t you involve
Your immediate .. ..senior officer
in the operation, sir? Who’s responsible Here in my absence? So.. Excuse Me. Hey Francis.. Rafiq’s sister lives in Bhiwandi.
Make sure you inform her Give me a cigarette, will you? Sir. Howzat! Jahangir. He’s coming to Bhayandar sir When?
– At seven Which stupid informed you?
– No.. it’s confirmed news, sir May I go? Go, if you wish to waste your time Why, sir? Jahangir’s in Amravati right Now.
I have received word Maybe your information’s
wrong And mine is right, sir Has that ever happened before? You needn’t go anywhere.
Follow up the earlier cases, go on There’s just one man who works here I come here only to say hello and hi There’s little I can do But why do you accompany him? Now look, I don’t want to get
into this mess between you and him I just want to go home,
watch tv, watch my wife.. and go to sleep. I’m not fond
of seeing my photo in the papers.. And raising the count.
You guys can do all that Yes. Persis. Take. That case of Dombivali..? Follow it up I think the information is right Okay sir.
– Take a few constables with you Hey Narayan.. you are going?
– Yes sir. Right sir. Tired?
– No sir. Sure?
– No, sir. Let’s go.
– Sir. He’s doing me a favour
by giving me some work You have another entry in
the red diary, right? That’s it I don’t want to go to Zameer’s place.
He keeps asking me about father I’ve never asked him
questions about his daddy Hello Hello. Have you boiled the
lentils and the drumsticks? And some tamarind pulp too? All right Now mix everything and add two
spoons of the sambar powder I gave you Mix everything together and
use clarified butter for the seasoning That’s the thing you must use.
Add mustard, fenugreek seeds.. and.. what is kaayam called?
– Asafetida Add some asafetida too Don’t forget curry
leaves and coriander seeds Make a paste of all
that and give me a call And send us some too!
– No, nothing.. Okay bye. Aman.. What’s up? Where’s he?
– Want some pickle? I want an answer
to the question I asked What answer? Tell me. Father, do you know how
many bullets an AK47 magazine has? You’ve been messing around with my bag?
– No.. it’s what this book says Have you got your progress card?
– Yes Go and bring it I’ll be ready in two minutes This is why I never drop you.
– But you aren’t ready either How much time will
it take me to wear a shirt? All right,
I’ll wear a sari and come soon By the time you drape the sari,
I’ll be in my office Hello. And cut this drama!
– Will I stop it at your say so? What do you think?
– I know.. at whose behest
you’re finishing off my gang What..? That’s the truth! I know what tribe cops belong to Now let’s not talk about tribes, okay? Ask your mother who’s
Actually your father She mustn’t even remember the name.
– Don’t brag too much! I don’t listen to bragging either Why’re you using obscene language?
– So you talk to him.. talk to my wife, a teacher.
She’ll make you see reason? Now listen, I’ll pay you double
the amount Rajshekhar’s paying you But stop killing my people Else, I won’t let you live in Mumbai! You’re sitting with
your tail between .. ..your legs and you’re threatening me? You have a family too. Think of it. Hey Zameer.. you mustn’t
have a gang of more than 150 guys And I have a gang of 40,000 cops You won’t even know
when you’re bumped off And what did you say?
I’m on Rajshekhar’s payroll? I’ve killed 16 of his men.
That’s the way it is, okay? Stupid! No one gets
to act smart with me We’ve got to take a left!
– Because of this stupid, I forgot What have you forgotten?
You’re telling me everything I’m talking to my wife,
not you. Hold on I’ll take a left ahead. So then? Hot headed guy, are you? I’ll plant RDX in the car
you’re driving and blow you up! How many guys have you personally
killed till today? Tell me Two, five, ten..? I’ve bumped off more than 50 already.
You get that..? Catch a plane and come over.
I’ll bump you off at the airport! Why sit there and talk
to me like a shameless man? This left Hold on, Zameer Want me to pick you up this evening?
– No thanks I’ve heard enough already. Bye Bye. Speak Why must you take all the tension?
– What tension? The government pays me to use the gun And when I bump off guys like you,
I get a medal No tension for me. And know what..? You’re the filth of
society and I’m its sweeper The job’s not very pleasant,
but one has to do it What you say is right, Sadhu saheb Saheb..? There are not many
people I address as “saheb” Let’s skip the bullshit..
– Oh come on, Sadhu sahib You must think of me too..
– Think what? Stop playing a gangster
and I will stop firing my gun How much are you going
to make me spend on the mobile? Mine isn’t illegal
money like yours, okay? It’s government money.
– Very well, Sadhu saheb.. the match is about to begin..
are you watching it? I have a live match
going with your players All right, Sadhu saheb.
I’ll phone you later Phone me or don’t,
makes no difference to me Mad man! What did he have to say?
– What could he say? What could he say to me? But what he says is right too And even if it wasn’t right,
we couldn’t sit idly Had to open fire I only asked about Feroz.
And he shat in his pants He thought I had gone
there to split his brains And he opened fire I had to open fire too No problems in the post-mortem, I hope?
– No I shot him from four feet away In his chest?
– Yes No carbon deposits, I hope?
– No, no.. no tension I’ve set everything right That’s 41 Make an entry in the records Narayan, switch on the tv.
The match has started Out! Out! – Hey!
– Hey cheating! Excuse me sir. Where will I find
Inspector Sadhu Agashe? What work is it?
– I’ve got to take over charge So you are Jatin Shukla Yes, sir From your face,
you appear to be a hero of TV soaps Sit You’re Inspector Imtiyaz Siddiqui,
aren’t you? When have we met?
– We haven’t I’ve seen your pictures
in the newspapers You’re fond of encounters too? Or are you here to play the hero? Where were you posted earlier?
– In Juhu Did the dogs chase you there? That’s the locality for the rich When the dogs bark at night,
they telephone the police.. to drive away the dogs. And
the police get busy driving them away Suck your tummy in Go. Your name?
– Jatin Shukla You haven’t a father?
– I do, sir. In the village So what’s the full name?
– Jatin Janardhan Shukla Married?
– No, sir He is single. Do you have girl friend? Fiancee. Fiancee? How do you spell fiancee? Pardon. How do you spell fiancee? FIANCEE Was that right, Francis? Fiance. I don’t think they’ll
score more than 250 Have a word with your bookie. Call him Sure?
– Yes. What’s a Circle Inspector’s job? To keep criminals of
the underworld under control Not under control..
to shoot them. No control I know, sir.
– So why didn’t you tell me? No telling, sir. I’ll prove it Nice meeting you. Sit, sit down He won’t pick up the phone.
– He won’t This match isn’t fixed.
We’re going to win Ever thrashed someone in the lock up?
– Several times, sir Did you ever think whether
what you did was right or wrong..? If I began to think, how’d I do it? Yes, sir. I’ll be there In our department
we kill only two things. When we get information,
we kill criminals. When we don’t have information,
we kill time. Don’t be restless, be patient.
Yes sir. Ever cut a chicken?
And seen it suffering in your hands? No, sir Can you look the criminal in the eye.. hold the pistol to
his forehead and shoot? You’ll do in your pants I’ll shoot sir But, you will do Come on. That two billion I’ve invested,
is all going to go down the drain Nothing’s going to happen. You’ll
still drive around in a Mercedes.. go and watch Cricket
matches in chartered flights.. I can’t go to sleep in the night May I come in sir?
– Sadhu. Since when have you started
asking for permission? Come, one minute. Wadia, the industrialist.
Borrowed 6 billion, you know? Hello.
– Nice meeting you. Excuse me Congratulations.
– Thank you sir. Keep this See. Use your methods for investigation,
but I want quick results Sir. Okay.
– Okay, bye. Sadhu.. how’s Aman’s hand? It’s okay so long
as it’s in the plaster.. when it’s out, I’ll break it again Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Is Vinod-bhai there?
– Who are you? Whoever, I want to talk to Vinod-bhai.
Is he there? Vinod-bhai’s not in.
– Where has he gone? He’s gone out.
– I got to give him a message, madam Where are you calling from?
– Dubai From Dubai?
– Yes, from Dubai. Can you give him a message?
– What message? I’ll give you a telephone number Yes, tell me. 00971 – 00? – Yes 00971 You just said 00.. ..Add 971 after that! 971 after 00 is 971. 991. 971 or 991?
– 971 and 991 ! But you just said..
– Listen! Take down the number! 009719915016780. It’s such a long number.
Can you repeat it, sir? To hell with you!
Just give him the number.. and ask him to talk
to Zameer-bhai tomorrow What do you say? Where was the call made from? Dubai My son.. it’s an international card Buy a SIM card in Dubai
and make the call from Mumbai Finish. Hey Francis.. rewind the tape Enough, play it Ask him to talk to Zameer-bhai
or we’re going to shoot him.. Tell him that the
way we bumped off his .. ..friend in Borivali 4 months ago.. That murder of Shetty..
there were three guys involved Two of them,
Sawant bumped off in Dahisar Who was the third?
– Damodar? Not Damodar Francis, pick up Kishore
and Shabbir from Ghatkopar.. and pick up Guddu from Dharavi.
Take Narayan along Who was it..? Yede.. Yedwadkar Vilas Vilas Vilas Come. Sir..
– What? Sir, I.. Guddu..
– Yes, Guddu. C’mon No one falls into
your hands just like that So the ones you suspect.. You’ve first got to pick up.
And then starts the headache By the way, this chap Vilas happens
to be Zameer’s very special man Have you arrested
him even earlier, sir? A couple of times But I couldn’t get much information.
Let’s see this time You’ll lead..?
– Sir. Will you lead..?
– I will, sir I’ll cover you. Here you are Take a right from ahead Where does Vilas live?
– Number 11 What is it?
– Vilas..? Yes?
– Open the door Who the hell are you?
– Cop. Let’s go Wait a moment. I’ll take a bath.
– Bathe in the police station. C’mon! Sadhu Saheb! Why do you
keep Picking me up all the time? I’ve done nothing, I say! Nothing Go on inside.. go I thought someone was
about to shoot, so I.. You know whom you’ve just shot? He was on the run for eight years The department just couldn’t
get their hands on him He’s more dangerous
than the thug lying outside Strange.. He’s still alive.
Should we take him to the hospital? Are you crazy? Bump him off You’ve been anointed today.
You’ve opened an account How does it feel?
– It feels as if.. I have done something for my society,
my country, sir Don’t give me this rubbish!
Society, country..! Nothing of that is true.
You’re just happy to be alive No, sir..
– That’s the way it is Come the time, you think nothing
of the world and the country.. it’s just your life, that’s all Nothing wrong in it.
That’s how I thought earlier too Leave society and the
stuff to the politicians Come over for dinner tonight Bring that girlfriend of yours.
What’s her name..? Vaishali.
– What..? Strange guys you north Indians! That’s not the way to pronounce it.
Say V-A-I-S-H-A-L-I ! Vaishali.
Vaishali. Yes, bring her along too My wife, Nameeta Jatin. Jatin. What time is it..? It’s okay. Come on inside. Be comfortable. – Come.
Make your tea. Make for me also. Come, come. Are you working? I’m a graphics designer A course on graphic designing
has just been started in our college I have no knowledge of it.
I teach political science For the last ten years.
– Oh, that’s nice. I didn’t know you could cook Only sambar. It’s no big deal Boil drumsticks and lentils
to a whistle in a pressure cooker Take it off the stove, add tamarind
pulp, two spoons of sambar masala.. and the seasoning.
With clarified butter No oil. That’s no fun In the seasoning add fenugreek seeds,
curry leaves, mustard.. and coriander. And kaayam Kaayam.
– Kaayam? Kaayam. Kaayam. Nammo.. what do we call Kaayam? What?
– What do we call kaayam? Asafetida.
– Asafetida. Nice flavour He’s showing off.
I’ve cooked everything already We have sambar for breakfast,
sambar for lunch and sambar for dinner Do you live together? Yes How many years is it now? Well.. four years How’s the smell? Yeah, very nice.
– Very nice? – Yeah. C’mon
– Come on. What are you doing there..?
Come and join us Tea.
– Thank you. Don’t worry. I haven’t threatened
anyone over the phone, sir I know So why have you brought me here? Had I not picked you up.. how would his picture appear
on the front pages tomorrow? Whose picture, sir? Hey Jatin, congratulations. So you cracked it, didn’t you?
– Got started right away? Good. Congratulations
– Thank you. Congratulations Mr. Jatin Shukla. So you’ve tasted blood
on the very first day? There were just two of them?
– Yes Were you led by Sadhu Sir..?
– No Then?
– He asked me to take the lead Wow! Two wickets
in your very first over! Good job done. What good job? Is this the way? It was his very first day
and he was thrust into it Against a dreaded gangster What if he had got killed?
– But he eventually killed, right? He was plain lucky! He killed. Does he have any experience yet? But Sadhu Sir ought
to have given it a thought Who’s responsible for
a junior officer’s safety? It’s the senior officer.
– Stop it now, will you? No! How can this department work
if anyone acts at whims and fancies? Now tell me something Senior officers like
you and me were sidestepped.. and the life of a young
boy was put at stake Let him at least be trained first.
I agree, he’s a brave boy. But.. Go on. I’ll join you Imti, come here What problem do you have with me?
– Nothing, sir But you do You think I have bumped
off more guys than you have.. the press writes more about
me and my photos get published Ask that question
to people who don’t know You were sent to bump off Aslam,
and you shot Shaikh You shot Lulla.
– Now, sir.. it’s because of the
nature of our work.. that the confusion takes place And I’m not the first human
being who has made a mistake The truth is that you
want to raise your count You’ve grown fond of
adding names to your red diary You make wrong use of your powers.. and an enquiry is conducted
on the entire department Now look, you and I know it.
It’s necessary to kill them But it’s more necessary
to get rid of the habit of killing One of these days,
I’m going to bump you off The nut It’s time you started playing.. or you won’t even realise when
you grew old, firing away at them There’s time for that, sir That’s exactly how I used to think too When my hair grayed,
when my children grew up.. and when my time
to retire had arrived.. I didn’t get to know Your new Joint Commissioner
of Police has arrived I’ll handover charge tomorrow
morning and be free of the hassles How will things
progress if you go away? How did they progress earlier? I’d like to bring about
a change in certain things An improvement is
necessary in certain areas Many people are unhappy about
the working of the Crime Branch Several social workers
and human rights organisations.. have filed petitions in court.
Your comments? The police have evidence.. that this was done at
the behest of the underworld The underworld keep getting
them to file petitions on their behalf They’re under pressure from
the underworld and they have succumbed Why is it that only the gangsters
die in the battle between them.. and the police?
– It’s actually very sad.. that the media publishes news
of a gangster on the front-pages And if it happens to be a policeman,
it’s buried in the inside pages Like a footnote Obviously, the press has to
decide how to sell their newspapers Sir, I have another question Would you wish to reopen the file of.. ..the shootout that
took place in 1997? What will you say in this regard, sir? Thank you. Thank you very much. Sir.
– Imtiyaz..? Right, sir. I’m Imtiyaz How are you officer? I’m okay, sir. How are you doing? Looks like they’re old acquaintances.
– Yes, maybe But the bastard never mentioned it.
– What difference would that make? You’d still be eating a samosa Let me introduce you
to the rest of them, sir People of my department This is Jatin, Francis, Narayan.. and you surely know him. Sadhu Who doesn’t know him..? Sadhu Agashe! The press has made a hero out of you The press can make
anything out of anyone I am glad too. That you know. There are cases against you Two have been withdrawn, sir It’s not a question of the cases
Being withdrawn or not The question is: Why have cases
been filed against an Inspector? Actually.. No explanation. When a case is filed
against a police officer.. in the State Assembly, they
keep stripping the police department.. for two whole months How can you be so irresponsible? No, it won’t do Sir knows everything Obviously. He’s the senior Sir, Mr. Suchak wants to see you Thank you. Sir. – Sadhu. – Sir. I have a very simple philosophy He who doesn’t deliver results,
should not be part of the team Sir. After all,
it’s the duty of the junior officers.. to give their senior officers
all their cooperation.. Without any question.
Understand? – Sir. – Okay. Okay. What you think of me or Suchak.. What Suchak thinks of you and me,
makes no difference to the depart. Sadhu. Don’t forget. The world existed before us and
it’ll still be there when we’re dead Don’t get hassled. Sir. Why’s Imtiyaz sir..? I mean, he’s very bitter Maybe he doesn’t have
a very nice opinion about you That’s just what I told my wife,
But she doesn’t agree What difference does the
opinion of one man make anyway? If he’s close to your senior officer.. a lot could happen, sir You’ve grown the wisdom tooth,
already? These senior officers
Are like the weather They keep changing with time I worked sincerely for Mr.
Pradhan for several years He was a good human being I’ll work with the
same sincerity for Suchak.. and let’s see what sort of a man he is What do you think?
Imtiyaz is likely to speak against me? It’s very likely, sir.
– He’ll speak only against me A bitter gourd can’t ever be sweet Hello. What have I got to lose? What..? Let’s go. Not one but 4. He mentioned your name, sir. So.. How many?
– Six Not four, it’s six cars.
– What? Yes. Don’t register the case But the case has already been filed Two cars will have
to be planted in Santacruz And two in Goregaon. I’ll handle the rest of it
– But, sir. I knew you’d wait here for me, sir.
Thank you If it wasn’t for you..
– Stop your nonsense. Six cars in 10 days. In one area..
you’ll get killed some day Can’t help it, sir.
I was in need of the money Who’s ailing this time?
– My brother Open the dashboard That small wad Go, take your brother
to a proper hospital And I didn’t give you the
money because you’re an informer I gave it because your
brother is ill, okay? This is Jatin saheb.
Tell him whatever you tell me What..? At least say hello Go on now I’ll call on your brother, okay? And stop smoking pot! Go on now. Get lost This is the first time I saw a
police officer giving a bribe to other A police officer is human too It’s the same in our department.
You scratch my back, I scratch yours It’s like this.
I’m on several guys’ hitlists.. when someone comes to kill me, I’m
not going to wait for orders, am I? I’ll pull out my gun Self-defense is not the
department’s responsibility.. one has to do it on his own.
You know that If you kill someone.. ..you get a medal. you need not necessarily get a medal But make one mistake,
and you go to hell Your family’s given 200,000 rupees.
– Isn’t that a strange thing, sir? A policeman’s job
is itself very strange A thug takes to his heels
when he spots a police car.. and one has to jump the signal Our seniors know that,
so it’s all right Sit down . Thank’s sir. What have you done today?
– I picked up someone in Bandra.. and I’ve been interrogating him.
– You got to go to Pune. Right now Receive these two men at Pune airport Sir. And do as they say, okay? Two guys from Delhi, I don’t know them I took them around Pune,
we went to the camp area.. one guy got off the car, the other
asked me to bump him of and I did. I dropped the other
guy at Pune airport.. I went home, took a bath,
had a meal and went to sleep How did you shoot without
even knowing who he was, sir? Mr Suchak asked me to do it, so I did What argument can
a police inspector.. . ..have with the Joint Commissioner? He must’ve been
ordered by a senior too We’re all part of the system It’s the system that decides
things and we simply follow it Young men are sent to
the borders to kill people They go and kill. Do they even
know whom they’ve killed and why? But they do kill, don’t they?
– They atleast know it’s the enemy But who decides that they’re enemy? Who is it the bureaucrat in Delhi,
isn’t it? It’s the Minister, right? That’s how I was ordered too.
– But you were the one who fired.. Do we have a choice? We’re not allowed to think We only got to use our finger.
To squeeze the trigger I can’t understand sir..
– If I ask you to bump this guy off.. won’t you do it? When your senior officer tells you
to shoot him, won’t you bump him off? I will, sir.
– That’s it We’re like dirty women! Before a customer
has left and another has arrived.. we got to get decked up,
wait at the window and solicit.. Francis, why’re you peeing there?
– The loo’s stinking How did this bloody gambler
get into the police force? I’m playing with four jokers Two in the pack and two in front of me.
– One’s at your side too One movie turns out to be a hit,
and the phone calls begin Prieti Zinta, Bipasha..
who have they spared? Happy anniversary.
– Thank you. Where’s sister-in-law? Sister-in-law..
– Imtiyaz..? Flowers. For you.
– Don’t talk to me You too..?
– Not at all You didn’t invite us
Over even on Idd day At least congratulate me What congratulations..? I’d give you a gallantry award
if I could help it What? Spending 15 years with
Sadhu Sir is no joke You’re the one who spends
more time with him You ought to get the award For you Mother..
– One minute Nimmo. Hey! Hello.
– Hello. Happy anniversary, Sadhu sir. Zameer! Did you receive the flowers I sent? You’ve sent me the whole garden.
Why didn’t you come? I’m not in such a tearing
hurry to go up there Who told you you’re going up?
You’re going to be buried in the earth You’re coming with me under
The earth too, aren’t you? I’ll send you ahead
first and come later Because you sent the flowers, don’t
think you are getting a concession So what can I do, sir..? Want me to send a diamond
set for your wife? From Belgium? Oh shut up.
My wife is happy with what she has You have three wives, right?
Deck them up with diamonds Go it. Disconnect now. All right, I’ll hang up Enjoy the party. God protect you.
– God is merciful. You aren’t eating anything.
Please help yourself Every time this man calls.. ..you get tensed. Go easy. Friend. Business friend. Then why do you get so hassled? Don’t take too much tension. Bring him over Then why have I come here? Go! I don’t like to get beaten up I’d have told you, if I knew Smart-ass! I’ll shove it
up your backside and make you talk! No smartness! When’s he coming? Who? Feroz I have no idea, sir.
I swear it on my mother Stupid.. Good morning sir.
– Good morning, morning. What’s happening?
– Imtiyaz has picked up someone, sir Who?
– He’s questioning someone called Vinod Open up Open up! Who brought him? At whose orders was he brought here? On my orders, sir. – Why? He has information, sir.
– Did you ask me? Your cell-phone was switched off, sir Do I ever keep my
cell-phone switched off? Give him a cup of tea.
And drop him back Move it! They pick up just about
anyone for no reason Not their mistake, sir.
I had issued the order It’s their mistake! They
ought to know whose orders to obey Stop doing as you wish! Can anyone have his way here? You, I.. or Narayan?
Can anyone have his way? How did you get involved with Imtiyaz?
– I came here to work.. he took me away and asked
me if I had any information I have no information I do. But I’ll tell
the one I am supposed to All right, speak Feroz is coming.
His mother stays in Borivali She’s ill. He’s coming to meet her How and where from, I don’t know.. but he’s getting here on Friday.
– Isn’t he the same Feroz, sir? Yes. I heard them say that if
they were as good shooters as Feroz.. they’d rule the whole of Bombay Who’s the best-sharpshooter?
It’s Feroz. Rajshekhar’s man You know that, sir Feroz is here in Bombay Watch out I’m going to put
four slugs into that guy In the last encounter,
he killed two policemen Where did you get the tip, sir?
– Wear a jacket I’ve received a tip off on Feroz, sir Got to rush immediately We’ll bump him off, sir All right Don’t go overboard, guys.
No orders to kill him We got to pick up some links
from Feroz. For Suchak sahib Nobody opens fire If it becomes necessary,
shoot under the waist, okay? Keshav, make an entry
in the station diary “Left for enquiry” Move it! Nice.. buy it I like this. Take. Take. This one also.
– It is nice. Take it. Which one? I’m not going to wear it.
I’m going to take it off Call.
– Tell me. Good news. Feroz has been caught.
– When? Yesterday.
– That’s half the good news.. not all of it.
– You bet! Shekhar must’ve had a heart-attack You have an amazing network, Zameer.
You already got to know? That’s exactly why I called.
But why do you do this? What? Had he been my man,
you’d surely have bumped him off But because Feroz is Rajshekhar’s man,
you’ve only arrested him? Am I going to ask you.. whom to arrest and whom to bump off? If only your gun
went off at my say-so.. you’d stand to gain all the way.
So would I Must you get started again..? Hang up now and let
me get on with my work Makes sense, you know. Work, fame.. and also some money to go with it.
What’s wrong with that? Would be so much
better if a scoundrel .. ..like you lost his sleep, isn’t it? Bastard! You laugh like those
characters in “Mahabharata” It’s very difficult to
win against you, Sadhu saheb Oh yes, you’re so right I’m told Feroz’s mother
died in the firing. Is it true? Yes, it was very sad.
It was an accident Better be careful, Sadhu saheb He’ll turn around and shoot
the moment he has the opportunity Feroz is a very dangerous man Why’re you getting bothered?
I’ll deal with him God protect you From me Your call, sir.
– Who is it? Says it’s urgent Hello. Sadhu. There was a shootout outside the court Feroz has run away Hail Lord Ganesha You’re having a court
marriage to save money..? You must come to the reception, sir.
– Of course I will It’ll make Vaishali very happy It’ll make Vaishali very happy That’s good. I’ve given sir the invite..
you folks must surely attend Of course.
I’ll come even if I’m not invited How’s Vaishali, by the way?
– She’s fine She has sent you a strange message.
– What? She asked me to tell you
that she has found her donkey What’s all this about?
– Ask her She tells me to ask you
and you tell me to ask her? This is how a wedding ought to be Not like ours.
We kept running around.. ..if we had committed a theft and
your father had set the cops after us Don’t speak against my father Not a word against my father.
– Why won’t I? Your father harassed me so much.
What a rotten guy! Isn’t he really..? Want a small one..? A small one? I’ll sit with your father someday,
give him a few drinks.. and talk about the dowry.
Let’s see if he gives me something Switch off the music! Shut off the main gate, Imtiyaz!
Someone just shot at me! Francis, take a look I’ll take a look, sir! Shut that gate! Nammo.. Hey, Nammo.. Send for the ambulance!
Call Dr Shinde immediately! No, she is dead. I told you, sir.. you shouldn’t have just arrested Feroz You ought to have bumped him off Tell the officer I’m here.
– Okay. All right. Send him in Please sit down. Sadhu.
– Sir. Will you have some tea?
– No, thank you Do you still want to continue
in the Crime Branch? Yes, sir. Okay. Narayan.. what happened
about the Jogeshwari case? Sir..? – I told you about Jogeshwari.. There’s still no trace of Asghar, sir Sit down Francis, have you taken
a statement from Deshmukh? He’s still in a coma You’re always making
excuses to shake off work Give him some tea to bring
him out of the coma. Some for me too Where’s that boy who brings tea?
– He hasn’t come, sir.. Francis hasn’t paid him. – What? I told him to collect once in a month.
But he came every day and.. He mustn’t be sure
if you’d last a month You’re so fat,
you might burst any moment Get some tea for me. Go on!
– Keshav, send for some tea That film producer.
The baldie.. – Harish Mirchandani, sir He returned from Dubai yesterday.
We’re picking him up today May I take Jatin along, sir? Yes, go ahead.
Will you go with him, Jatin? Yes, sir.
– Take those hands out of your pocket Playing pocket-billiards, are you? What is it?
– We’ve done an investigation.. and we have photos of some suspects.. but it doesn’t amount to much Let me see See you Sir, I am going. That corporator Velinkar, sir..
– Of Ghatkopar? Yes, he was talking over the phone.
– What was he saying? He’s the one who
masterminded Feroz’s escape.. he engineered the shootout too.
– Who was he talking to? I don’t know,
but he was talking something.. ..about Malaysian visa being ready Let him come. It’s nice only to hear But nothing to see It’s the sea I’m talking about It took over 20 million
to build this house And I got to live
here with my nose shut It’s called sea-facing. Sea-facing When I get up in the
morning and look out.. I can see them all
shitting in the open I get to see their asses My wife didn’t like the place,
so she ran away. To the village And I’m all alone here. At sunset.. I make a drink for myself How will I live in this
stink if I don’t drink? So what brings you here? I had some questions to ask Me? About what? – About yourself Age: 40 years. Weight: 70 kgs.
Height: 5 feet 8 inches Dark complexioned. Anymore questions? Was it you who planned Feroz’s escape? Feroz who? – Rajshekhar’s shooter The one, who..? – The one I arrested And you – What have I done? Don’t you know what you’ve done?
– I want to hear it from you What have I done?
– You masterminded his escape Who told you? In the Crime Branch,
why does anyone need to tell me? One can understand everything. – Hey.. you take me for a criminal..?
I’m a corporator! Who said a criminal
cannot also be a corporator? Don’t talk too much! Because you’re a policeman,
I invited you to sit down Else, I’d have kicked you out! Why get so worked up?
You work for Rajshekhar, don’t you? So where is Feroz?
– Who Feroz..? What Feroz? You’ve ruined the kick! You want to screw me
because your wife is dead? There are so many more whores,
go and marry one of them! And just shut up!
Else, I’ll tell the home secretary.. and have you sacked!
You dare accuse a corporator? Don’t you glare at me!
I’ll gouge your eyes out! Dump this bastard
in the municipal truck! That Police dog. These dogs come to bite
the very hand that feeds them! Hello.
– Yes Sir. Come and see me immediately Right now, sir..
– I want to see you rightaway Is that clear. Sir. Take the kid home Aman, go home with him.
I’ll come later This is sheer irresponsibility Sadhu. I’m only doing my duty, sir.
– Don’t tell me what your duty is Everyone knows Velinkar
is Rajshekhar’s man, sir He’s also a corporator.
– That’s why I was silent Else, I’d have dragged him here.
– Without any evidence? When he starts singing,
we’ll have all the evidence He’s the one who
masterminded Feroz’s escape.. and he knows a lot about Rajshekhar.
A few days ago.. he applied for a visa in Malaysia So let me do it, sir. – No You are the most responsible
officer in the Crime Branch You can’t do such things I’ve given 15 years of my life
to this department, sir, and nobody.. has ever stopped me.
Neither has my intent been suspected.. First time soomeone has stopped me Because of this department,
my personal life.. There you are! This is personal.
You are taking it personally. I’ll type my resignation
and send it to you CC to commisioner. CC to Home Department. Thank You Sir. Aman! There was a call for you He was abusing you Who? Feroz He said, like he killed mother.. he won’t spare you either It’s switched off Sadhu Sir’s cell is never
switched off. Try again Hey.. have you got to know? Keshav.. dump everything in the store What’s gotten into you?
Have you gone mad? Is that the way you
talk to your new chief? Keshav, get some sweets Is Sadhu Sir there?
– No, he has gone out Hello Aman! Hello! Where’s your father? – I don’t know When was the plaster
taken off? – Today Tell your father I was here, okay? Good Afternoon Sir. Good afternoon.
Sit down Congratulation What for? You have become what
you wanted to become Someone had to step
into your shoes, sir Mr Suchak considered me worthy enough I’ll go and fetch Aman from school Come, let’s have some coffee No, sir. Not now..
– Come on I’m sorry, I had something
official to discuss with you You’ve come as a cop? I’m sorry about it, but.. Why feel sorry when
you’re doing your duty? What is it? I want to talk about Velinkar Sit About Velinkar Why talk about someone who’s dead? Let’s talk about those who are alive Ask me about Zameer. About Feroz About Rajshekhar Hello! You’ve killed him? – Whom? Velinkar What do you think? Mr Suchak thinks you’re
the one who has bumped him off Suppose I have. What’s he going to do? He was on our hitlist in any case Yes? What am I hearing..? You’re
the one who bumped off Velinkar? That’s good. You at least bumped
off one man in Rajshekhar’s mob Call me later Suppose I’ve killed him. So? I’ll have to do as Mr Suchak says then So do as Mr Suchak asks you to Go and have a word with him He knows everything About Rajshekhar, his.. Pune-connection.. talk to him Do as he says How much sugar? One or two spoons? No coffee, sir. – Have some milk then No thank you, sir. Some other day See you, sir.
– See you Pack up. It’s eight. Let’s go home Get ready, guys.
We got to make an arrest Francis, assemble everyone.
– Who is to be picked up this time? Sadhu Agashe Look, it’s an official matter Not personal The information must not leak Got it? We’re going to arrest
the one from whom we learnt.. ..the tricks of the trade Sadhu saheb did so
much for the department What does he get in return?
Zilch! This is what he gets Even gave eighteen years of his life Sanjay, go to the terrace Rane, guard the rear gate Right, sir And you.. go that way You.. you will lead. Let’s go Check the kitchen.. that room Where are you going? Master asked me to take Aman to Pune Are you going to Pune? Let’s go How are you, Sadhu sahib? Took you too long Couldn’t help it.
My men gave me your number just now Why do you employ useless chaps? Because all the able
men are in the police force I have to make do with the rest, sir Why did you change the number, sir?
– Cut the crap. As if you don’t know Still, why did you? When a policeman quits his job,
he has to leave everything behind Phones, cars,
uniforms, quarters, everything Well, saheb.. whatever I do,
you are right behind, haunting me I won’t anymore. I’m no more a cop.
Tell me what you have to How much were you drawing? – What? I asked.. Hello. – Tell me whatever
you want to say. – I asked Go on. – What was your salary? Why? Want to send someone
over to extort money? Where’s Feroz? – What do I say, saheb? My men are still looking for him Ever since he ran from the court,
wonder where he disappeared If it’s beyond you, tell me.
Don’t keep me on tenterhooks Don’t say that, saheb Feroz will die..
at your hands. That’s a promise Go on. – Pappu here, saheb Important information. – Go on Feroz has been traced Stop the car. Come here, sir What are you upto, Imtiyaz? Don’t you know? What? Is this your first time? – But what? We have orders to
bump him off. – What! Don’t be crazy, Imtiyaz.
– I’m not crazy, Francis We trained under him, didn’t we?
Orders are orders Don’t spare a criminal.
Kill him right there. On the spot! That’s what I’m going to do Back off, Francis.
Back off! – Hold it, Imtiyaz You wait. – No I won’t. – I
am telling you. – I’m trying. – Move! It’s Mr Suchak’s orders! When? Where? Sadhu Agashe must not leave Mumbai Getting you out of
India is not an easy task Stop laughing, swine.
You know that you can do it Do it. I’ll always be indebted to you Until yesterday you
wanted to slit my throat Look, there’s an appropriate
time for every thing Now it’s time to fly on the other side Fly on the other side?
– Yes, that’s right Understand, idiot.
It’s time to fly on the other side Does that mean you
want to join hands with me? Illiterate asshole! You can’t read
or write, that’s why I’m telling you Look, I don’t have time.
Get me out of here You dig? I have never asked anyone a favour I never asked anyone a favour,
never bowed before anyone But I’m asking you one Do me one favour, that’s it I’ll do your bidding, swine I’ll lie down in a corner if you say.
Cut the philosophy I want Feroz Given, okay? That’s it That’s all.
You will not kill him, I’ll kill him Yes, you do that. Good for me Kill him, kill Rajshekhar too.
I’ll be the king.. Enough! Enough of cacophony.
Just do my job, quick Okay, take down a number Hang on, hang on Sadhu Agashe in Zameer’s gang! It’s front-page news What use is he to us? Just imagine the amount
of information he must be having.. about the cops,
about Rajshekhar’s gang He’s the best shooter
in the police force What am I hearing? You issued orders to
shoot Sadhu Agashe at sight? Yes. That criminal shot
dead police officer Imtiyaz Criminal? How could you say that
without investigating the matter? What I must do and what I mustn’t.. you no longer have the
authority to tell me, Mr Pradhan You can go. Please. Crime Branch Inspector
Sadhu Agashe is absconding.. after murdering corporator Velinkar
and inspector Imtiyaz Siddiqui The case has taken a new turn.
Sub-inspector Jatin Shukla.. in a press conference, has accused
the Joint Commissioner of Police.. Mr N.P Suchak,
of misusing his powers.. and said that he may be
having underworld connections This news has sent shock
waves in the police force Sub-inspector Jatin Shukla
cites that the reason.. ..for ousting Sadhu Agashe.. was the pressure on JCP
Suchak from the underworld Mumbai police has not been
able to arrest Sadhu Agashe yet According to information
just received, JCP N.P Suchak.. has turned down the allegations
against him as baseless.. and says he’s a victim
of internal politics He has called for an
enquiry into this matter Under these circumstances,
clearly, the possibility of a nexus.. between the police and
the underworld cannot be denied But as of now,
nothing can be deduced.. until the prime accused
Sadhu Agashe is arrested Sadhu Agashe is also said
to have underworld connections Go. Single Malt, right? And I thought only
I knew more about you Sadhu saheb, whether one
knows about his friend or not.. it is imperative to
know about one’s enemy You still consider me your enemy? When I call you Sadhu saheb..
– Relax. Put that gun away Show me Pulled the magazine out.
You don’t trust me yet Oh come on, take it Ever fired one? I was saying.. you were my enemy when
I used to call you Sadhu saheb Now that you are my friend,
I’ll call you Sadhu You mind? The one who hurt you the most.. is sitting before you, unarmed In the sense, this is not loaded If I mind, I’ll die Come on, Sadhu Sadhu? Not Sadhu saheb Just Sadhu Nice to hear that My entire life has changed Never mind My policy. Never go against life But it’s okay when you
interfere in others’ lives Can’t help it.
That’s my business. What say? But I never interfered with my life I let life take its own course.
– Really? I swear, believe me Just imagine. Someone who
was born in a remote village.. never studied after fourth class,
today he has.. This This, what? This, what? Strength Not strength,
it’s called nuisance value Meaning? You don’t even understand
two words in English How do you talk to
that white girlfriend? Well.. strength in other words is power I bumped off 22 of your men Still I’m sitting before you This is called strength And despite killing 22 of your men.. you didn’t kill me You shipped me here You’re looking after me Gave me new clothes You must be planning how to use me Use me in which way, this or that You shocked the Mumbai police.
You snatched away their top officer Now, how will you use me! Such dirty thoughts going on
in your mind is called nuisance value What are you laughing, swine? You can kill me right here Yet I’m sitting before you. Strength I used to be a cop What strength, Sadhu? Like they chase street dogs,
the cops chased you out of Mumbai You were a cop for 20 years.
What strength did you gather? Zilch And your Imtiyaz!
He set out to kill you That’s strength for you.
– Let me have your glass You couldn’t save your own
wife and you talk about strength Hello.
– Darling no disturb. I’m talking to my friend.
No one will disturb me till morning Good night. Sadhu, as long as this
cop is alive within you.. it’ll be difficult
for us to work together Let it be. Use another glass Forget the cop inside
you as fast as you can It’s in the best of interests.
For you and me Sorry. The day I threw my
resignation on Suchak’s face.. I put the tag of being a cop behind me Good. – You are right He’s not a cop who can’t save
his own wife. I have forgotten it all With time, one must forget everything Else Time forget us Bloody philosopher But I can’t forget one thing But I can’t forget one thing.
It’s etched deep in my mind You shouldn’t have killed my wife You shouldn’t have
killed my wife. Ice? In the underworld and in the police,.. ..there’s an unseen and unwritten pact Never touch the family You broke the pact Why did you kill my wife? You called her sister-in-law,
didn’t you? You wanted to give her a diamond set Where’s the ice? Are you drunk? You are sober again, I guess If you think that.. since Sadhu knows all,
and since he is a dangerous man.. he might retaliate. Take this Load it And blow my brains out Kill me I just rave, you know.
But I want to work with you To hell with the police force! All I want to do now is business No mess, no misunderstandings But you are already under
a misconception, Sadhu sahib Feroz escaped from the court
just to take revenge from you You killed his mother He killed your wife Right? How could Feroz kill? He wanted to take revenge. – Right I read the vengeance in his eyes And he did it I didn’t give him a chance Because the day Feroz
escaped from the court.. I killed him that very night! After my wife died,
when you called me.. to say that Feroz killed her.. I suspected you Again, when my son
said Feroz had called.. my suspicion was proved right You thought, because of Feroz
I would go after Rajshekhar’s men.. finish them off You worked out a plan for your
own good, but I had to pay for it My wife died for no reasons But I didn’t break down I used to be a cop Look. Suchak has
already been suspended. In the newspapers,
in the news channels.. everything will be out in the open By killing Zameer,
you have broken a high profile nexus.. between the underworld,
the police and the politicians And that will go in
favour of you, in court I’ll personally meet
the Home Minister.. ..and explain to him, how it
all started and the role you played. The cases against me will be dropped,
but I won’t get my job back And even if you talk to the
Home Minister and get me reinstated.. for how long? In the next election,
the Home Minister will change And the new guy would turn out to
be someone whom I had thrashed before He might even be some
gangster’s son-in-law They won’t let me be They will dig up everything.
Open files, reopen cases.. I’m accused of murdering Imtiyaz I killed Velinkar And I did all that
after I quit the force So technically I am criminal. Why did we set up this
squad in the first place? To finish off those criminals,
who exploit the loopholes of the law.. who render the police helpless No good cutting branches in India. ..I’d rather stay
here and chop the roots I’ll go meet Rajshekhar, say hi-hello
to him and see what can be done It’s possible that something.. May wrong you know.
I don’t mind. I’m prepared for that. You used to say,
once a cop, always a cop What would you like to have?
Coffee? Coke? Coffee. Coffee. Sir, I want a favour from you As you know, my son Aman
is staying with his aunt in Pune Take care of him.
And tell him that I’m doing my job Please. Thank you

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