A Sting In The Tale | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E4

A Sting In The Tale | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E4

oh good morning and see you I’m getting the hang of this whole great very soon log and then just what I think I’ve got this whole thing figured out [Music] [Applause] so guys I’m back the grapefruit spoon it’s still on just about last week was rough but I survived it I survived on Holi chafing but back now got calluses on my neck I think it’s God and makes for a cool story Rhino neck seems to be trending like [Music] work it this morning and good good and bad news so the good news is there was no chunks of my tongue on my pillow which is always good news the bad news is that I’ve worked out today and matt informs me that we’ve got some pretty cheeky southwesterly winds coming our way the size of the ways we don’t know at the moment but speaking to Matt over breakfast he basically just told me to make peace with the fact that today I’m gonna be eating waves for 12 hours so we’re gonna tighten up today life jackets on if you see something that’s been left out that hasn’t been tired down or hasn’t been put away probably put it away putting rossum to see i’m confident that he’s got the power to punch into it and to swim in terms the conditioners go from being well this is fun we’re doing six knots to being oh this is actually quite dangerous but I was going to get tired it’s gonna feel later at sea and you know actually feel like quite a significant ocean passage were about to do I might have to call it for safety reasons they have we can’t feel comfortable that you’re in the sea because we’re losing sight of you or because we’re not have to track you probably anymore that we might just say actually that’s not safe anymore so we might have waited around for six hours to start swimming again in the ocean pretty uncomfortable we’ll put you in for 20 minutes ago actually [Music] [Music] just finished the morning swim today got a little bit sunburned as you can tell nose took a little bit of a battery that’s actually that’s sunburn and also as well my nose fell out with them a few of the jellyfish yesterday and that I accidentally swam into or they swam into me I don’t know I don’t know who had right-of-way so is it twice about to be enough put it back in the cup water me right on the face than that absolutely tea back me go well I’m getting the hang of this whole Great Britain mug and they’re just sort of think I’ve got this whole thing figured out jellyfish this one wasn’t so bad but once I took like the tenth one just straight to the face I just popped my head up I was I absolutely killing me turn to Dom kills on the rib at the time and I was like Dom I’m swimming in jellyfish and he laughed and he was like no there you’re being dramatic and then they got the big light we got some other footage last night and it was just crazy [Music] this is crazy an entire team of jellyfish it was about the tenth one on my nose when I was like ah come on right just full-on teabag smoke Tim straight to the nodes so that’s why yesterday it started to get to the point where my face was numb it was stinging so bad he was just throbbing if a jellyfish was going through my garden at home I would be like you know what you’re doing so I think the jellyfish were probably doing the same with me that make sense it’s me it matters crunch the numbers after today’s morning swim and we’ve realized in 24 hours we’ve actually managed to achieve over 30 miles which feels amazing not just because we’ve over achieved in our daily target but also it comes off the back of what has been the roughest week the roughest week I’ve ever had competing in any sport it was just knowing that every single day you had a target to hit so although you had an open wound that was only getting worse you still had to make peace with the fact you had to go in and for 12 hours a day it was just like grinding and grating on that open wound I would just love it if everybody watching looked at how rough the start of the Great Britain was and just see that if you’re prepared to actually subject your body to that stress and stimuli you know so your habitual level like what your body’s used to doing and you just shift that if you’re prepared to do that and not really really ride out like everything that is unpleasant about it you will come out the other side stronger fitter more robust more durable and just harder to kill basically say you go high but stupidly high because it will force you to adapt it will force you into uncomfortable situations there’s been times when I’ve been swimming at night from waves in currents my shoulders are on fire and I could stop I could just get back on the boat sleep but that circumnavigation swim all around Great Britain isn’t gonna happen any faster if I do that thank you guys that’s it for this week’s vlog remember to Like and subscribe to Red Bulls YouTube channel where we’re posting weekly vlogs as I make my way around Great Britain I’ve been Ross Ashley and this is the Great Bear Swim

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  1. After 20 days at Sea, the adventure is getting bigger and bigger! Check out the latest updates on #TheGreatBritishSwim and send over your questions to Ross below.

  2. So far so good Ross go further with even more strenght, will and positivity! Best of luck from Estonia!

  3. I was like "I wonder if he is still there swimming" I checked the date of this video and thaught "Ohh how cool, now I wonder if he is swimming at the moment or resting?" STAY STRONG MAN YOU CAN DO THIS!!! DON'T YA GET EATEN BY SHARK

  4. Much respect and love all the way from the United States from a US Marines. You are a certified hardcore badass.

  5. Supporting the hell out of you from New Zealand Ross! Stay positive and know how inspiring it is to watch this from thousands and thousands of kilometers away!

  6. Are you serious? They werent even spot lighting in the dark? Id have a twenty foot radius around me for shark paranoia alone.

  7. This is absolutely insane. I love it! I saw the first few videos and I was like "this guy is crazy" and I meant that in the best way. I live in Australia and I can't believe you're actually doing this as I'm typing. Keep up the great work! You are doing the impossible! But, I'd just like to ask, despite all the toughness of it, what's the best thing about what you're doing?

  8. Ross you make my day
    you're proof that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it
    keep up the good work rhino neck

  9. You're an absolute beast man, its incredibly motivating to watch you persist in this despite all of the odds and forces working against you. Well done…

  10. even though it might be difficult right now, WORK AT YOUR TECHNIQUE, DUDE! And don't just do so for a few hours once, but for future projects you really should consider working with a trainer in an indoor pool, several hours per week, every week that you can. Of course you can swim with a lot of will and strength, but you could easily boost your daily reach by just swimming more efficient.

  11. Your determination and positivity exceeds all boundaries known to man. Can’t wait to see what happens next, just keep swimming rhino neck!
    Sending love from Australia

  12. I cant imagine all of the emotional and physical pain you must be going through! But your persistance is just inspiring.

  13. Dude this guy is from another planet! This Great British swim is nuts, but it's SO hardcore. GO FOR IT ROSS! You're the man, the myth, the RHINOCEROS.

  14. Should come to Australia and swimming to one of the many Islands we have around us. Hahaha your doing great watching in amazement. Keep up the good job we all believe in you. Absolute Beast you are crushing it.?☺

  15. Hey Rhino, how long in time do you swim per period. And how often do you get into the water in one Day. Greetings and much respect from germany, you got this!

  16. Ross should get a Scuba mask and more importantly a snorkel so the slat water dosent get into his mouth and tear it up.

  17. What an Incredible story, all the challenges that you have faced and bested over the last 20 days is truly inspiring. I won't be able to see the weekly updates for the month of July but I wish you the best from Canada and can't wait to see how the month goes. Good luck and stay strong RhinoNeck!!!

  18. What a series so far i think i have a man crush. keep going Rhino Neck or is it the jelly fish fighter

  19. u sorta annoy me. But i respect that u put ur mind to wat u wanna do and do everything in ur power to get where u wanna be. ur a legend rhino neck

  20. Pretty sure that they were moon jellyfish one of the only species that fond effect humans so I think your alright

  21. I don't know what i'm impressed more by with this beast of a man, is it his unbelievable stamina and guts or is it his cheerfulness whilst putting himself through the ringer? I think it's safe to say this man is one in a billion, maybe even unique

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