100 Replies to “A race to run out of fuel in Ukraine | Top Gear – BBC”

  1. I just find this pathetic contrived shite utterly pointless. As if they don't know what's next. But I hate top gear and all the sad anoraks that worship Clarkson. Sorry. I don't get it and never did.

  2. Hammond should’ve had a Ford Ka, not a Fiesta. Of course the Fiesta is gonna run out of fuel faster. It’s bigger and heavier than the other two.

  3. Roll down the window, would create higher wind resistance, therefore require more power to move forward and resulted in higher fuel consumption.

  4. To have the worst mile per hour, is to let the engine running with out moving, therefore I believe by going slow would consume more petrol than by going fast.

  5. why didnt they just diconnect the sensors? if they disconnected all the sensors the car will be like a 1940 T model

  6. wowww surprsing result…the guy who zig zaggs won…I thought he will not win…..because what could be worse than disconnecting the "engine managment system"?

  7. It appears from looking up in the internet that best senosr to have been romoved was the oxygen senosr…EGR valve workdd when it is stucked open..but you can't stuck it open easily if it is not stucked open aleady..

  8. If you went by plane from Cologne to Kiev, your body is exposed to more radiation during the flight than during your visit at the power plant. (At least that's what they said on German private television)

  9. The American car runs out of fuel? Looks like Richard will have to manufacture a war and invade some poor country ??

  10. I lost when he realized he made his car actaully more aerodynamic and the other one is like :: G'bay mate, nice knowing ya

  11. I think Hiroshima would like to have a debate about where the worlds worst nuclear accident happened

  12. CHERNOBYL! I LOVE THAT PLACE! WOO! RADIOACTIVE FATALITIES! WOOOO HOOOOOOOO! I wonder how many more years are left until we can go there again, they said 2000 and some time has already passed. Oh well. Just used a lifted shitvey truck, not only are shitveys horrible at gas, but you use more gas when you are higher, also. Aerodynamic anti Radioactive lol.

  13. just leave it in first gear and floor it the entire time. or if you really dont want to win, just leave it in neutral at the start and just floor it till the engine blows

  14. We're gonna take these 60mpg cars and make em run at 20mpg…you ridiculous plonkers! You're the bleeding problem. Each one of you has the carbon footprint of a small American town, and that's pretty exceptional. And you celebrate it like it's some kind of achievement. Next you'll have a competition to see who can make the most species extinct, yeah?

  15. No one is talking about all the promotion what’s going on here :(. Why don’t they drive the same car so you can really see who can do so much fuel in so less km.

  16. Fukushima was worse imo, Chernobyl is worse, but the Fukushima nuclear accident was flooded earthquakes and on the coast

  17. -Drives double the distance by zigzagging
    -Has less resistance due to tape
    -Gets pulled over by police
    catches up with Hammond just in time to flex his empty fuel

  18. Top Gear is a British Show, isn't it?

    Surprisingly, only the Dacia has British licence plates (while the Ford, and the VW has German licence plates…)

  19. It's probably not even that dangerous to be in Chernobyl unless you chug the dirt around the incident area or go down petting the radioactive mess.

  20. This episode lasted way longer on TV, they went in chernobyl and Clarkson got stuck in there… Why is almost half cut out here?

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