A Race in Four Acts | Fast Life with Loïc Bruni S1E4

A Race in Four Acts | Fast Life with Loïc Bruni S1E4

[Music] if you were a frequent view of this series you probably fancy yourself a fan of things if you wield and slightly imperfect downhill track well.all World Cup weekend divided into a series of four act but before our discussion comes to that we should talk exposition expositions the background information about events settings in characters without which nothing would make sense to the viewer no gang is the tricky one it’s been really good for me in the past year and I’m really bad at the same times track like this they’re hard to go fast because everyone can go fast on it if you already follow downhill if many what we’re about to show you if this particular race Ramar a person it would be more popular than World Cup announcers Rob Warner and Claudio colore combined the broken chain heard round the world I feel like the run was over at that point I want to always get down the hill as fast as I can with whatever situation and I kind of get thrown at me hey stop it Herod win win with no child the first red book is pretty important because you see what you’re going you can have an overview of the track so you can actually anticipate the good lines you have the choice in between the full outside here middle inside and then you can cross everything or just go full outside but inside here it’s a place where you make sometimes on the track especially like this but most important is being with Jack Coons in his mind you can start thinking about the setup of the bike [Music] I’m going to do like a little bit of writing just to learn the track get to flow and then go back under telemetry bike do some faster and see how it goes even if you feel good sometimes we can have really big surprises on actually how the bike is we are past like one hour you know to analyze with speed how many time under braking suspension sometimes we can try to compare shreelane you know inside outside [Music] because we are the pressure the brake pressure on the wrong way leave the finger on the level just this one’s like maybe 10.2 is 0.3 and if you make like five or six times during the deranged like maybe one second in the bottom a physical our friends you are you remind me so much of having around [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the too bad i put it down but the shirt was not wrong each act creates its own suspense it’s only pressure further is now becoming painfully obvious every decision on a race weekend is scrutinized each minute and for some of these moments eventually creates the turns and twists that lead to our story’s climax [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] 3:13 4049 the foreplay so car got damaged it’s all your fault but this has to stay okay yeah hot so that’s why you should get that looked at allow me to clarify what that actually means in this case is you’ll be having surgery on that leg Asaf P but the next day brings the climax of our narrative but it will dawn without our main protagonist in the mix with Rachel up and out with injury it’s early on for the rest of these women change funny thing right I could have been for her birth walk up with a change this is looking good you can be quick over two seconds now Batali let’s see great goes down a line and you don’t my turn our second is it going to be enough to see it a go first with only it’s race Tehan an hour left out the song you’re not going to want to give up that number one flight point seven back then so is this going to be C Great Dane could Tracey how to bring it back down in the world on the way down oh my word run into the car come out she holds on a lot is she gonna do it 336 to be but Carly see guys with left are never were I’m coming [Applause] Stanny heart in the star heart as a Norfolk starvin outer gate there Claudio tip the gear or something now hold on we’ve seen this twist before no shade on that pipe there’s no chain on that bike what is there about their gang so hard rolling down towards the line now it’s not a bad time he goes for Wow came so close to win here last even can Dolores verge a go one band face the win in alia gang and he’s up by over a second well this is huge in Vallauris burg a 3.9 any three seconds that is HUGE or disk or birdie I take the lead and the Aaron Gwin now stop that man winning his first ever World Cup [Music] I’m going around in a surprising not no mistake allowed I put out it’s kind of good gonna make it a lot check it with you quit take the weighted leg I got four they will never take Korea won’t Kuwait but I bought my hope is to keep winning and to win more championships there’s a lot of hope there but I don’t think about them too much I just want to go fast I can three races three different winners of both the women and men [Applause] [Music] we when it comes to racing downhill perfection is a fallacy when it is simply a matter of devising the great execution of the course of the World Cup weekend and then come race day making the fewest mistakes what’s up YouTube subscribe to Red Bull for more videos and click here if you want to watch some more action of the UCI monster bite walk up and get loose with this Red Bull TV

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  1. Viel Spaß beim Video, ich bin knapp vor den 200 Abos wäre nett wenn ihr mich abonniert! Danke an jeden der mich unterstützt!👌👌👌💥💥💥

  2. Damn this video was perfect, in everything.
    The editing style, the clips, the music and ofc the narrator, so damn calm this dude!

  3. The video is great- nice editing, witty narration, the music is spot on…and the competitors 🙂

  4. this is a cool series but i preferred bruni & vergier against the world it was more personal and fun


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