A RACE FOR ALL TIME | Japan World Cup #2

A RACE FOR ALL TIME | Japan World Cup #2

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  1. Haha I know this isn't really even a game, but this is hilarious XD some of my favorite moments right here. You're a great announcer Jack. You should do commentary on the Olympics!

  2. Aw what about Australia ;-;

    (Also they missed a real opportunity putting Australia in a kangaroo pouch- like wtf? A Shetland pony??)

  3. "And I'm not even gonna pay attention to the soapbox derby racer because…" (Fails spectacularly ) "That's exactly why." Died right there, lol.

  4. My first-ever horse movie was racing stripes exactly say when a horse movie but I heard that I've grown up that they actually color the horse in that it's not really a zebra that made me sad but I still actually believe it was a zebra in that movie!

  5. This… this is actually the first one, Jack. That's why Sideswipe and Pompadour Fedor didn't use their secret moves so quickly.

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