A Plague Tale: Innocence – Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS4

A Plague Tale: Innocence – Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS4

I won’t ask again. Where is your son? In good hands. [SWORD UNSHEATHING] – Where are we going?
– There you are! Come on, just run
as fast as you can. Amicia De Rune
and her young brother Hugo set out on a poetic
and harrowing journey deep into the dark heart
of the plague-ridden, war-torn kingdom of France. Following
an unspeakable tragedy, the siblings are forced
to abandon their home. Jump! Pursued by
the relentless Inquisition and unending swarms
of ravenous rats. Is anyone there? Thrust into
a brutal new reality, they will confront dangers
no child should ever face. Meanwhile, Hugo is afflicted
by a mysterious sickness, driving Amicia
to hunt for a cure. She must do whatever it takes
to protect her little brother and survive in this harsh
and hostile world. Though bold,
Amicia is just a child, and direct confrontation
with her foes is futile. Instead, she will need
to use her wits and ingenuity to best the threats
that pave her journey. I just want to leave! I–I didn’t want to. – Amicia!
– Finally! Hugo is far from just a burden. His innocence and naiveté
are offset by his courage, and he will prove vital
in working with Amicia to overcome the obstacles ahead. Balancing light with darkness
is critical to their survival. In some cases,
Amicia will use this to her own grisly advantage. Though inescapable
in their new reality, death is still unfamiliar
to the two children, and the piling bodies
are sure to have an impact on both their young minds. Do you think
we are hurting them? Through their journey, they will meet those trained
in the art of alchemy who will offer alternative ways
to overcome foes or open new paths. It will protect you, and it’s pretty too. Oh, all right. – Now we can go.
– Thank you, Hugo. Both the Plague and the
Hundred Years’ War with England have brought suffering
to the lives of all in this decaying kingdom, and over time,
the siblings will meet others in similarly dire circumstances. These dark times mean
they aren’t the only ones forced to adapt,
developing vital skills to survive an uncaring world. And Amicia and Hugo will need all the help
they can get.

100 Replies to “A Plague Tale: Innocence – Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS4”

  1. Am I the only one who gets a 'Thief' feeling? It also got boring after 1 hour cause of no action allowed.

  2. I don’t get the sworn of rats coming out of nowhere like zombies. But the historical setting is amazing

  3. If they add microtransactions in single players. The entire gaming industry will die out. Because it's already happening.

    Single Player makes the player feel connected.

  4. Is this open world?

    From what I see it looks like it’s going to be closed off maps with limited claustrophobic areas (like narrow paths you can only follow with sides of scenery you can’t actually go into) and very linear gameplay where you have set routes and have to complete things certain ways (a bit like Uncharted games).

    Was looking forward to it but if it’s linear and takes 8-14 hours to complete I’m not certain it’d be worth preordering or getting on release. Might wait until after release and see what the reviews are like ?

  5. Does anyone know if this will have French voice actors with English sub titles? Because I'm really NOT liking the English voice acting so far lol

  6. Great another game about bashing on The church. Surely the big noses in the industry will give this a 10 out of 10. Do you guys know the real reason why the Inquisition happened? Google “conversos”

  7. This game somehow reminds me of Haunting Ground. Both Amicia and Fiona had to craft weapons to help them survive and both didn't want to resort to violence as much as possible to save them and directly confronting enemies is not encouraged. Hugo sort of plays a little like Hewie like pushing objects so Amicia can climb up, etc.

    Definitely will buy this game!


  9. Imagine if they collaborate with ac Ezio helping them or maybe and easter egg of the robe of Ezio or maybe infected Ezio

  10. Introducing from Monolith Games, a ragtag story of 3 boys about to graduate high school, who skip the last day to join a gang only to run away from their final initiation. Becoming lost on their quest to return home, Monolith Games presents… 'Almost Home-Boys'

  11. it'll obviously get many goty awards, best narrative, etc.

    but, it seems to be a little underrated

  12. A teenage girl against squads of medieval knights, plague rat, and monsters

    As long as you're the main character, you would win

  13. Sony in another anti consumer stun make another game to invite you to appreciate arts and deep thinkers, what an evil corporation indeed….

  14. Ok so on the 14th I bought rage 2, one of the coolest most badass shooters ever, I loved it. But I almost missed out on this game, I knew it was coming out but I almost skipped it. I decided to buy it on the 17th and I have a time of my life. Wow this game is 10/10

  15. please, make a plague tale innocence 2, this game is very exciting, I hope the developers make it, who agree the developer makes a plague tale innocence2 like

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