A Conversation With White People On Race | Op-Docs | The New York Times

A Conversation With White People On Race | Op-Docs | The New York Times

[chord] [beep] It’s very uncomfortable
to talk about race. It’s not something —
it’s not something I do. I am — I am feeling
apprehensive, because I think there’s
a lot of reasons why I feel like I should be
able to talk about race. I don’t want to say
anything, you know, that would offend anyone. It’s a very touchy subject. It’s still difficult,
even if you feel like you’re on the
right side of it, you know, to have a dialogue about it. Especially for white
people, because we don’t want to
see if the racism that we may be holding onto. I don’t know. Maybe I am racist. I certainly don’t like
to think that I am. And I think that’s, too,
because the perception — in this society, perception of
a racist is a guy in a robe. Now I understand
that it’s a system of advantages and
disadvantages based on race. So as much as there’s the
disadvantage piece of it, there’s the advantage
piece of it, which is what I experience
as a white person. I want to bring
up race, and I want to bring it up in a frame
that helps my children think that there’s no difference. But the mere fact that I
might be bringing it up could suggest that
there is a difference. I remember asking a
friend of my father’s, who was black, why
he was called black, because his skin was brown. And I’ve learned that lots
of people that are white ask this question, and maybe
they also received the answer that I got from my
parents, which was like, oh, my gosh, we’re so
sorry that she asked that. And it’s just a term. Like, move on. One of my third
grade students seemed pretty rocked after the
Eric Garner case, or death, and came up to me and
said, you know, why — when you were little,
like, were you worried about this stuff too? And I knew what he was
talking about before — I mean, I didn’t say, what
do you mean, what stuff? I didn’t want to,
you know, play dumb. And I said, no. I didn’t have to be. And that’s not fair. And that was really hard,
because he just kind of sat there. And it honestly seemed
like the first time that he had
considered the fact that not everyone had to think
about race all the time. I know that I’m
white, and I guess I’m part of that collection. But I don’t think
about being white. I don’t. I really did not know that
I had a racial identity. I knew I was white. I had no idea what
that meant, how that had shaped my
outlook on life, how that had shaped
my sense of optimism, sense of belonging,
sense of safety, sense of feeling entitled
to go help children that I thought were part
of a community that couldn’t figure out how
to help themselves. I think that
impulse, that kind of colorblindness
impulse, comes mostly from white people. Like, I’ve never heard — I mean, I don’t know. I’m sure it comes from
all people of all kinds. But I’ve heard it most
from white people who are saying like, let’s do
this as a way of getting past this racism thing. And I think, in part, it
comes from a sense of shame and guilt about what
racism has done, and kind of how racism was
built by white people. I don’t want to be
ashamed of being — and plus, I’m a male. It’s like, every
group out there can be pissed off at me
because I’m white and a male. And that’s a weird
kind of burden that some people do feel. And I certainly
feel it sometimes from people, that
I’m privileged, I get stuff that other
people don’t get. I think we’re all implicated
in a racist system. And I play my part in
it as a white person. So I do have individual
responsibility and accountability. I mean, I’m part
of the system, and I do things that
both perpetuate, and I try to certainly do
things that challenge it. I realize I’ve
never said anything. When I’ve heard
racist jokes, when I’ve heard racist comments,
I’ve never said anything. I’ve never spoken up and
said, hey, that’s racist. Not once. In my mind, there’s no — I’m not involved in any
conflict that involves race. I’ve only been the
beneficiary of it, so. To talk about it is — I don’t think I would
sound very wise. Being white means that
I have the privilege to think that I’m not
affected by racism. Or that I don’t
even have a race, because I have all these
other things like a gender and a sexual orientation,
and those are pretty neat, so I don’t have a race. But I do, and I’m white. [music]

100 Replies to “A Conversation With White People On Race | Op-Docs | The New York Times”

  1. It’s insane that people care so much about something that doesn’t exist. There is no science that proves race is a thing. Race is just a made up label meant to divide us. Wake up people.

  2. im not white im english and french and im proud, im not proud of what my race did in the past, thats something that cannot be changed. we can only learn from and try to do are best to stop the stereotypes

  3. Well basically we are different. I’m black and I don’t see so called white people Chinese,Arabs as my equal. Plus I only help my own race. For example if I saw a Arab or a so called white person about to drown in the sea and if I saw a Black person guess what. I will save my own. It’s nothing personal I just love my own people rather than any other race.and correction. So called white people are not white. They are pink and red. When I see a white person all I see is blood on there skin. I don’t see white what so ever only pink and red.

  4. Does nobody ever think that bashing white people is discriminating all white people, and since it’s becoming a norm to hate white people, it scares me to think of the future of our society that keeps dividing no matter what

  5. If I was about to be born and could choose my gender and race I would choose to be a white male. It is the pinnacle of evolution.

  6. if you weren't feeling guilty you wouldn't be uncomfortable talking about race. i get not being educated enough on the subject but admitting you're not knowledgeable wouldn't be bad, either. so basically…. c'mon, people.

  7. This why I love animals more than people, they don't judge on face value….in fact I shouldn't use the term animals that's more appropriate name for humanity.

  8. Racism is powerful. With racism they have marginalized the entire White European voting block and refused to allow them a say in their economic destiny and any chance of bettering their lot in life via the political process. All you have to do is Yell RACISM to alienate and marginalize White European people.

  9. Why are they so guilty about their race? Be proud! We are the most intelligent, and beautiful race of all.

    Edit: Most of them are not even true whites 🙄

  10. I do love a good old race bait into another political conflict. Totally not a distraction from overwhelming poverty, hunger, and income inequality.

  11. I hate that people face this discrimination in just an all as people. I think people need to realize that racism isn't going to stop unless we talk about it. Also, when you think about it, somewhere in our family we have another race, so why shame our family??? That doesn't make much sense, now does it?

  12. mabey im nieve but, can someone please tell me whats the deal with this world believing white/fair skin as supirior? Im so confused honestly. Among myself even, And i actually have a VERY difficult time interacting with white ppl😅. There mostly so stern superior amoung themselves, id like to know..why?
    I ask myself there just human people just like me and any other, Human People come in VARIETIES of colores & facial features, its absurd ridiculous of what the world has made skin tone such a hustle, DOGS come in different coating, i don't hear nothing about that! its unpleasant whenever white ppl act Racist honestly. WERE THE HUMAN PEOPLE RACE PPL, WAKE UP OUT OF YR SOCIAL PHOBIA
    come to think of it, ive never even have met a 'kind' white human being b4.

  13. Yes. I work in a diverse fast food job and ive never been happier to get the privilage to get to interact with each & every one of them people.
    White, Latino, Black, Asian to Muslim even.
    I use to be Social Phobic, still am alittle, But then i realize that we are all Human People Race in MANY varieties of facial features & colors.
    And i share with them people through the best & the worst.
    So please stop this nonsense in regards of racisim and stand up to that Evil Bully of Racism instead, Fight it. FIGHT IT!
    Cuz in the end we are just being rude among ourselves The Human People Race.

  14. Y'all claiming to have white skin "colour" , but y'all don't consider yourselves "of colour" because when it comes to peoples, somehow, the colour white ain't no colour at all.
    Also, how come y'all are always the majority in any given situation?
    Are we to be afraid or are we to comply to your ways because we are outnumbered? Both?
    Seems unfair to others and it sounds like segregation at its best to me…
    Do y'all even know what hue means? Do y'all realize that everybody has a different kind of skin hue, even within the same race?
    Do y'all understand what HUE-man means?
    Don't y'all see it? White majority vs everyone else's coloured minorities… Very unfair…
    Is that why y'all don't wanna talk about it?

  15. The closer you are the less you see! A member of the privileged group may not realize how prejudices creep in as he / she interacts with members from the non privileged groups. Dialog , openness, and a genuine desire for reducing bias , preconceived notions and subtle prejudices will go a long way in minimizing the adverse effects of racism. Once there is this dialogue we can move beyond skin color, unusual names and different clothing to competence, character, personality, values and creativity. Racism is counterproductive because it excludes based on the superficial , which is really a very poor basis for making decisions. So just interact with those who are “different” and you will find that that are really not different at all.

  16. I think a big thing that can help bridge the gap is for more mixed race people to get involved in these conversations. As a person with black parents and a white grandparent I can say that black people have a habit of getting too defensive too quickly on race conversations. Some of what is percieved by us as racism is really just lack of experience, exposure, or just not knowing the politically correct way of wording something. People need to feel more comfortable talking about race or were never gonna get anywhere.

  17. I encourage my white friends to ask me questions they wouldn't feel comfortable asking other black people. Compassion requires understanding. If y'all got questions, ask away lol

  18. This seems like they sat these people in a room and played a video about "white privilege." Then asked their opinions on what they "learned."

  19. Awww poor white people, boohoo, this proves bigotry. Why can't they just relax and say hey sometimes there is racism. Sometimes not.

  20. I am white and honestly i dont even see race. My boyfriend is a different race and im so open to his family and his traditions. But people judge me for trying to be apart of his family traditions just because im white. Honestly i feel like i get judged a lot because im white and i hate saying that because other races attack me and tell me “You dont understand” or “Youre white, you shouldnt feel attacked”. Like im not saying white people are attacked more verbally, im just saying that white people are also a victim to racism and i dont think a lot of people realize that. Just all im saying is that, every race gets judged based on the color of their skin. And this is my opinion so plz dont attack me.

  21. I watched this and feel a deep empathy for anyone who isn’t white. I just punched all of my white pillows and then my white cat. We’re so sorry 😢

  22. Where do you find these puppet's?
    Y'all spread this like it means anything an it don't.
    I'm white, I'm happy I have no guilt in what other people have done before me because I only get one life an I'm not going to sit here feeling guilty or afraid to talk about race it's simple really I don't care. You could be purple with yellow polka dots I wouldn't treat you any different from any other human. Pull that race card an shove it where the sun don't shine.

  23. These type of white people are pathetic walking on eggshells just to talk about racism, newsflash if you have to walk on eggshells to talk about race than that is a part of racism against you.

  24. So basically they just chose a few random whites from who knows where, probably all from the same social science group, and expects these few people to speak for all of us? No. You can't do this with black people either, not all white people have the same opinions and beliefs nor do all blacks.

  25. So if they cnt talk about racism its because there true self . But if you talk about it truthfully it would break barriers and the conversation can begin . Why is it so hard for white person find it so hard yet can love marry have kids that are born of colour yet would never ever air there true feelings . Open and get it off your chest . Im asian but white we come in different colours i get a lot so how come your white you should be brown sorry god throw me in as joke to you guys haha shes asian but white how to confuse you . But after a month these same people have become my friends and now going on 17yrs my family honest breaks barriers talking freely makes a vast difference. We can talk about anything and not feel like your walking on egg shells

  26. The NYT definitely cherry picked who they showed in this video. Where’s the person saying “you know why we aren’t moving past this faster? Because people like you are enflaming it to get the black vote and to generate clicks”. You go back and watch documentaries about the 60s and 70s…now THAT was racism. People who were born in 1990 hysterically focusing on racism as if it’s an escalating problem need a history lesson. The progress the country has made is incredible and now we are entering a phase where they have pushed past equality and they are trying to take advantage of the guilt and good will of their fellow citizens to create a class higher than all others. The privileged victim class. I don’t care about your race, I care about your money. If you grew up upper middle class and you’re claiming to be a victim based on your identity…get out of here w that. What rights do men have that women don’t? None. The gender pay gap is a provable lie. …I’m going to stop now.

  27. LOL I don't know maybe I am racist. Definition of racism – prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. So this woman is saying "hmm maybe I do have a belief that my own race is superior" hmm I just dont know hahahaa. Dumb leftists, redefining the meaning of words. Thumbs down!

  28. USA is the least racist. If you are white go to Africa or a muslim country, see how you will be treated based on your skin color. If a brown or black goes to USA, Europe.. any western cultured country they will be treated accordingly based on their actions not skin color.

  29. I’m an eleven year old and I notice every time I talk about race to my Caucasian freinds they go silent and change the subject I won’t get mad if something bad pops out of their mouth because I know it wold be the guardians fault but I want to talk to them and see their actual point of view.

  30. 75% of so called "white" people have zero non "white" friends.. Truth is.. Majority of so called "white" people are racist.. They are mentally programmed to be that way to different degrees. Racism is built into their culture. The older you get the more you see it. They invented racism and are the global face of it.

  31. This is not a conversation

    It’s an echo chamber of sad shameful losers who are all ashamed of their immutable characteristics.

  32. In America, there are multiple acts to protect minorities. You have the freedom to become a doctor, celebrity, anything; you name it. Even if there are still racist people out there, America being a multicultural country, will inevitably eradicate racism and become a diverse and accepting country. Minorities nowadays are the most free they’ve ever been. If you hate it, and you think America discriminates against you, then you at least have the freedom to leave America.

  33. Oh, yeah by "The New York Times". Any White person with any self-respect who takes anything from this cabal of virtue-signally harpies needs some serious racial therapy. Nothing but a White-hating rag.

  34. Look! I'm what's called (white). Few understand that skin color has little to do with race. Culture is what defines us all and up untill we stop fulfilling our own negative stereotypes there will always be people whom are uncomfortable talking about race, not unlike this group of unsightly Caucasian Opie looking lying sacks of repressed rage neighborhood Nazi

  35. It's sad to think that some white people believe ignoring the differences in ethnities is helping anyone, you're erasing something because you're afraid to confront it.

  36. I'm 99% sure none of these people are racist, but they've been indoctrinated into thinking they are.

  37. These little dweebs are delusional there oblivious to what's right before them in plain sight they all benefit from it knowingly and unknowingly

  38. Pathetic. Being White is amazing. Just like being Black or any other skin tone. Get over the amount of melatonin in you.

  39. Hey I am white and not ashamed of it. Despite that I can say that both dark and light skin seem equally appealing to me.

  40. Liberals and Leftists are soooo ignorantly racist. This is a liberal problem, not an American one. They speak for themselves, not the rest of us. Just because they're racists doesn't mean the rest of us are. Trump 2020! Stop the insanity.

  41. Race is complex, a system set up in behavioral and ingrained thought that stems from long years of trying to get economically ahead of anyone who is in the game of Kapital growth. It’s benefits the ones in power and dehumanizes the “other”, in that dehumanization you are made able to do, say, make the “other “ anything you like and want with no shame and remorse. It’s all made up to use and abuse and to be able to not really follow the rights that every human being has. So think about it again it is shameful NOT to talk about it, not to TRY and stop this nonsense was constructed to have advantage over others.

    It simply is not meant for humans, that’s why you feel uncomfortable and this other video shows the consequences of the system that was forged, and still is alive and well.


  42. White people need to stop feeling guilty, and white people need to check their history. White people along with every other race have been enslaved at some point in time. The enslavement of black folks is just present in our minds because it was the most recent of events.

  43. If you hear racist jokes or hatred toward people while with ur friends or family n say nothing you are in fact guilty. Same for homophobia, sexism ect. My family gets mad when I correct their homophobia or sexism, but I know what bullying n hate feels like.

  44. These people have no self pride, no backbone, subservient and made of jelly, because they are so afraid and mentally weak

  45. You don’t need to or should be ashamed of being white you just need to be aware that there are other people who go through things that you don’t. There’s kids that have experiences and will be at least once affected by things that your kids won’t. There’s talks that people will need to have with there kids about many things that you won’t have to have with your kids. In the same way there’s things people in less fortunate financial situations experience than people with wealth do not. There are things people of different races experience differently. For instance as a teenager you won’t look on TV and hear A politician saying to throw people like you against a wall and frisk them. Or see a large number of people killed unjustly by a force that is supposed to protect them. Or know that when you are in a situation/ confrontation with a police officer you are five times more likely to be killed than someone with a different color skin than you. Or that you are the first or second generation in your family to have certain rights because of your ethnicity. There’s just a lot of stuff that people take for granted not having and even if your opinion is still that “oh that’s not a big deal” how would you even know if you have never had any of the experiences or anything close to them. It’s just foolish in general to think something is not a big deal or doesn’t matter that you have no experience with yourself.

  46. They wont say anything on camera. But let them talk in the comment section. And watch the fireworks🍿👀

  47. If it's a system of advantages and disadvantages then poor white people are effected by racism and therefore society is racist against whites.

  48. I'm down to have a conversation as long as it can be honest and it wont be just a hitting on whites the whole time. That means citing stats and not being coy about the nature of both sides! But the think is, if we had that conversation, you would label me a racist even though the facts would be on my side. I'm white with no guilt, so leg have a conversation ad long as it can be honest.

  49. May we all be one race as human and appreciate other cultures?
    please don't send me hate I just want to be human you probably do to

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