A College Athlete Wrote This Pathetic Paper And Got An A-

A College Athlete Wrote This Pathetic Paper And Got An A-

a student at the University of North
Carolina handed in a paper we’re gonna read it to you because that’s how short
it is and got an A minus on this let let right
look at on the evening of December rosa parks
excited that she was going to sit in the white people section on the bus and
Montgomery Alabama during this time blacks had to give up
their seats to whites when more whites got on the bus Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat
her and the bus driver began to talk in the conversation went like this: let me have those front seats at the
driver she didn’t get up and told the driver that she was tired of giving her
seat white people I’m going to have you arrested. said the
driver you may do that rosa parks responded two white policemen came in and Rosa
Parks after them why do you all push us around the police
officer replied and said I don’t know but the law’s the law and
you’re under arrest okay so brilliant paper iPad final then you’re gonna handle some
other grammatical finally paper yeah the age the final to exempt yeah
very quickly we should tell you that this was from a student-athlete they haven’t revealed
white a let it go team years apart a we don’t
know what sport I but that might play into why he got an
A minus on this thing the so you think is more
about the State College where the state out later University
North Carolina is actually a very reputable school really good school rate public area and now want a better state
schools in the country and but and that’s why this actually
stands out even more right me for so there’s a joke in any
college I mean this is that nothing but an F minus at any college look for any paper a
little on the final paper let alone North Carolina pride buddy that’s why it exposes the pure
college athlete they like to do just hand something in anything n right tell tell my root beer but when I got to
like this at near the end by I’m gonna have you
arrested. I was like how’s this gonna wrap up in two sacks I yeah I on the evening of December army you had it so it begins right off
the bat you know yet we have a problem yet decided that she was gonna sit in the
white people section on the bus in Montgomery Alabama there was only one
during this time blacks had to give up their yeah I can really make money that way
because I do that twice a week and okay there and they’re what’s the boat hit me I share on
Twitter you write a paper route college true I her and the bus driver began to talk and the conversation went like this:
actually got there should be a comma after the this or not you’re here I’ll you could
go call on you could you could hear couple options there period is not one day after she is that
this gentleman has a never use the colin is like let me have
already pleaded I cannot do that okay then you will be
arrested pictures that look hangin quote at the end after driver I
don’t know where Bob as if he’s telling you but the
driver said quoting somebody else writing the driveway where that all that
matter said the driver well i i would tell her
I was an English tutor well they are you getting my Indian czechoslovakia balconies to make entrees
no yeah police driver replied and said to
conclude I ok yeah so I only made it so in this
is purely the Athletics thing like this if you have a regular kid handed the
same F minus right yeah so now look we’ve got
a had discussed some young turks before I
had a a girlfriend that was a that already at USC I’m taught it was astute or for that
state’s cool okay by the way we all have a USC
athletes in the studio the hump day and so for a so Rentrak okay I know savior a track
you can get away with this burkett I gotta reboot ball basketball
braised yeah I know it baseball is barely above that
scholarship this is put no but my girlfriend said actually the baseball players or
significantly Ste dahmer then there and another will
make you to see maybe they were making an effort maybe they were somebody me
baseball doesn’t have like a lot of kids mostly kids are like
partial scholarships there you know the baseball as generate
revenues so they’ll have a lotta that’ll put a lot into it bus feebis lawyer you can generate
revenue and were fuckin good not anymore up smoking while I for one
account was urs letter I can work of picking here not like the
ones you like why I don’t know yet alright but thats totally true yeah so in in the better the athlete the high and scholarship et cetera
notoriety the worse they were and the reason is cuz
they’ve been pamper their whole lives there’s been happening since second
grade well one other star athletes who went on to go into the NFL wrote a paper that was very similar to
this except it was also racist wicked yes latinos okay issues like Mira don’t have that here like you might
accidentally ruin your life if you have at it booked a so this happens all across the
country even in the best schools like UNC well
USC of people I my people my UNC is this is
that you go back to when Julius Peppers played there it the story broke after he
started playing in the NFL but the academic scandal there went back
to his day so North Carolina which has been on
suspension which lost the football coach involved in all this a good football
coach Butch Davis is coach in the NFL um this is a long-standing issue North
Carolina so guy getting all problems with the story
to sure to hear the problems start we don’t know when this was it could’ve been from that
era and maybe they fixed it there’s this is
from a cell whistleblower revealed this but
we’ll see it we it’s his version of it it’s on a tie piece a paper we don’t
know the grade the one with it he says he got an A minus he says it was a final paper there’s
really but I love this story but there’s a lot a reason that they we
know what the course with what the course was I find it very hard to
believe that this was handed in by a growth moderate grown-up as a final
exam we got an A minus it really I do than their academic fraud
problem is because why not just have someone
slightly competent write two pages on like place a little more complicated
political in extras that yeah it does take one extra step but
this is money maybe he had to do this under
supervision like maybe it was like letting go in there shown you know this stuff for you yeah
I’ll show may not reflect the estimated maybe this was back I don’t know all the
details maybe this was back in the day now that that with your but let back in
the day be really surprised by that well it’s not that long ago personal back in the day jewish values
but was a bit and then I felt for million here um play a so I i’m a get like I said I’m
just I’m I’m a little dubious above I want
more information it distracts miserably it might not be
true absolutely right about pointing out the credibility the whistleblower we
don’t know him right but I’m not at all surprised by the
story and I find it permanently credit on a little surprises pretty I mean that’s it to my 4 great
time got a better idea of what you did in the dark light me all expecting this to be corrupt
basically right i mean that even that saying that I think it’s the I’m
informed by the experience I had with my go over who’s
tutor right that did some of those essays were so
horrific that I’m not surprised by this and so
once you’ve gone corrupt was appointed half measures like this
you have to write a half way gotta say you’re gonna given a minus anyway great so then what’s going to happen they’re
gonna get lazy rate the big well I get the a-minus no matter
what I write so market alright this right why pay the
kid that year you know your bright warm roommate or whatever because
they’re gonna give me the a their way but we want anything on this so do you
think this is more about the university itself in just the institutionalized craziness or the coach because you know
there are college coaches whatever sport this is that really emphasize
grades and clearly whoever whatever sport the Hornets got not the
coach it’s got a university-wide because how much power does a coach have
sometimes a ton right but he’s gotta go to those professors
somebody’s gotta go those professors me like gourmet minus must move along as usual administrator I would imagine
I’ve never been involved in sports corruption report we always
presumed and was like oh I know it to be true at UCLA like sometimes there’d been
Catholic they can’t get in so you figure there’s a school that’s
the recruiting they want to get in the admissions like hate we have some standards and we can’t
weekend at this so I was surprised to hear that about you finally the good news is the
whistleblower has been given sanctuary in South Carolina it gets better

100 Replies to “A College Athlete Wrote This Pathetic Paper And Got An A-”

  1. This essay was so eye opening and really gave an insight on the struggles of segregation. I’m tearing up. Well done!!!

  2. Years of genetics passed down into this one child just shows how humans hit the pinnacle age of intellectuals

  3. I wrote an essay filled with memes and the teacher gave me a score of 95. I was given the highest score just from filling a piece of paper with memes.

  4. It's a reflection of the University and not the student athlete's. If this is an acceptable paper for a final grade then college should be free. However, America is built on this type of treatment one class of people.

  5. if I am ever a hiring manager, I will never look to University of North Carolina for graduates. This is a poor reflection of the University.

  6. Well first you have to ask what was the subject and requirements for the exam? All you people are jumping to conclusions without any knowledge of the requirements.

  7. American education in a nutshell where people from foreign countries can speak and write better English than college students.

  8. Freshman year in high school in science class my friend made a full paper essay and i did a 1 sentence essay and got a higher grade 😂 lol we still failed i just got a higher grade for doing less jeje

  9. My best friend's sister had to write an essay for her final exam too, the question was this: Define an act of courage.

    She wrote a single word, "This."
    She got an A+.
    Now that's what I call a well deserved grade.

    (Note: I don't know if this story is fake or stolen, but my friend told it to me so I believe him. But we were young and trying to impress each other back then so I'm not sure, but believe what you will.)

  10. Wait a minute. College, aren't you at least 18 when you go to college? This could have been written by me when I was 8.

  11. This corruption is the norm at almost every university. The same with high school and probably elementary athletic programs. That's why I don't take any of those statistics about supposed better academic performance of athletes seriously. If I ran the schools athletics would be first to go. Waste of money and gateway to corruption. Look at all the college athletes who have gotten away with rape with a slap on the wrist like Brock Turner. Same with the NFL.

  12. I know my final paper even for a bachelors degree was a lot more intricate and complicated than this and was almost 20 pages. I've seen elementary school kids write better papers than this

  13. I find this hilarious, in Australia if a child of any gender or age playing on any sport team whatsoever in the school fails a class, they will be banned banned from further games for the rest of the term/year or kicked off the team. This is so kids don’t base their future purely on playing sports and can have a decent job and graduate. Also, if you misbehave in class or get a detention you will most likely be benched for a game. Personally I love the idea, everyone gets a turn playing and those who misbehave (and r normally pushy dicks in the field) don’t get to play as often.

  14. What’s the big deal. You can write like that and be an athlete or if all else fails you can be do reality TV and be President of the United States.

  15. As a self-respecting University student from Bavaria (one of the four German states with the best educational standards), I AM SIMPLY APPALLED! This is abyssmal!
    In Harry Potter grades, I'd give him a P (Poor).
    In Germany student athletes are NEVER coddled like that! They usually go to boarding schools where they are facing high standard academic education in addition to their athletic training. If you fail your grades in serious academic subjects – you're out. Full stop!

  16. Lol if you can make your point in 100 words or less describing the entire situation. Then why would you ever write a 3 page paper. Word requirements for papers are nonsensical. and it doesnt make the paper any better if you add 2900 extra words you didnt need. The professor probably gave him an A- because he didnt force him to read 2 and a half extra pages of crap.

  17. Actually Cenk, your girlfriend should not be sharing confidential information about student performance with you. It's not very professional on her part, or yours, to repeat it.

  18. This kind of exam and grade corruption has been going on for decades at the NCAA schools with nationally ranked sports programs, as was mentioned, in men's football, basketball or baseball. They are the the rain-making programs that shower millions onto a school. I personally witnessed the cheating and other shenanigans conducted by full scholarship players on a nationally ranked football team. They were immune from having to answer for acts that would have gotten anyone else arrested for at least serious misdemeanors if not low level felonies. Got to witness some of that living in the same dormitory for a year. Moved out the following year vowing never to return to that environment.

    There are some exceptions and IMO it's gotten better, but it remains a problem. The sports programs demand as much from their first string athletes in the money-generating programs as some professional teams in terms of physical workouts, training and team practice. It's their full-time job and then some. Should be no wonder the academics get handled under the table with cheating and other corruption to ensure the athlete doesn't flunk out. The real tragedy is what occurs to those top tier college athletes molly-coddled through their college years that are not drafted into professional sports. Most of them are not and their lives are typically financial failures compared to other non-athlete graduates from the same school.

  19. sounds about right… I even went to a division 2 school and stuff like this was happening for the men's team for our money-making sport: basketball. female athletes were on their own, but male athletes were generally coddled. it doesn't make it right, but college athletics is FAR more akin to a full-time job than most people realize

  20. If you are able to attend a university through a sport scolarship than you should only be able to
    attend sports related courses for free. Overwise pay up like everyone else buddy.

  21. I believe Mrs Parks was sitting in the back when her seat was requested. Utterly inaccurate not to mention poorly written.

  22. I had three students hand in identical essays. Not, they were even in the same class. When I failed them but allowed them to write a new essay, their collective parents caused such a huff I was forced to give them a C+. All three parents claimed their child hadn't cheated, the other two had, so it is unfair to punish them.

  23. That is hardly a intro and thesis my academic writing teacher would just laugh and put it up on his wall so all the students could see

  24. I'd like to see this joker handle a 10 page paper, a 15 page paper or even a 20 page paper. He would break a sweat on the first word he types or writes lol.

  25. What y’all need to understand is that student-athletes are more valuable than any student in the university, and should be provided these passes. Student-Athletes generate so much revenue for a college.

  26. If I turned something in like that, I'd get punished for putting in no effort. An A-? What were they thinking?

  27. i’m sorry but if you’re an athlete who is looking to go pro while in college, you shouldn’t have to do outstanding in school. You are working all day to get better at a career(sport) so you don’t have time for other academics

  28. I am a track athlete attending a prestigious university starting in the coming fall semester. I would never use my privileges to this negative advantage. I know that many believe that student-athletes are all dumb, arrogant, and selfish but I can promise that we are not all like this. Many of us actually put in the effort needed in order to perform well at the level which the university expects of all students and strive to meet those standards. I’m disappointed to see that stuff like this is acceptable but please understand that we as student-athletes are not all like this, it’s not fair to the other hard working students attending the university and is unbelievable.

  29. I teach in an urban high school, and this is about par for the course…it is unbelievable!

  30. You know, mocking the paper line by line is pretty piss-poor behavior. I've taught students like this, and they've been failed by the education system year after year. The only difference between my students and this student is that no one is pressuring me to pass them along to the next level because they can play football or basketball. Meanwhile, this student was probably putting in 14-hour days, between training, watching film, practicing, and maybe attending classes. Blame the NCAA; blame the NFL and NBA for using universities as a farm system; but mocking the student is pretty lousy.

  31. My Ph.D dissertation proposal had appropriate 150 pages and 168 references with a Title (Topic): "Computer Crime: A Quantitative Analysis Of Phishing Trend And Cybersecurity Strategy." It was completed in 2011 – 2012

  32. Ms. Parks was seated in the 'Colored' section of the bus, but the 'White' section was full and a White rider demanded her seat…But then, The Coach probably did the grading…

  33. I graduated from high school while skipping & doing barely any work the whole year just because the teachers liked me for some reason & I barely even talked to them.

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