A Changed Man | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E11

A Changed Man | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E11

and one of the local wild swimmers comes swimming out with this on her head doing breaststroke and look down and it’s just piping off her head [Music] [Music] some guys coming to you from Mulliken tires right about here which is officially the halfway point of the Great Britain that feels incredible to say only because me and Matt will say it’s now more efficient for us to go all the way around and back to Margate this way then it is this way so essentially we’re now counting down the days I first met he was going on Great Britain and I was thinking right that’s good it’s gonna take a bit of heart and in my mind I had Headlands like this one I was thinking oh my look entire in the southwest kale that’s going to be Savage so here we are a few months later and in Psychological terms yeah there’s Lands End was a massive hurdle that was kind of like okay we’re cool of the way there be a getting around this one this pretty much marks the halfway mark in my mind so how does it feel mr. Ridgeley oh my god since Sigma since my bae and then you know yesterday our first propagator of the yeah of the trip you know gale force severe gale force nine in the forecast we want to scuttle off to hide for a night and and then this morning it was kind of completely shrouded in mist and so for it to clear like this and then bright sunshine all day and then just beautiful evening it’s just like okay there’s your reward for sticking it out mate richly deserved it has to be said it just feels like just getting slammed by wind and waves and we’ll just seeking refuge on a harbor and then we’ve kind of come out today for right we need to get some Moloch entire needs gets halfway and in a weird way clouds are cleared sometimes come out it’s like somebody’s going they go well done guys well done those who tuned in last week you’ll know we spoke an awful lot all around mental fortitude and these tips techniques and strategies that you can use to deal with hardship which is why this week it only made logical sense to address the physical adaptations and changes that happening to my body during the Great British swim this starts of course with a fan-favorite rhino neck runner next back I thought I’d left him way back at Lands End but it appears he’s made another appearance in Scotland but there is hope and me and Matt as well work was so much quicker identified before it got worse so we’re addressing wounds changing swimming technique and fingers crossed touchwood I think we’re over it I think of course related to rhino neck is salt time which is actually healing thick peak basically we’ve become foremost experts in dealing with salt time we’ve got homemade mouth washes we’ll lube up the inside of my mouth with all sorts of coconut oil and again things for us think we’re on top of it next we can’t talk about physical adaptations without talking about my old foe the jellyfish especially cos in Scotland they’re bigger they’re bigger and venture how my body has changed to this is really threefold number one the armored fortified beard genuinely the other day jellyfish smack bounced straight off it rather than just teabagging he just kind of ricocheted off either side so it’s still not fully grown yet but it’s gonna number two I’ve developed really good peripheral vision when I’m swimming if a jellyfish is coming either side or straight on I can now identify where he is and where his tentacles are so peripheral vision prevention is better than cure and if I see him come in I’ll give him a wide berth finally jellyfish immunity now this isn’t an exact science is more theory that me and the team are throwing around and I don’t really want to test this theory by dirt and rubbing my face in a load of jellyfish but when I’ve been stung the last few times in Scotland it’s just hurt it hasn’t caused it Shing or my Airways to kind of block up or causing it to be dizzy it’s just painful so there’s a theory that you develop an immunity to it after so many stings I don’t want to test this just now that next up swimming Tech and biomechanics basically it’s my job throughout the hundred days of beyond to swim as efficiently as possible for as long as possible and to do this I’ll switch up my swimming technique depending on where I’ve got waves currents a ferry chasing after me or I’m about to swim the headfirst into a whirlpool a lot of people will notice when I’m swimming quite often I don’t actually kick my legs that’s because I actually hold quite a lot of fat around my lower body and on my legs which means it’s actually quite buoyant and because kicking actually only counts for ten percent overall propulsion my job is to conserve as much energy as possible and so if I don’t kick my legs but 90 percent of the time it’s just this kind of lazy cumbersome technique I’ve often said I’m not a dolphin I’m not a shark it’s not pretty to look at I’m more like a whale and I’ll just slowly make my way all around go straight with it and finally I am chubby Oh with a little pudding belly which means one I’m better at cuddling but two are more resilient to the cold as well which is a pretty simple science more body fat man’s more insulation speaking of the cold it’s time to sweat [Music] [Applause] [Music] sup guys I’m gonna be completely honest with you I love Scotland I don’t think I’m gonna come back down the other side I might just stay up in this region main reasons being scenery is just stunning Scotland win sunsets we had some amazing ones down in Cornwall just just insanely stunning Irish Sea as well just spoilt is the water was kind of this turquoise color take a bow Scotland we had one the other day and and the whole sea kind of lit up it was this kind of red sky and the sea was red and the sky was red on my first swim that’s kind of properly in Scotland it was just crazy I’m not gonna lie the water is best described as fresh can’t feel your face after the first our lips are just blue and numb but it’s Scotland so you don’t mind it’s a very weird dilemma to be in you know that you can’t experience the beauty of Scotland without freezing your lips but the main reason I’m not leaving Scotland is because of the people the people come bearing cake yes as I’m sleeping it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I own and one of the local wild swimmers comes swimming out with this on her head doing breaststroke and then I just excuse me Russ I’ve brought you some cake I look down and it’s just piping off her head so she came on board we had a chat and skinny cake I’m not just any cake as well it’s so dense and it’s still warm oh it’s not amazing check this mmm so yeah Scotland take about scenery the people and your cakes so that’s it for this week guys we are now well and truly on our way into Scotland and I just want to take a very quick moment just because the other day I posted some pictures on my Instagram and what loads are really really nice messages just saying am i okay and you know I might be a wall adapter just because I didn’t look pretty hairy and hagit the 14 mile swim Google marks just zinc paint all around me and yeah like the truth is I’m not gonna win any beauty pageants this summer that is true and I’ve made peace with that fact but it’s kind of what’s needed for the Great Britain where my face is being slowly eroded by jellyfish and saltwater what I’m in high spirits and and I am okay so yeah I just wanted to say thank you so much it really doesn’t mean a lot and annual your messages are always shouted across the room while I’m swimming and in the water so it was very very sweet of you and I just wanted to end by this sort of expressing how grateful I am all that but for now all that’s left to do is get out there and and some cold hard Scottish miles it’s in various women I recently and I’ll see you next week

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  1. Congrats!! Ross officially reached the halfway point!! 💪Keep the support coming and leave your top motivational quote in the comments below! 🙌

  2. Keep going geezer your doing well , tough times don’t last tough people do and your one of them big tough guys!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  3. Huge respect to you for doing this daunting challenge! I was wondering how many calories do you eat when you swim every day?

  4. Congrats on half way Ross! Awesome achievement! Hope you're enjoying the cold of Scotland a little more than you were in Glasgow in March! ❄️

  5. Ross, you are a genuine inspiration. A true legend. I have absolutely no doubt in my that you will complete this epic swim!!

  6. Great post, great achievement! Have you every thought of spreading squid oil over your body, to see if you could catch a whale?

  7. SO awesome to watch this happening and to follow this insanneee journey. Could we see a bit about Ross's diet and the types of things he needs more of any tries to avoid?

  8. Yeah you made it halfway around Great Britain. Amazing already. Keep going – or better KEEP SWIMMING 😉 You're gonna make it!

    My motivational quote for this week:
    "The only time you should look back is to see HOW FAR you've come!"

  9. Keep crushing it man, every Thursday is a good day getting to see your positive outlook on an impossible task you're crushing!

  10. Okay im confused.. when your on the boat it looks like its travelling .. is this makin up th miles or are my eyes playing tricks

  11. Keep up the good work Ross!
    Also, I'm loving this challenge Redbull, great concept, great video editing, more like this!

  12. You've smashed it! Yet sky news are still promoting their guy doing his "long swim" he's not even staying on the water, he's been back on land getting sports massages! Keep showing them how it's done Ross!

  13. 😂 Im sorry, Ross…Unless you can do a tide with a cake on your head you may not be the biggest legend of the swim anymore. 😘

  14. For rhino neck:
    Try climbing tape
    It s a white soft tape that adapts really well to skin and you can layer it. It is waterproof, not too sure about salt but yea…
    I use it for climbing and I used it on a 100 mile hike for a 7 centimeter cut on my heel.

  15. What an inspiration!

    How are you finding digestion of food while swimming? How long do you eat before your swim?

    Well done and hopefully i’ll be around to catch you along the Kent coast on your return.

  16. Ross, you're awesome mate. I have been struggling to do two lengths at the pool without a rest, but i have tried your "whale" technique and I managed 6 with no rest straight away. That simple tip has improved my swim so much. Thank you. I will be watching you the whole way, keep it up you awesome man!

  17. Keep at it Ross, I am inspired by you in my personal swimming goals and I believe you will do great. Stay hydrated Warrior. Here's my top quote:

  18. Do your work. Not just your work and no more, but a little more for the lavishing's sake. That little more which is worth all the rest. And if you doubt as you must; and if you suffer as you must– do your work. Put your heart into it and the sky will clear. And then out of your very doubt and suffering will be born the supreme joy of life.
    Dean Briggs

  19. Amazing Ross!! You're an absolute inspiration! In your book you talk about Wim Hoff and his breathing techniques etc. Do you still use his techniques? if so, have they helped with the swim so far and dealing with the cold and recovery?

    all the best and GOOD LUCK!

  20. At the beginning of the video it looked like you were just standing in the water lol Swimming is just effortless for you. You make it look way too easy! Keep swimming Ross 💪 And props 🤛 to the girl that gave you the cake! 🇨🇦

  21. This guy is absolutely insane, like how can a human swim hundreds of miles/kilometers and get bombarded by jellyfish knowing he is still only halfway done and keep going. Keep it up.

  22. OMG I knew I recognised you! I have been watching you since the start and I also watch Nile Wilson and I remember when you did a colab with him!!!! Your doing great! You are such an inspiration! ❤️😉

  23. i would love if you would talk about how you are sleeping, because it really doesn't seem like you would be able to get enough.

  24. You are doing an incredible job! You are doing something I never thaught would be physically or mentally possible. Well done you beast!

  25. I would love to do wild swimming. But I don't know how to do it safely. Not knowing what too look out for is terrifying and stops me from trying it unfortunately. I wish there was a in-depth guide.

  26. i was just wondering what kind of wetsuit(s) you are wearing. Like how many layers, how thicc is your main wetsuit and from which brand it is, because i know from diving, that you get more cold, the more days you are in and under the water.

  27. I missed the first few weeks of your swim as I was busy cycling down France (I got back a week ago) but in the space of a few days I've already caught up on all he videos! Really impressive work!

  28. Hey man usualy just a silent folower of this amazing journey, but just wantend to say: so much respect for this man, to not only do this but also keep Us al up to date and always with a smile. Keep it up man, and al the best luck!

  29. You got this. Just think youll never buy a 🍺 again. Legendary. Never give up. Your a hero to those unmotivated and apathetic people who cant get over that mental bridge to say ill do whatever it takes. Keep on keeping on your a mad man rhino neck 👏

  30. It kinda baffles me the guy goes and swims around great britain and gets chubbier on the way, I was convinced he was about to come on shore fully shredded

  31. No wonder you've turned fat, Ross! It's all that RED BULL you've been drinking ! Did you know a can of RED BULL contains 10g of sugar, whis a staggering third of your recommanded daily intake ! RED BULL surely doesn't give you wings or fins, it just makes you a fat cow.

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