A Beginner’s Guide to American Football | NFL

A Beginner’s Guide to American Football | NFL

American football is a game played on a 100-yard field by two teams of 11 players the NFL squads of 53 players make ups each side’s offensive defensive and special teams units that take turns in the field the aim of the game is move the ball into the opponent’s endzone to slow a touchdown an extra point this is achieved by moving the ball down the field in a series of plays for down they can do this either by passing the ball through the air quarterback to receiver or by a running back rushing the ball along the ground the offense must move the ball it was 10 yards downfield every four plays in order to keep possession of the ball and earn another four downs to drive towards the opponent’s end zone if the defense prevent them making these ten yards the team with the ball must either runs possession of the ball to the opposition or if close enough attempt to kick a logo between the upright posts after four 15 minute quarters of play the team with the most points wins the game

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  1. This use to be the American dream, but these days you got to many people in this business saying you cant do it. They saying you need to go back to your line of work.

  2. There are far superior games called football than this. I suggest you scrap it all and begin again with something with proper rules that make sense.

  3. What a boring sport. 10 minutes of play 30 minutes of brakes, bunch of boring commercials and it all takes 4 hours or so. I’m glad the world watches better sports. This crap is so boring, I would rather stare at a wall and be more entertained.

  4. As a European this seems so weird, and so confusing its called football, mabe rename it somthing more fitting when you realise you know it barely involves using your feet on the egg shape….

  5. what??? how long is each half? and what are the penalties or fouls….how are the ejections for example red cards and yellow cards infootball

  6. Stupid stop-start game. Only 11 minutes of actual gameplay in the whole game, according to experts.

    The rest of it is watching players and coaches hanging around, 17 minutes of replays and commercials. Apparently there are loads of those.

  7. A guide for every other country in the world who plays less confusing sports originality play with a pigs bladder then banned because people died and sports created by accident in a random town by a child while playing a different game.

  8. You bastard NFL y u call priyanka "Arab terrorist " I think u r not human being nd normal person. I hate NFL🔫

  9. who else never played on a team before but has the balls to join a club and needs to know how.

  10. I am a soccer fan since I was kid. I try to understand this beautiful game to do not miss the superbowl but it seems that's more complicated than I thought. Any more detailed and simplified videos ?

  11. Playing football for my middle school team and I watched this cause it’s my first time playing and it’s actually helped

  12. they didn't even explain defense. oh wait nvm i might not have heard it because of how god damn the music is.

  13. I’m playing middle school football and I haven’t played foot ball in 2 years so I’m trying to remember the rules

  14. Trying to understand it bc my best friend loves American Football but can´t explain it to me bc I am really f´n stupid..

  15. ok so im confused does a team begin the game by starting a hike or what ever and try gaining 10 yards in 4 downs and if they dont then possession changes

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