Kenny Omega In recent years, Kenny Omega
has established himself as one
of the greatest wrestlers in the
world today. One of the most iconic stars of
New Japan Pro Wrestling, he
has distinguished himself as a
remarkable wrestler as well as having an excellent
promo and a being a fantastic
character actor. His accomplished have earned
him multiple championships, as well as the number one
spot on this year’s PWI 500. But in 2005, Omega was sent
to Deep South Wrestling, a
developmental territory for WWE,
to be evaluated by Bill DeMott. After impressing DeMott,
John Lauriniatis and Kento Kobashi
in try out matches, the Canadian was offered a
WWE developmental contract,
and assigned to DSW full time. In interviews since however,
Omega has criticised his time
in DSW, and has been particularly critical
of promoters DeMott and Jody Hamilton,
as well as trainer Hardcore Holly. The poor management of the brand
led to Omega immediately requesting
his release and the future IWGP Heavyweight
Champion returned to Premier
Championship Wrestling in 2006 Since then, Omega has claimed
that the WWE have attempted to
re-sign him several times, but has
turned every offer down. Matt Morgan Matt Morgan was first introduced to the
WWF when he entered the second
season of Tough Enough, but left due to an injury. Despite this, Morgan signed with the
company in April 2002, and was assigned to Ohio Valley
Wrestling. After a successful run
in OVW, he was moved to the main roster, debuting on the October 30, 2003
episode of SmackDown. Alongside the returning Nathan Jones, Morgan was picked by then-GM Paul
Heyman to join Team Lesnar at the
upcoming Survivor Series, pairing with Jones, Lesnar, the Big Show
and A-Train. The company however, never took
him seriously, and after Jones left, Morgan teamed
with Lesnar for a brief time, before taking a sabbatical after the
2004 Royal Rumble, where he was eliminated by eventual
winner, Chris Benoit. Returning in 2005, Morgan was
repackaged as a stuttering big man, who was defensive over the disorder
and attacked anyone over it, including Brett Matthews, who would become the future
Zack Ryder. Aligning with Carlito in May, the pair
had success feuding with the Big Show,
with Morgan helping Carlito defeat the
giant at Judgement Day, with
Lesnar’s F-5. Morgan was released though,
in July 2005, when Carlito was drafted to RAW. Dejected, Morgan would join Impact
Wrestling, distinguishing himself as one of the company’s few big men,
and a talented worker. While Morgan probably never
would’ve been WWE Champion, he could have been a rock-solid monster
veteran in the upper mid-card these
days. Gail Kim In her first run with WWE, Gail Kim received an instant big-push, winning the Women’s Championship
in her first match. Initially an underdog face, later a heel submission specialist, Kim was abruptly released, but returned to the company in 2008. This second run was saw her barely
featured, and Kim has since stated she returned
to the WWE only for the money. In between these tours, Kim did her
finest work with Impact Wrestling, playing a valiant
face against the monstrous Awesome Kong. Perhaps if the WWE had treated her
better, Kim would be with them now, competing against stars like Becky Lynch
and Sasha Banks, at a time where WWE’s women’s division
is at an all-time peak. Instead, the WWE failed her, let her
go far too soon, and one of the best women’s wrestlers
of a generation got lost in the shuffle. Kim retired in 2017, an Impact Wresting Hall of Famer, and one of the biggest booking
mistakes in WWE history. Bubba Ray Dudley A key part of WWE’s Tag Division in
the Attitude Era, Bubba Ray Dudley had plenty of success
with his brother D-Von. Despite a brief singles run in 2002, the company never had faith in
Bubba’s abilities as a solo star, and quickly reunited him with D-Von. After a few more years as the
Dudley Boyz, in 2005 Bubba parted ways
with the company, joining Impact Wrestling that same year. As a part of the company, Bubba proved
himself as a guy who could carry
the company, where his face run as a singles star
got over with fans, before he transitioned to being
the loud-mouthed heel, World Champion and leader of the Aces and Eights. His run with the biker gang is probably
his finest work, and it’s a shame that he lacked a
WWE sized audience for it. A Testament to his abilities, when the Dudleyz returned for a
nostalgia trip in 2015, the WWE Universe quickly hoped for Bubba to turn on his brother, and carry on his singles success
from TNA. He now works as a veteran for ROH, describing himself as the last true
heel in wrestling, and has demonstrated that he could still have value as a WWE performer in 2018. Evan Bourne When Evan Bourne signed
with WWE in late 2007 his impressive stints in OVW
and FCW led to him being quickly
called up to the main roster in June
the next year. Quickly impressing as an athletic
face in ECW, Bourne got over
with fans partly because of his Shooting
Star Press, which earned him a
Slammy for best finishing maneuver. Despite his incredible skills and
popularity, Bourne joined the WWE
at a time when the company didn’t
have a cruiserweight division. While his smack size and move-set
made him a likeable underdog, it also made it very difficult to see
him as any kind of title contender. Having the Missouri native on
205 Live would be great, as the brand continues to try
and find a face standard bearer
fans can get behind. Bourne would’ve been an ideal
veteran presence on the show,
which still is trying to establish
itself despite lacklustre fan reception While Bourne wrestled a few matches
for NXT in 2013 the company didn’t see any future
for him, and released him in 2014. Undeterred, Bourne continued to
develop, and is now thriving on the indies and for Impact Wrestling, where he
is a former X-Division Champion. Austin Aries Aries is one of the best talents of
his generation, both in-ring, and on the mic. Unfortunately, none of his skills
quite landed during his brief tenure in WWE, neither in NXT, or on 205 Live. In July 2016, Aries was released
from his WWE contracts. While initial reports said Aries had
requested the release due to being frustrated with
the company, Dave Meltzer claimed that Aries
was released due to being incredibly unpopular
backstage. So who’s to blame here? Well we know Aries was scheduled to face Neville at Madison Square Garden for the Cruiserweight Championship, but was replaced by Cedric Alexander
after his release. After his release, Aries faced a 90-day
no compete clause, which can’t have helped the fractured
relationship between the company and him. After the clause ended in October 2016, Aries was rehired by Impact Wrestling, where he has had great success, including regaining the Impact
World Championship. Holding multiple championships
across various promotions including ROH and World Series
Wrestling, Aries has proved to WWE exactly
what they’re missing out on. A world class technician, and a wonderful jerk heel character, there’s little doubt that the WWE
would like a do-over and push Aries as the star he
clearly is. Brandi Rhodes The WWE career of Brandi Rhodes
was rather forgettable. She didn’t wrestle, opting to be an announcer instead, and wasn’t featured in any storylines. Her run with the company I probably
best remembered as how she met her husband Cody, who she now manages in a variety
of other promotions. Despite this, the WWE desire to
bring her back, for the absolute most petty of reasons. As Cody explained on
Chris Jericho’s podcast, the company owns the
Rhodes name, which is why Cody is referred to by
his first name elsewhere. However, the name Brandi Rhodes does
not belong to the WWE, which has allowed the NWA Champion
to market himself as ‘Cody and Brandi Rhodes’, a loophole that the WWE would like
to be rid of. However, Brandi has seemingly
no intention to abandon her husband and rejoin the WWE, with the bond between the two
proving the age old saying, stand by your man.


  1. And most of them went on to become major names in the Indies. Thanks to NJPW, ROH and Impact Wrestling.

  2. Why is Austin Aries on here he's a piece of shit that just fucked over yet another company because he didn't get what he wanted, who cares if hes a good wrestler hes an ignorant piece of unprofessional shit just like that filth ronda rousey

  3. Seriously??? THESE were your picks??? The only one who had any real impact by leaving WWE was Bubba Duddley.

    I define being impactful as being a big deal in the company, leaving a hole in the company in your absence and being a big deal in the next company that you defected to. So here's my 9 picks in random order.

    9) The Duddley Boys to TNA (2005)
    8) CM Punk to UFC (2014/2016)
    7) Kurt Angle to TNA (2006)
    6) Jeff Jarrett to WCW/TNA (1999)
    5) Christian Cage to TNA (2005)
    4) Macho Man Randy Savage to WCW (1993)
    3) Bret Hart to WCW (1997)
    2) Hulk Hogan to WCW (1994)
    1) Scott Hall/Kevin Nash to WCW (1996)

  4. For as large as he is Cage is hands down one of the most athletic and quick moving wrestlers I have ever seen. The guy has amazing ability to truly wouldn't expect for a man his size.

  5. Oh and 2 things– i cant speak for everyone, but I strongly feel that Bubba's best work was late 90s original ECW as a the ultimate heel, and partaking in typical ECW hardcore/no DQ matches, despite his more personal success as Bully Ray in TNA… and 2nd, I dont really know anyone that wanted him to turn on Devon and not tag with him. If he and Devon are in the same federation, then they need to be together, wreacking havoc on the tag team division, as the greatest tag team of all time!!!

  6. Over the next couple of years we may be able to add Juice Robinson, Trent Baretta, Tanga Loa, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Lance Archer, and Neville.

    I'm surprised this list didn't include John Morrison or Matt Jackson (who worked for WWE in 2008). Not only this, but WWE had both Zach Sabre Jr and Kota Ibushi within their grasp during the CWC, but failed to sign either of them long term.

    Side note: they also let AJ Styles go after acquiring his developmental contract via the WCW buyout in 2001.

  7. I'd rather have Kenny Omega elsewhere. In WWE, the money maybe really good but it ain't worth it if it means losing control over his freedom in his career. WWE is a Octopuss with super magnetic suction cups that wanna dictate where else you can work while in WWE and so on. But yeah……"hooray for WWE, YAY!!".

  8. Are you fucking kidding me, Vince doesn't give a fucking about any of these, the ones that really hurt him were Hall, Nash, Hogan, Savage, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Psycho Sid, Hawk and Animal, the Steiner brothers I could go on. The difference is these were proven big draws when they left the WWF/E and went to a company that was trying to put Vince out of business. He took all of the above very very personally. Do you honestly think he gives a fuck about Brandi Rhodes next to losing Hulk Hogan?

  9. It's WWEs fault, they don't groom their talent well. They have alot of diamonds in the rough.

    They dont give them a chance to shine and be themselves.

    Then you see a guy on the indy circuit you saw on tv a year ago looking slimmer, happier, better gimmick with soo much charisma and poise and your just like "wtf where was this guy at? Should've wrestled like this all along!"

  10. If you think WWE would still let Gail Kim wrestle, you’re naive. Female wrestlers have a shorter expiration date than male wrestlers.

  11. Austin Aries is not a star. He's a stuck up punk who happens to be good at wrestling. The stunt he pulled in Impact should cause him to be blacklisted.

  12. Let's be honest here, Matt Sydal was more or less released because he kept failing drug test and couldn't stay healthy when he wasn't suspended.

  13. Christopher Daniels should be on this list. He was with the then WWF in the mid-90's and was actually set to play a major role in the Ministry story line but Vince didn't like his size. They let him go and he has seen success everywhere he has went not only as The Fallen Angel but as the comedic character Curry Man.

  14. For some reason, I keep thinking that Kenny Omega is from The South. There are enough parallels between himself and Styles, but I don't believe that's why. I keep forgetting he's actually Canadian. Come to think of it, this all might be from his time in the Deep South territory. Jumbled associations in my memory.

  15. Cage is a roids junkie, that's why he won't go back. He'd fail the test and Aires couldn't hack it in WWE and ran like a bitch back to the B Squad

  16. Omega & Cody Rhodes are smart for staying away from the WWE. WWE 'create' kills talent. I'd like to see some huge backers in ROH & for for NJPW to compete here.

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