8 IELTS Speaking Tricks to ANSWER ANY QUESTION | Part 1

8 IELTS Speaking Tricks to ANSWER ANY QUESTION | Part 1

Hi guys! It’s Asiya. Sometimes you hear an
IELTS Speaking question and think, “Gosh! What can I say in any language?!” So today
I’ve prepared for you 8 easy ways to expand your answer to
any IELTS speaking question. Practice using them and you’ll see how it’s becoming
easier to find what to say. I’m gonna use examples from Part 1. Okay, let’s get
started! the first way to expand your answer is
to show a contrast use words like but however here is the question what kind
of street do you live on I could say I live on a quiet residential street but
every 10 minutes a bus passes by making a terrible noise yeah when you hear some
noise in my videos that’s a red London double-decker passing right outside my
window you could answer this question by saying I live on a wide busy avenue in
the city centre however during the weekend it gets unbelievably quiet
another way to give a full answer in IELTS speaking is to add a detail use words
like which that who and the question is how did you come here today well I could
say I came by the tube that wouldn’t be a very complex answer would it so I can
say I used the tube which was absolutely packed this morning and I had to stand
all the way in IELTS speaking don’t try to be too smart or too formal just say
whatever comes to mind and use which that to talk about a thing and who
to talk about a person in my first example I added information at the end
of the sentence you can add some information in the
middle of a sentence that would be a more complex grammatical structure for
example what types of public transport do people use in your town I could say
in London people use the tube buses and trains it’s not too impressive is it so
let me add some information in London people use the tube which is by far the
fastest means of transportation and they also use buses and trains it’s much
better so what we’re adding here is called a
relative clause and I have a separate video linked here and in the
video description box below about how to add this relative clause to any sentence
you could also give an example use words like including such as like in
particular so what do you like reading I could say I’m fond of classic literature
including Oscar Wilde and Honoré de Balzac
I’m fond of is another way to say I like or I enjoy it’s natural but a bit
less common among non-native speakers and if you want to learn more phrases
like that I have a video about 35 IELTS speaking phrases now let me show you
another way to give an example the same question I mainly read magazines such as
the Economist which I buy weekly so here I give an example such as the Economist
and also add a detail which I buy weekly saying how often you do something is an
easy way to expand your answer if someone asks me do you like cooking I
could say I quite enjoy cooking but in reality I only cook two or three times a
week when I finish work early so I’ve answered the question I said that I
quite like cooking and then expanded my answer by saying how often I cook what
are you going to do if in the future you’re gonna do something differently
say it one of the IELTS questions is have you ever changed your name I could
say I haven’t but I’m gonna take my husband’s surname when we get married
next month that’s true you’re gonna see a new
surname soon and if you’re not getting married just yet girls could say well no
I haven’t but I’d love to take my husband’s surname when I get married and
boys could say no I haven’t but I’d like my future wife to
my surname if I ever get married you can imagine your future it doesn’t have to
reflect your true views what did you use to do similarly you can say what you
used to do differently in the past for example what kind of sports do you play
I could say these days I only go to the gym but at school I used to play tennis
volleyball and basketball I was quite sporty in IELTS modesty is
not assessed you can also express a preference by saying I prefer or I’d
rather for example do you like reading I used to read a lot when I was at school
talking about the past but these days whenever I have time I’d rather go out with
friends than spend an evening reading on my own and another example is do you
like watching sports on TV I could say to be honest it doesn’t appeal to me I
prefer playing sports to watching others play you can also give your reasons and
say because let’s say the question is do you often go on holiday I could say I
try to travel as much as possible because for me that’s the the most
enjoyable way to spend my days off and someone could say I don’t travel as much
as I wish I could because I’ve just started a new job and I have to prove
myself quite often it’s easy to give your reasons just bear in mind that in
our speaking many questions are followed with the question why for instance do
you like cooking why so I would suggest not using it too much but it’s
definitely a way to expand your answer remember tips don’t work unless
you do practice expanding your answers and you’ll see how it’s becoming easier and
easier to tackle any question you can practice on your own or you can use my
IELTS speaking practice course to be in time-limited conditions like during the
real exam but without the real examiner I’m going to link it in the video
description box below and if you want to expand your vocabulary too watch my
video about 35 IELTS speaking phrases I can guarantee you will use some of them
in your exam thank you for watching me today good luck with your preparation

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    And please give some suggestions for my
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