7 WWE Wrestlers Who Doesn’t Get Enough Credit In WWE Now (2018)

7 WWE Wrestlers Who Doesn’t Get Enough Credit In WWE Now (2018)

7 WWE Wrestlers Who Doesn’t Enough Credit From WWE in 2018 7. IVORY – A PIONEER THAT
WWE HARDLY MENTIONS In the annals of WWE history, its stars like Trish Stratus and Lita who are seen as the original pioneers
of the women’s revolution. Both Superstars have no doubt earned
their Hall of Fame status, with the duo being part of the first
female main event in RAW history However, it is obvious that Ivory, who has never been showcased by
the company as much as Trish and Lita, deserves the
spotlight just as much. Debuting in 1999, Ivory started as just another Diva
in the Locker room, before reaching her peak in the
Right to Censor. As part of the group, she became the opposite of what fans wanted from her, promoting abstinence at a time where
the company were focussed on
sex appeal. Establishing herself as their top
female heel, Ivory backed up her bravado, becoming the best female wrestler
of the time, even when she was sadly overlooked. In an era where blonde hair was
far more important than actual wrestling skill, Ivory stood out as a veteran talent who could both talk and grapple, leading to three turns as WWE
Women’s Champion. Despite being inducted into the WWE
Hall of Fame in 2018, it is a real shame that such a
pioneering woman is often overlooked, and while others pushed to give
Divas a Chance in 2015, it was Ivory who aimed to give
WORLD CHAMPION It is a sad truth that most wrestling fans
have never heard of Bearcat Wright,
despite the Jamaican breaking boundaries
when it came to race in wrestling. While Ron Simmons is regarded as
the first African American world Champion,
winning the WCW title in 1992, some give the credit to Bobo Brazil,
who won the NWA Championship 30
years prior, though his reign is unrecognised. However, the actual honour belongs to
Bearcat, who defeated Classy Freddie
Blassie in 1962 for the WWA Championship. Even before he held the gold, Bearcat
became a hero of the black community
in wrestling, refusing to compete at segregated
shows, , a bold act that led to Wright being
temporarily suspended by the Indiana
State Athletic Commission. Things got worse for him after winning
the WWA Title, as Wright was quickly
deemed unprofessional, which severely
hurt his reputation in the industry, as his incredible achievement quickly
became forgotten about, even after
his death in 1982. Though the Jamaican did get some
recompense upon being inducted into
the WWE Hall of Fame, his induction
into the oft-overlooked Legacy wing
means his career still flies under history’s radar, despite Wright being the trailblazer for
future African-American stars like Booker T,
Bobby Lashley and the New Day. 5.BUDDY ROGERS – THE REAL NATURE BOY When you hear the name ‘Nature Boy’,
you probably think of the incredible career
of Ric Flair, who’s extravagant lifestyle and
in-ring ability turned him into one of the greatest Superstars ever. But before Flair was racking up World
Championships and Hall of fame rings,
it was Buddy Rogers who held the Nature
Boy moniker, and rightly so. A precursor to Flair, the original Nature
Boy Buddy Rogers was an intensely charismatic performer, and perhaps one of the first wrestlers in history to value style over substance. That’s not to say Rogers didn’t have the
skills, as he became well known for his
hard-fought main events against any
and every opponent who dared to
challenge him. A huge star already in the NWA,
Rogers made the jump to what would
become the WWE After hanging up his boots, the OG
Nature Boy continued to give to the
company, hosting talk show segments,
and was rightly inducted posthumously
into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1994 While he may have lost the Nature Boy
title to Flair, Rogers did cement his legacy
in a way no-one else can match becoming the first ever WWE Champion,
an act that is proof that Buddy Rogers truly
was, one of the greats. 4.BULL NAKANO – A FORGOTTEN TALENT In 2018, the WWE continues to
promote equality over their roster, with the women of the company hosting
their own revolution in recent years. But long before the WWE’s
women’s revolution, something similar had already
happened in Japan, where many all-female promotions
were being praised, and with Bull Nakano leading the way. Winning her first championship
aged ‘just’ 15, Nakano showed her determination
to be a global star, leaving her spotlight in Japan to
wrestle in the US for the WWE. Alongside Alundra Blayze, who is appropriately respected by
the company as a legend, Nakano wrestled some of the first
truly great matches contested over the Women’s
Championship throughout the winter of 1994. Granted, Nakano wasn’t the first
Japanese woman to go state-side, with the Jumping Bomb Angels making
their presence known in the 1980s, though they too have been forgotten, as it has been decades since the
company cared about Women’s
tag wrestling. As a former champion, who helped
give fans their first glimpse of great female
wrestling, Nakano could at least get a mention for
the Hall of Fame, yet the company continues to never acknowledge her at all, despite it being obvious that Nakano
paved the way to bring the Japanese
style to America. 3.BILLY KIDMAN – A GREAT
CONTRIBUTOR BEHIND THE SCENES As a wrestler, Billy Kidman gets pretty
much the exact amount of credit
he deserves Joining WCW in 1996, Kidman remained loyal to the company
during the Monday Night Wars, feuding with everyone from Perry
Saturn to Hulk Hogan, with Kidman defeating the Hulkster
in 2000, in what he claimed to be the true
death of Hulkamania. Spoilers: it wasn’t. After the company folded in 2001, Kidman joined the WWE, capturing
the Cruiserweight championship
multiple times, before transitioning to a backstage role
as a road agent and producer. While the company has dozens of
former Superstars in similar
positions to Kidman, it is clear he has one of the toughest
jobs in all of – live Television. Even though WWE works under the role
of “anything can happen” the company does have to answer
to networks, who have very strict rules on when the action needs to stop. Shockingly, it is Kidman’s role to work
out the timing backstage, a crucial position as even a few
seconds too long turn an intense stare down into an
awkward moment. Performing the same role the
legendary Gerald Brisco once did, it is sorry that Kidman hasn’t received
even half the same amount of respect, despite proving himself to be a true
pro, in and out of the ring. 2.GOLDUST HELPED USHER IN
A NEW ATTITUDE A member of the legendary
Rhodes Dynasty, Dustin Rhodes never reached the
same highs as his father Dusty, with his brother Cody becoming one
of the hottest stars in recent years. But the bizarre One deserves more
credit than he’s ever given, as whether fans realise it or not, this Grandson of a plumber helped WWF reached its most successful time. In 1995, it was clear that the
cartoonish, wacky characters of the New
Generation weren’t working, with stars like Mantaur and
Aldo Montoya failing to compete with the
ever-growing presence of WCW. Enter Goldust, decked head to toe
in gold, spouting movie quotes and pushing the
envelope of what was allowed on TV. The character became an
overnight sensation, with fans, and opponents constantly
confused by what this strange man
would do next. The original envelope pusher, it
wasn’t long before Goldust was overshadowed by bigger stars
who also pushed the limits of what was allowed on TV, with the company’s new Attitude Era
becoming arguably their most successful period in history. After he established himself, it wasn’t long before Mankind
came along, and took the idea of a crazy wrestler
giving long speeches to what he believes was an
intelligent audience even further. Outside of the Attitude Era, Rhodes has continued to give
to the company, working for the WWE for around
20 years, and while some angles have been
better than others, no-one can argue that Goldust helped
shape the company into what it is today. 1.TOOTS MONDT , THE FATHER OF SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT If you believe Vince McMahon, his
father pretty much created the WWE
Universe by himself, ruling the show in
the exact same way his son does today. The truth however, is that the Vince Sr
was not as ruthless as his son, gathering
aides and allies, and wasn’t afraid to ask
for help. Chief amongst these allies, was Toots
Mondt, who invented what we call sports
entertainment, long before the McMahon f
amily entered the picture. Way back in the 1920s, Mondt developed
‘slam bang western style wrestling’, which
focused on heroes and villains in charismatic
encounters, rather than the hour-long slow-paced
slogs that originally defined pro wrestling. Instantly, Mondt faced trouble, with many
collaborators seeing this new tone as
disrespectful to the sport, though Vince Sr
was one of the few who trusted his vision. He was right to do so, as together, Mondt
and McMahon former the World-Wide Wrestling Federation, though it wasn’t long before Mondt
was ousted by his partner with Vince’s son eventually buying his
father out and become the Chairman in
1982. Mondt was eventually inducted into the
WWE Legacy Hall of Fame in 2017,
though the integral contributions he
made to the WWE , and pro-wrestling as a whole continues
to be downplayed, leaving Mondt tragically
unknown to most fans. Well guys, that’s our list who
never get enough credit Let us know in your comments
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  1. Dustin Rhodes will go down in history creating the goldust character and earn popularity, should been wwe champion. His character was the master of mind games. Ivory has a success run in the attitude era and a multi time women champion,she has a great time in women battle royal at wwe evolution.

  2. In my opinion, I think Golddust deserves a run as WWE Champion before he retires, but I think it should be as Dustin Rhodes and I would rather him be a heel.

  3. I'm disturbed by the fact most of these were WWF wwwf era but you keep saying wwe. And just like them you neglected to talk about their pre wwf history

  4. at current era who doesn't get enough credits are: Titus O'neil, Apollo Crews, Mickie James, Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Summer Rae (she was never given any opportunity to show her talent), Alicia Fox, Tye Dillinger, Iconics, Natalya, Jack Gallaghar & many more!

  5. The Rock was such a Great Entertainer that people don't Recognize that he was also a Great Athletic Wrestler which is why he had Great Matches with both Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar and alot of Upper Card Guys in the 2000 ERA.

  6. Daffney & Medusa both held the Cruiserweight Title. Alicia Fox is one of the Best Weomen's Wrestlers Today but still gets Booed by the Smarks cause of a Stupid Storyline she did on SmackDown in 2008 in order to break into the Business.

  7. My parentsdidn't have USA Netwirk until I was in 4th or 5th grade but TBS and TNT so I was a WCW fan (intresting enough my granpa got me in to wrestling and it was WCW when I was at my grandparents ,but my cousin he happend to watch WWE) so fist time I was Bull Nukano was in WCW I was intemated by the tall blue haired Japanese woman wrestler as kid which was her.

  8. Equality, LOL…they host their first Women's PPV and them go to a country where women are not allowed to perform.

  9. I was airways a big fan of Ivory. Also I think Ken Shamrock belongs on this list. Arguably the original big MMA crossover and the one who originally did the ankle lock submission.

  10. Bull nakano never gets her dues in the states she was awsome when I think wwf in 1994 I think about bull nakano she was also a wwf women champion

  11. Ivory deserves more respect and credit than both Trish and Lita; not just because of WWE, but her overall career long before she got to WWE

  12. Brock is a beast in car mate and his promos are cool cos u know he don't give a monkey wank if he kills anyone cos thats who he is. He said he'll take a shit on Heath Slaters kids and WWE dint punish him cos Vince is scared of him and he'll wreck the studio!!

  13. Molly Holly was willing to SHAVE HER HAIR just to get The WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP on Wrestlemania XX because WWE was more focused on a lingerie match

  14. Slight correction, Buddy Rodgers gave the moniker 'The Nature Boy ' to Flair.

    And Goldust actually WAS Vince's idea. Dustin made it what it was & ran with it constantly evolving the character.

  15. I believe ivory started the give woman a chance a long time ago and just couldn’t get much people behind her . Hope she’s atleast proud we finally got there

  16. Please tell me that I am not the only person that is annoyed by the grammatically improper title of this video (at the time of this message).

  17. They don’t get enough credit because wrestling’s audience now a days are ignorant children!! Who only care about Cena and Reigns!!!

  18. Billy Kidman ALWAYS had the best match of the night on SD and ppvs. Exciting af. I wish he would have made another comeback.

  19. Another person who's not really mentioned much though he's the guy who started the Nature boy look. Gorgeous George Wagner . He's in the Hall of fame and few remember his achievements much less his contribution to wrestling.

  20. Big question since Buddy Rogers is being mentioned. Wasn't there a rivalry between the "Nature Boys" later years? Namely between Ric Flair and Buddy Landell. Just curious.

  21. Definitely a good list…everyone of them is definitely under appreciated for what they accomplished. I would say throw Lance Storm,Christian,Vader,Chyna,Shamrock,Blackman,and Goldberg definitely deserves more respect from the fans that he gets. I would even say that Punk should be on that list now,considering WWE will never acknowledge him for his accomplishments and basically screwed him over.

  22. you contradicted yourself in No6 saying African American and Jamaican. but I still understand what you were trying to say

  23. Ivory was just as sexy and way better wrestler than Trish,Lita,and Torrie only one that could hold a candle to Ivory would be Molly Holly and Jackie.

  24. Being Jamaican does not make a human being “African American”; yes, he is a black man, but definitely not an “African American”, you racist.

  25. All the women wrestlers get way more credit than they will ever earn. Not a one of them can wrestle convincingly. All they are is eye candy for horny young guys.

  26. Only real ones know Toots Mondt before this vid, and that the federation used was originally for a short time when created, named after him

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