7 Minutes of Fallout 76 Gameplay – E3 2018

7 Minutes of Fallout 76 Gameplay – E3 2018

Good morning vault 76. This is the overseer. I Hope you all enjoyed the party last night even those who may have overindulged and Overslept but it’s time to get up and get out there. We’ve been locked away long enough Today is reclamation day. Oh i fear you never wake up. don’t you remember it time to leave the vault. May be time to leave but I’ll never forget the day you all entered vault 76 You come from every walk of life every race color and Creed But you all share one very important trait you are this country’s best and brightest but more importantly As you venture out into this new American frontier some of your fellow survivors may not be neighborly Chin up there sport not all vault 76 dwellers will be so hostile Find them and brave the new world together Whether you choose to explore the wasteland alone or with friends, your days will be filled with fun activities After thermonuclear war man’s towering industrial marvels may no longer stretch to the heavens What separates man from Beast? It is his desire to build get started with enhance The construction and assembling mobile platform Construct your home of the future with your homes secure you can now craft handmade ordnance at your leisure to give your altercations that personal touch It falls on you and the ingenuity of your fellows to rebuild the America we hold dear But don’t become too attached too quickly monitor your environment for anything out of the ordinary The home of tomorrow may undergo certain challenges After a crisis work with your neighbors to ensure success There’s no I in nuclear waste labs Document your adventures your memories will shape the new American dream What’s that sound? There goes the neighborhood When you emerge from the comfort and safety of your vault the world You know will have changed take your friendly old neighbor Johnny Rather than coming over to borrow a cup of sugar. He may now be coming over for murder The time has come to seek out greater means of protection nuclear armaments That’s right Courtesy of your Uncle Sam these wonders of the Atomic Age can be found right in your own backyard But how does a fellow like you acquire nuclear weapons? You may ask? Begin by inquiring with the locals gently coax them into cooperation Use a little elbow grease if you have to In the likely event you don’t acquire a full code on your own do not give up Search for others who might be harboring a grudge You’ll have that nuclear launch code in no time With the power of the atom at your fingertips be responsible and consider your target carefully attention launch sequence activated Will your bomb land on a rival camp of degenerates a random stranger the local wildlife Whatever your target may be take advantage of the resulting fallout to gather rare and valuable resources Yet these rewards don’t come without risk The fate of this new world is yours to command with the power of the atom. help i’m stuck in the subtitles of you tube please send to. oh god there here

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  1. so the game rewards you for fucking up other peoples days? I think id rather like to play singleplayer for a long while until I get used to the game and THEN go online, but not do a settlement probably just wander around looking for stuff and having fun that way

  2. "Around 2161, deathclaws were still considered mysterious and legendary creatures to many. They could originally only be found in the Boneyard at the warehouse, living with their mother. Later, as the deathclaw population grew and began to spread across the continent, the deathclaws stopped being perceived as legendary beasts, and started to be seen just as another dangerous creature."

    And here we have deathclaw fighting willy-nilly in 2102. Bethesda sure hates Fallout lore.

  3. I hope there's a creative mode like on minecraft so I can just make a nice house without it being rekt by nukes

    Unlikely but I can hope

  4. Preston: A settlement needs your assistance, here i'll mark it on your map.
    Me: ( abruptly presses the nuclear launch sequence )

    Preston disliked that.

  5. This is hardly 7 minutes of game play. And this is hardly Fallout. Not making any jokes about the out-dated graphics , where are the NPC-s ? Quest lines? Main Story ? Everything i see here is just Fortnite in a new engine. Terrible future for this series.

  6. Non memers:*MEANS* of protection
    Me and other memers:*MEMES* of protection
    looks at screen
    "IM GONNA GET THIS GAME FOR MY BIRTHDAY HELL YEAH actually i just noticed something most fallout games come out near Novmember so i guess im lucky as a scoprio THX VAULT TEC"

  7. It's so annoying how the devs play so lame, literally missing 80% of their shots and moving like as if it's a PC player using a controller for the first time.

  8. this noob didn't even put on his protective eye wear. rip pupils. also did anyone even play fallout 2, bethesda sure knows how to fuck up a great franchise

  9. Hmm… Level progression – Gear Tier progression, and PvP across multiple "server shards"… this is going to be a non-stop Grief fest; No Thank you!

  10. Fallout cod, I think its a miss from EVERY FALLOUT PLAYER THAT LOVES THE WORLD AND LORE. But yeah seriously we get to buy Radcoupons and shoot at endless dicks with better weapons… That won't get old 🙄

  11. u build and gather together for like 15 hours, then boom by random stranger people, all was like puff nothing ever happen 😀

  12. For some reason These people just can't figure out how to make the graphics look good at all. I Tried to force myself to immerse in Fallout games but they are so stick figure and cartoony I can't seem to get into them. The voice actors are always terrible and seem to be doing emotions that are meant for different scenes.

  13. honestly this game wont be like normal fallout but it could still be a great game, look at it this way ESO was looked at as a bad game cause it was so different but, in my opinion i find it to be the best MMO on xbox tho not like the other games. so fallout 76 may not be for you but, could be for players that found being alone in the wasteland wasn't for them. i find myself not really playing singleplayer games nowadays do to my friends but thanks to fallout 76 me and my ni**as bout find and kill fucking everything in site, and we can rule are wasteland server together. so if alone is for you dont buy it but, for me personally i will be getting this day one and start on the way to making the land of the loud pack stay high my friends see you in the wasteland well till your without any head that is lol 🙂

  14. I loved survival mode in fallout 4. You had to prepare food, water , ammo, antibiotics… and had to sneak around and be tactical… and bullets actually did realistic damage… not like 50 shots to die, you could 1 shot everybody

    I bet this game wont be that way.

  15. My god. The same 15 years old fu$#"*&$ Engine, no single player, full of bugs and crashes. Stop financing this type of developers people.

  16. Hope its not like Elder Scrolls online where it trys to hard to be World of Warcraft. It allso took out npc s the fuck its fallout plz don't fuck up my game up🙏

  17. This is why There should be a limit on how many installments in a series. Like so long they run out of ideas for the game itself, like it can still be alright but come on now.

  18. 76 is probably the most disappointing game of the year. Same graphics, no interesting characters, and players that don't give a crap about teaming up with you.

  19. So it’s basically fallout 4 but with fancy new enemies and forced multiplayer but yet still has that bland depressing atmosphere of textures of the whole game and on the Xbox store most of the ratings are one star saying that it’s glitchy and keeps getting disconnected.

  20. It looked so promising. It almost looked deceiving like as if it was a single player game but had option of online co-op. Such a sad pitiful title.This could have actually destroyed Bethesda. Just saying. Like I mean reputation down the toilet to Konami and EA level of baaaad.

  21. 0:02 anyone who might be seeing this comment..which no one probably is….what is that song playing in the backround?? i really like it but i can't find it

  22. Y’all really seen this video and STILL got this trash game. As soon as I seen this I already knew it was gonna be trash

  23. Wow, the grass actually looks green in this trailer, the grass looks yellow in the actual game, it looks pretty good though

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