58-Year-Old Wants to Be Sports Illustrated’s Next Cover Girl

58-Year-Old Wants to Be Sports Illustrated’s Next Cover Girl

Sports Illustrated may soon feature regular moms in its swimsuit issue could one of these women be the next Sports Illustrated covergirl thousands of women lined up in Miami for the magazine’s annual open casting call no modeling experience require this candidate proudly shows off her bikini body just four months after giving birth I wanted to make it a point to still get here I’ve been in an out breastfeeding at 58 years old Jody Harrison Bower is the oldest casting call hopeful her 30 year old daughter came along for support she’s almost 60 it’s awesome it really hope that I look like her and 28 years it’s so rewarding and refreshing to see the type of women that are coming through there of every shape size age race this year’s covergirl Camille caustic was there to interview the hopefuls she was discovered at the open casting call two years ago I know exactly what these girls are going through because I was in their shoes so I think it’s a pretty cool story to tell them this is how ultimately I got started with Sports Illustrated swimsuit this could be you [Music] you [Music]

100 Replies to “58-Year-Old Wants to Be Sports Illustrated’s Next Cover Girl”

  1. She’s beautiful and absolutely could. But wouldn’t it be a better business move to have someone younger on the cover to appeal to the audience? But then again ppl might appreciate the equality?

  2. 58 looks great on her and I like that she doesn't seem to have a face full of filler and plastic! She definitely has my vote age aside she just looks natural and healthy.

  3. Well I certainly hope age discrimination doesn't kick in here to like it has everywhere else you hear everyone screaming gender discrimination color discrimination sexual preference discrimination but nobody ever says age discrimination if she's 58 years old and she looks like that why not more Power to her !??

  4. She said I really hope I look like her in 28 years ?… girl you already look older then your mommy. You got yo daddy face lol.

  5. When your 58 and look like your in your 30s and your daughter is 30 but looks like shes in her late 40s

  6. I showed my mom this and she’s 50 years old-

    She’s pretty jealous of the fact that someone older is more attractive. There goes her chance of ever sleeping again

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