50HP Princess Jeep VS. 500cc Sport Quad

50HP Princess Jeep VS. 500cc Sport Quad

[Music] [Applause] [Music] we have a solid truck full of goodies truck full of fun right here out here in the mountains of North Idaho so it’s gonna be a really good comparison this is a sports quad so it is rear-wheel drive so is Cindy obviously it’s got good suspension Fox Racing shocks all the way around just like Cinderella so today we’re gonna get the whole comparison between bike Barbie Jeep and sports quad and we’ll get to see how cool the sports quad is gonna be for the next Power Wheels build – before we destroy it yep also we’re gonna take that front suspension the whole unit basically and put that on the front of the Odyssey so brake upgrade suspension upgrade and steering upgrade all in one so we’re gonna just go up the road find a trail and get up it [Music] [Music] [Music] if the Jeep just goes right through it then the quad is like Gaga like I almost tempted three times already [Music] yeah this high centered on a stuff Oh Cinderella one quod zero so so far Ethan’s been on the Jeep I’ve been on the quad the Jeep is getting way more traction accelerates ho way faster and these tires aren’t great there’s not a whole lot left here but still just sitting right over the axle on the Jeep is giving you a lotta grip also the suspension on the Jeep takes the big bumps like way better yeah I mean maybe big jumps this would take but its suspension is stiff yeah the only pro I’ve noticed for the quad is being able to lean and distribute my weight like going down that hill right before the ravine over there the two main goods yeah all right guys we’re gonna take a quick break to talk about the sponsor for this video Experion Experion boost can boost your credit scores for free by doing what you’re already doing like paying your phone bill and utilities Experian Boost is exclusive to Experian and this is the first time you can count your utility bills and cell phone bills towards increasing your credit score it used to take months to improve your credit score but 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we’re gonna do the lighting stator so we can keep the battery going use the winch you know get some lights going on here so cool we should make the tail lights actually break this time like have brake lights and tail lights that would be really cool [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] okay Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s pot now yeah that’s super fun yeah oh I like it the verdict is this thing’s a lot of fun but nine times out of ten I think I’d take that oh yeah the suspension on that is actually significantly more comfortable even though you’re sitting on a hard plastic seat and you can’t move around power to weight ratio on that feels better the grip is way better but that’s not really fair because these tires are pretty much balled we got both of them stuck in basically the same situations so they’re pretty similar that way because they’re both rear-wheel drive kind of low ground clearance under the rear axle okay a lot of fun so that’s how the Jeep compares yep to the sports quad and as usual we broke stuff pretty minor stuff but the throttle cable in the Jeep was kind of barely help holding together and it finally snapped so conveniently it snapped right as we got back to the truck to refuel but I’m going to fix that here so we’re done also this control arm over here got bent first we got bent at Gambler when I cartwheeled the Jeep and then today I was driving it and hit a giant rock and it’s kinda how easy this this whole piece is really yeah it’s just bent back and it’s twisted back it’s pretty messed up I mean it was taking some major impacts on large rocks tonight oh it was just big loose rocks like this was hitting that’s okay because I’ve been wanting to fix the steering geometry up here again and put some angle on the kingpins so that the front steering is a little more forgiving on bumpy terrain and stuff so we’ll rebuild that eventually it’s still totally drivable it’s just a little tweak this thing is just so much fun on these Forest Service roads like we’ve never driven them on conditions like that before it’s just it’s so much fun to just drift to the corners and it’s fast you can barely [Music]

100 Replies to “50HP Princess Jeep VS. 500cc Sport Quad”

  1. We're crazy excited to cannibalize the sports quad for a next power wheels build! What are you guys think? Here's the build thread to everything we used on Senderella https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/

  2. it would be super cool if you guys made a completely fabricated buggy from sheet metal. built from the ground up with roll cages ect. you guys could definitely do this!

  3. You should find a a way to Mount two Turnigy RotoMax150 from hobbyking one to power each front wheel they put out a lot of power for there size and the Extra weight on the front wouldn’t hurt then it would be 4wd https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-rotomax-150cc-size-brushless-outrunner-motor.html

  4. Superb…. Guys u both are awesome… And ur projects are very interesting also mind blowing.. i would lik to knw where are u from guys???

  5. As an older guy whose legs are no good at standing when riding would love something like this but for trail riding only !

  6. you guys should start a company and make little things like go carts and princess jeeps that would be cool you would make a lot and fun doing it

  7. The Barbie jeep would be great at a quad jamboree. Alot of people would be saying " I just got smoked by a little pink Barbie jeep" !!!? Great stuff guys!!! Can't wait to see whats next for the jeep!!! ?????

  8. It's hardly an apples to apples comparison. A CRF450 destroys a Predator stock to stock already. Add the Rekluse and aggressive gearing of Senderella and it's not even close.

  9. But that is a street based quad not a dirt quad, may dirt but not free dirt trails rather plain dirt race courts without stones and huge bumbs. But anyway the princess jeep performs awesome. I would like to get one for ky little ?, may with a few tiny upgrades, as may four wheel drive and brakes on all four wheels, also differential and a tiny drop on the wheels that it may not so easy tipped, anyways it is already awesome, and may that are not to concert in this tiny jeep. But well down, keep it up ??

  10. Yea with the bend on the rock you got a tiny drop, also in this terrain may the bigger wheels the you before suggested, would be better.

  11. Where the hell do I get a Princess Jeep like that and what the hell kind of Princess is that Princess Jeep for?

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  13. If possible, make a vehicle that has independent wheel suspension with the quad. That would be really cool.

  14. Dude1: Bro you wanna trail ride?

    Dude2: sure what you riding on?

    Dude 1: a Barbie Jeep lol

    Dude 2: wtf ??

  15. Dude, you seriously kill me with Cindy. What is most amazing about it…how well you’re able to maintain control of it. ?

  16. Hey I was wondering if u guess could build me a small go kart like the Barbie Jeep I’ve never had one or ever rode one my parents don’t have the money to buy me one if u see this comment pls respond bck I would love to have one

  17. Well the jeep is faster because if tou caculte ot ou 1 hp is equal to 14 to 17ccc so take 500 divided by that and then you get roughly 30 to 35 hp out of the four wheeler compared to 50 hp… the jeep will always win against the quad unless you do some up grades to bring it hp up 20 to 15 hp

  18. make a four-wheel drive in a jeep, 4×4 and in the mud. I am from Russia and I am interested in looking at this project.

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