$50 Apple Sport Loop vs. $11 knock off

$50 Apple Sport Loop vs. $11 knock off

– Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Christian Taylor,
and today I’m gonna be talking about why you should spend $50 on an Apple Watch
band. Now you’re probably in front of your screen like, I think he made a
mistake. He meant to say “shouldn’t.” No I said what I mean. Here’s why you should
pay $50 for an Apple Watch band. Now when I got my Apple Watch, I did what I think
most people do. You get the watch, you get the band that comes with it, you’re like
“Great, I want a different color band.” So you think about ordering third party
bands. After all, third party bands are so much cheaper. You can get a sport loop on
Amazon that looks exactly the same as the Apple one for $10, maybe $11 dollars, and
Apple is charging $49 on their website for this. But life went on, I just
continued to use the watch band that came with my Apple Watch, but then I decided I
really wanted a different color, and that new Product (RED) color I’m wearing right
now is only available from Apple, and nobody has made a knockoff yet. So this
got me to thinking, are knockoffs that good? Should you pay $11 or should you
pay $49 for an official one? So the watch band I got was the Summit White Nike
ripoff I guess you could call it. It’s supposed to have the reflective
threading and have the white color scheme, and I got to say, comfort wise it
feels exactly the same as the default Apple sport loop. It is very soft and a
little bit elastic, and it also tried to have reflective thread. But I’m, I’m not
giving this a pass. I don’t think the thread is reflective. But okay, even if
the Nike version isn’t really reflective, I have to say from a standpoint of
copying colors they did a fantastic job. If you’re wearing this band, no one else
is gonna know it’s a knockoff because it looks exactly the same as the Apple band.
So you’re probably saying, “Well Christian, if it looks and feels the same as an
Apple Watch band, then just buy the eleven dollar one, right?” Well, maybe. See
this is where the issues start to appear. Number one, the lugs just don’t fit
right. On any third party band I’ve ever tried including this one, the part that
attaches to your watch, well it’s loose at best. Where the
default Apple Watch bands are a perfect fit, these just wiggle around and
seriously have me concerned that the watch is going to slip out from the band
or something’s gonna happen, and it’s gonna cause the watch to fall on the
ground and get damaged. Second, the velcro is significantly weaker. So this is not
going to cause a problem from your day-to-day usage, while it is weaker, it
still is relatively strong, and it will keep the watch on your wrist, no problem.
Except doing one activity and that’s swimming. You see when Apple designed the
sport loop they made it with swimming in mind, because the Apple watch Series
3 and beyond is really optimized for swimming where you can take it with you,
track your workout, and the watch is made to go underwater, the band is made to
wick away water quickly once you get out of water, all that is great but you’re
also having water pushing against the band, and you need strong velcro to make
sure your watch stays attached to you. So if you’re swimming, let me just say I
would absolutely recommend paying the $50 for the official Apple Watch band,
because I don’t think you want to mess around with the weaker velcro and risk
losing your watch when you’re swimming. One other thing I noticed about the
third-party knockoff is, it was really rough when sliding through the loop
section of the sport loop. This may seem like a first world problem, and it is, but
it’s a little bit annoying when you take it off and put it on each day, and it’s
just stiff when you’re trying to pull it through the loop. The official Apple band
just glides very smoothly through, and it’s a great experience. But ok, [it] looks the
same, kind of a poor fit, a little bit weak velcro, but generally it’s the same,
and there’s a $40 price difference so why in the world should anyone buy the
$50 watch band when the eleven dollar one is almost just as good? Well this
last argument comes from Tailosive Tech and his video about why Apple Watch
bands are so expensive, so I have to give him credit for making
me aware of this argument, and you can watch his video on that over there, but I
got to thinking, all of these bands are literally ripping off Apple. Now people
use the term rip-off loosely. Oh it’s such a ripoff, it’s such a knockoff, but
these are literally ripoffs. Look, all these third-party manufacturers do is
wait for Apple to come out with their colors for the season, rip off those
colors exactly down to the name that Apple calls the color on their website
and make and ship them at a fraction of the cost. My friends, that is the
definition of a ripoff. These manufacturers aren’t trying to add any
twist, they’re not calling it something different, they’re not making up their
own colors or their own features on why you may want to buy theirs instead,
they’re literally just waiting for Apple to do the work of the engineering and
coming up with the colors and saying “Hey yeah let’s do what Apple does and we’re
gonna make money.” I’m sorry, I have a problem with that I am NOT going to
support a company who took the marvellous and innovative engineering
Apple did to create the sport loop and just completely knocks it off and sells
it nearly at cost. So in conclusion, if all you’re interested in doing is
changing the color of your watch band then I guess the third-party bands
aren’t a bad option. If, however, you’re an Apple enthusiast and you love your Apple
Watch and you want the most premium band experience, plus you want to be
supporting Apple’s brilliant engineering, then I would recommend going with the
official sport loop or sport band. Now look, it truly is personal preference, and
I was impressed by what the third-party bands have to offer. I will have some of
those linked down in the description below if you’re interested, but for me
personally I’d rather have two, maybe three official Apple Watch bands and
have a really high-quality experience and the best possible build quality than
have a bunch of different colors with knockoff bands and constantly be having
quality issues and concerns that my watch is gonna fall out from the band.
So what do you guys think? Am I insane to say that I’d like to pay
$50 for an Apple Watch band? What kind of band would you buy and why? I’d love to
know in the comments down below, and if you liked this video do be sure to hit
that subscribe button, and click the bell so you don’t miss when I release new
videos. With that said, I will catch you guys next time.

27 Replies to “$50 Apple Sport Loop vs. $11 knock off”

  1. I have thought about going with a cheaper option but I always have a funny feeling. I’m sure glad I did not go that way.

  2. I disagree I bought mines on Amazon no problem. I don’t swim or put my watch on water. It depends on the third party company that you buy from. Yes I understand it wasn’t a pleasant experience. It can be a hit or a miss. Not sure if I got lucky.

  3. You have a great point. I’m thinking of getting an Apple Watch series 4 myself,so I’d rather get the official band rather than a knockoff.

  4. I need to buy this watch ASAP so I can try out different bands. ? Great video Christian. Appreciate you always keeping things honest.

  5. You are too young to remember- Steve Jobs spinning off from Picasso's quote “Good artists copy, great artists steal”

  6. I don't think Apple minds the third-party cheap bands. They realize they're selling a lot more watches with the availability of cheap bands and accessories.

  7. What i think of apple Louis Rossmann sums it up good.. I just was not compatible with apple.. But not that much issue whit jailbreak ones.. If you have jailbreak iphone ok i get it… Apple whit out jailbreak i don't get it if not work phone what was given to you. After that all apple stuff have high premium.. If you are fan you pay… If not there is quality alternatives out there.. Just don't get cheapest one out there.. Still remember when i first tried to change ring tone to my apple phone.. Holy shit after coming from android.. Sold my iphone to indian dude and when't to get good android phone with same price what i first pay from iphone… worked better for me.. Used normally metal pans and some zulu/natos leather for fancy stuff.. Interested to try sportloop… No bugle so might be nice when you type keyboard.. How well sportloop holdout after some washes… Have to find out… Good to try new stuff some times you are happily surprised.. For some might be better to get cheap sportloop to try out if you find yourself really using it much after that better one.. I have something like 10 watch and only one sw and it is sgw 46mm so i am heretic.. Please don't crucify me too fast.. Just one point of view..

  8. but not everyone has $50 to spend on watch bands even if they are an apple enthusiast. they just don’t have the money for that kind of stuff you know.

  9. Hank you this was very helpful because I'm a swimmer and I wanted to know which j should get. I'll get the actual band

  10. I understand that you are defending Apple in relation to the rip-offs, but it's worth mentioning that apple is overpricing their products immensely. They also have a history of screwing over their customers. I'm sure their production prices are nowhere near 50$. And when their smart watch is one of the most expensive ones on the marked, adding to that by selling the worlds most expensive watch band is a bit on the greedy side.

  11. I just now received my $7 Apple Watch red edition 3rd party nylon one and it’s great the lugs are tight and Velcro really sticky.

  12. I used to buy “clones” of vapes and it’s exactly the same. Why pay so much when you can get 1×1 for $40 cheaper? If I could afford Appel watch band I would rather. But I’m broke and I couldn’t barely afford this $7 one only way I got it is eBay have me $5 to spend.

  13. Rather invest my hard earned money in apple authorized products rather than supporting Chinese slavery getting some guy rich that treats humans like shit and pays them with a grain of rice.

  14. Had a knock-off band for about a year and everything was fine but I bought another knock off yesterday and the bottom lug doesn’t click in. Almost lost my watch today ?

  15. And Apple doesn’t us rip off in repairs expensive devices and accessories that are literally less than 50$ to make but we spend the hard earned money because it’s an Apple on the packaging this is truly sad. If a 3rd party manufacturer can make the exact same product for less money using the same materials than that’s when you have to realize that Apple isn’t Ferrari, they’re literally Tesla with none of the innovative features. Apple was never anything and I own Apple devices!

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