5-Yr-Old Pool Prodigy

lives. Everybody in our family plays. Our pool table takes up the biggest room in the
house and we have a storage unit that’s full of furniture that we don’t use because we
don’t have room for it . [CHEERS] GRANDFATHER: We get together every week to
shoot pool. My dad shot pool his whole life, her dad shot pool. All three of our kids got
into it and now our grandson. KEITH O’DELL SR.: I would play 100, 200, 300
racks of 9-Ball every day. Junior…I just put him in the highchair and he would be one
hand with the Cheerios and the other hand with the sippy cup and he’d watch me play
pool all day. COURTNEY O’DELL: That was his form of watching
the baby while I was at work. [LAUGHS] KEITH O’DELL SR.:This pool table here is the
original and very old Keith Jr. pool table. And this kid started making shots and pocketing
balls like you would not believe. [MUSIC] GRANDFATHER: The game’s about physics and
geometry basically. GRANDMOTHER: You either see the shot or you
don’t. GRANDFATHER: You need to be able to see the
angles on the table. You need to be able to tell how hard to hit it and how fast the ball
is going to move after you hit it. GRANDMOTHER: And for such a young little boy,
he can do it. KEITH O’DELL SR.: I put this video up on YouTube
and it was picked up by a local news station. COURTNEY O’DELL: It went up. The news station
came out the next day and filmed. COURNEY O’DELL: Pool is much more of a daddy
Keith thing. KEITH O’DELL SR.: What’s the matter? Your
pants coming down? KEITH O’DELL JR.: Yeah. KEITH O’DELL SR.: I’ll help ya. Just slow
it down a little, okay? 1, 2, 3. KEITH O’DELL SR.: What didn’t you do? KEITH O’DELL JR.: Didn’t do 1, 2, 3. KEITH O’DELL SR.: 1, 2, 3 and you have to
hit it harder to get into the pocket, right? KEITH O’DELL SR.: I try to get him focused.
Slow down. Concentrate. Me and Keith since he’s been 2 years old we’ve been playing pool
together. And my job is to keep him going. Keep it fun, keep it interesting. KEITH O’DELL JR.: Hey, remember that one that
I keep shooting to hit the four balls? KEITH O’DELL SR.: Yeah. KEITH O’DELL JR.: I like that. KEITH O’DELL SR.: I saw that Keith Jr. had
this talent and I saw that there was money to be made here. And college these days is
really really expensive and I want Keith to go to college and I believe he should. It’s
really important to me to utilize the talent that he’s been given and do something positive
with it. Helping a cue company sell cues or a piece of chalk, that could put him through
college. KEITH O’DELL SR.: Almost. You’re getting there.
Easy. KEITH O’DELL JR.: I wanna go play. KEITH O’DELL SR.: He’s 5 so sometimes he gets
frustrated. KEITH O’DELL SR.: Take a break. Take a break. COURTNEY: Whether Keith wants to play pool
for the rest of his life or not, we will support him in anything he wants to do. KEITH O’DELL SR.: If you can see this ball
doesn’t really go in there very easily and he jumps it um..from about 5 feet away. It’s
definitely one of the hardest shots in the world. There’s a professional pool played
named Mike Massey who used to use a cowboy boot with a big opening..um..and it was a
huge deal that he made that. And we have our 5-year-old making a ball in a shoe that is
like 6 times smaller. KEITH O’DELL SR.: Go ahead. Go ahead. Woah.
[Laughs] KEITH O’DELL SR.: I’m gonna wait until he’s
8 or 9 until I allow him to compete. He needs time to enjoy the game and then he can decide
whether if he wants to be competitive or not. KEITH O’DELL SR.: You’re almost there. Get
it. FAMILY: Woah! KEITH O’DELL SR.: There’s no question. Keith
was born to play pool. KEITH O’DELL SR.: Get it. FAMILY: [CHEERS] [LAUGHS] KEITH O’DELL JR.: I made it in the shoe! KIETH O’DELL SR.: A little bit of work on
the table could change his entire life.

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