5 YouTubers who HACKED FIFA 18! (Cheat Codes by Wroetoshaw)

5 YouTubers who HACKED FIFA 18! (Cheat Codes by Wroetoshaw)

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  2. This guy is retarded, when he said that thing about the referee not pleasing anyone he put “till this day” which means he pleasure a girl on that day

  3. I lost love for fifa…since all people care about is getting a ronaldo and messi..thats what all videos are about..if a youtuber wants to stop fifa from dieing (fifa youtube community)then start a fresh fifa and grind your nuts off…tbh no fifa youtuber is 100 percent strait…a paid to win game….where buying coins is promoted…literally the game would come out in a week and youtubers already have a ronaldo from buying packs and coins..whats the point ..what attracts people to keep watching this..it so predictable they killed it….Fifa is only good when you play with friends ….the old (youtube community is dead)….Youtube community hasent changed since KSI put them on the map..fifa 13 was the last enjoyabe fifa (youtube)…this is so repetitive….Please Change

  4. It seriously pisses me off on how obvious if is that you are just rambling constantly to delay the video to 10 minutes.

  5. One of wrotetoshaw's buddy's had the 99 Aguero and then he gave him his account details to w2s that's how he got the 99 Aguero.

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