5 WWE Wrestlers Who Took Their Promo Too Far

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Took Their Promo Too Far

In a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Roman
Reigns came face to face with John Cena in the ring and the two were involved in a heated
verbal exchange. If you watched the whole segment and not the edited out version on
the WWE YouTube channel, then you’ll know that this heated exchange became very personal.
Roman Reigns went on about how John Cena was a part timing fake ass bitch and how John
Cena always buries new young talent with his big shovel. John Cena added to Reign’s verbal
smack by telling him that he’s a fool and that he needs to learn how to cut a promo
if he wants to be the Big Dog. He also said that Reigns took the US title as a demotion
and that he’s only here because Reigns cannot do his job. What was supposed to be a scripted
promo between the two turned out to be an unscripted shoot promo with the claim even
being back up by the Raw GM, Kurt Angle as he later posted on his Instagram account with
a photo reading the caption: “That look on your face when you realize the in ring
promo has turn into a legit shoot promo… and you’re enjoying it, and it was Awesome.” When the WWE was having their superstar shakeup
during the 2016 WWE Draft, Cesaro expressed displeasure when he found out that he was
drafted in the sixth round and was staying in the flagship show of the WWE which is Raw.
In a backstage interview, Cesaro vented his frustration on Raw commissioner Stephanie
McMahon and Mick Foley (who was the Raw GM at the time) and claimed that he would be
a better fit on Smackdown because it is a real wrestling show compared to Monday Night
Raw. He also commented on his difficulties to cut a promo but countered it with the fact
that he stumbles on words since he speaks 5 different languages. Credited wrestling
journalist Dave Meltzer even confirmed that the Swiss Superman’s promo was a shoot promo
and not a work. Back when Talking Smack was still a show,
The Miz created what was remembered as an iconic moment of Talking Smack when he delivered
a shoot promo towards Smackdown GM, Daniel Bryan. The situation escalated out of control
when Daniel Bryan claimed The Miz was a “coward” and “too soft” in the ring. In a defensive
and outraged response, The Miz started verbally attacking Daniel Bryan which saw Bryan leave
the building. Many observers claimed that this promo was entirely planned but in an
interview with Daniel Bryan, he told ESPN that: “He knows that that’s really pushing
on a nerve, and calling me a coward for not going to the independents …which I sometimes
think of myself as a coward for not doing…it’s tough.” In an interview with FOX Sports,
The Miz even admitted to planning to rip into Daniel Bryan after he asked the producers
to put him on the show, however, he admitted that he went kind of overboard. He said: “He
actually left. I didn’t expect him to leave – I expected him to hit me. The things I was
laying into him on were very below the belt and very mean and very rude, but when I go,
I just go.” You could just tell from the get go that it was a legit shoot promo from
the fire, intensity and emotion that The Miz was displaying, and he even was holding back
tears. Easily one of the best promos in the WWE from such an underrated heel. John Cena is arguably one of the best in the
business when it comes to promo work and his many promos with The Rock leading up to WrestleMania
28 was something spectacular to watch. Although the two have made up now, The Rock and John
Cena had genuine dislike for each other backstage. In one of the many verbal wars the two had,
John Cena silenced The Rock when he talked about how The Rock had his promo notes written
on his arm. You could tell by The Rock’s body language that he was not happy! He also
added that Dwayne Johnson is a self-centred egotistical see-through son of a bitch that
wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if the company closed its doors tomorrow. The Rock added
to the verbal war by singing a song about how John Cena was kissing Eve even though
he had a wife and how Cena’s mom can barely walk. These heated promos almost caused the
two to come to blows with The Rock admitting in an interview with Muscle and Fitness that
they were nearly coming to blows backstage and one night in the ring where they were
literally nose-to-nose, about to kick off any second. We all probably knew that CM Punk’s pipe
bomb was going to end up as number 1 because let’s be honest, it revealed every dirty
little secret about the hierarchy of the WWE and how the company is run. Punk revealed
his disgust with how he was treated in the company. He started off his pipe bomb by revealing
that John Cena, Hulk Hogan and The Rock are the best ass kissers to Vince McMahon. He
then went on to complain about how he didn’t get the opportunities to do movies, TV shows
and how he’s not on the poster for WrestleMania as well as not even being in the signature
that’s produced at the start of the show. His pipe bomb came to an end when he started
insulting Vince McMahon’s family by describing his daughter (Stephanie) as idiotic and his
son (Shane) as a doofus before calling the rest of his family stupid. As he started talking
about Mr McMahon’s bullying campaign his mic cut off. I can imagine Mr McMahon was
fuming backstage!

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  1. As pointed out correctly, CM Punk's pipe bomb mentions Vince McMahon's son-in-law (Triple H) as a "doofus" and not his son (Shane McMahon) which we have incorrectly put at 7:34. Apologies for the mistake. That's what happens when you run on about 4 hours of sleep a day! ??

  2. Actually he called HHH a doofus, hence the "son in law" that followed him saying doofus, in which HHH is indeed his son in law.

  3. Too bad WWE can't see that when promos are "shoots" they're far superior to the "scripted" promos wrestlers are given. I'm not asking for them to start going out and completely spilling their minds but letting the performers do the talking and the writers writing the larger storyline is definitely the best way to go.

  4. Love your Videos man fact 5 Is AWWWWWWWWWSOMMMEE And Phenomenal Bro 🙂 Love it keep it up From your Twisted subscriber
    XoXo A bit Twisted

  5. this dumb shit would be better if it was the real footage…not some dumb fuck who reads and tells us about it…

  6. Punks pipe bomb was scripted, listen to his podcast, he clearly says that everything was preplanned & the mic cutting off was just to make it feel as if the Boss was pissed. He said son-in/law, not son! He was referring to Hunter not shane. Punk didn’t have any problems with Vince, he even said he liked the guy but he had genuine problems with Hunter and the medical team.

  7. I think John Cena and the Rock don't like each other because they are so similar. Its like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both were trying to be the best in the business and were rivals because of it.

  8. Far out… If the John Cena and Roman Reigns is fake, Then you’ve got me convinced and I’m not easily convinced…

  9. The Miz character never took much work for WWE's writers to create as they just took the Character of comic book character Richie Rich's cousin Reggie and put him on a 210 pound sport's entertainer.

  10. Some of us watch this as interesting history and don’t know all the terms. It’s be nice to get a tiny explanation for terms to enjoy this more. What the heck does “shoot promo” mean?

    I’m going to look it up now since I know that will be the first response (if anyone bothers lol), but it would be nice if this could be immediately enjoyed by even non fans. I’m loving the behind the scenes drama of it all.

  11. "John Cena is definitely one of the best in the business, when it comes to promo work"


  12. cena's promo was SOLID. it may have been a little overboard but got damb, he let loose and really went off lmfao. what we need in this shitty era.

  13. John Cena, when he cut the promo against Roman, I figured out John Cena won the war of words, but Roman (sadly) won the match.

  14. We all agree with CM punk what everything he said is true maybe if he want to get Vince McMahon mad he should go to all elite wrestling. ??????

  15. really?! This list is crap. And u didnt include the famous psycho Scott Steiner WCW promos of 2000, where he was tormenting Rick Flair

  16. #5 is so true. It also seems like after that the roman push was over for awhile which was amazing because he is horrible.

    The Miz promo is amazing. I thought it was perfect. dude has been one of my favorites ever since he split from Morrison.

  17. In CM Punk's words on his pipe bomb, This Company Will Be Better Until Vince's Death, too far Punk too far

  18. Who thinks he should make another one in 2019 but at number one is the Kevin owens shoot promo on shane

  19. I just wasted over 8 minutes of watching this horseshit. I kept waiting for something good to happen and it never did

  20. Cena should know his role and calm down cause though you get hurt in wrestling it’s not “real “ fighting and he’s not that tough….he’s just big and a good looking guy….that’s it. I’m not saying most are or that anyone in particular is different but two guys like Roman and rock who were accomplished in their own right in other sports probably know how to handle some kissass white boy wannabee rapper who came in on the idea that he was going to be a wrestling version of Eminem….

  21. I was actually in the audience in Las Vegas when cm punk went off on wwe and Vince, my jaw dropped, and I knew it was a turning point in the company plus a soon to be famous moment, also knew punks days were numbered lmao

  22. I found it comical that Cena talked so much shit about The Rock leaving the company to do movies only to come back when he feels like it and he’s doing the exact same thing. If they really didn’t like each other, it’s probably because they’re so much alike. ?

  23. Miz is a great heel and all, and a great wrestler, but he shouldn’t of taken the IC title off of Zack Ryder after WM32

  24. Who would've known that the Miz would go from doing Rock impressions on The Real World calling himself the Miz doing wrestling moves on others in the show would go on to become probably the best Heel right now

  25. I dont know why YouTubers ignore the segment between hhh and Cena when hhh told Cena you happen not to. Be a very good wrestler… First in Ring promo between the two…

  26. Just for the record punk didn't say "idiotic daughter and doofus son" he said son in law. Talking about triple h and stephanie. Just though maybe u should know

  27. Reigns also take a dig about about cena ruining alex riley's career…..(Reigns:Ask alex riley about it)..I still remember those words

  28. U messed up about the Cm punk bit, he wasn’t referring to Shane being the Doofus it was HHH who was cuz he says in the promo “His Doofus (Son In Law)”

  29. When The Miz got really angry that was the moment I started to hate The Miz but during the last few months of his heel turn I started to like The Miz, oh how times have changed

  30. Cm punks mic cut out because he generated so much body heat during his rage fueled pipebomb that he fried the circuits in the mic

  31. Took it(promo) TOO FAR????

    There was no such thing as "TAKING IT TOO FAR" back in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression
    ERAS,shit even the Golden ERA there wasnt such thing as "ToO fArR"!!!

    to a fucking

  32. The punk promo to me shows who the real idiot is. He wants all the glory when all he is is a true character. What happened after WWE the bitch got raped like a porn star in UFC. Like a true porn star he was used up in the business in less than a year. Whose the idiot and bitch now. The WWE may not be the best wrestling there is but they better than a punk whose CM nobody gives a fuck about after its overused flavour of the month gimmick when he began.

  33. Man I hate John Cena. He always includes personal life events into the promos. There was no reason for him to talk about the rock like that. The Rock has always been entertaining than this kiss ass bitch.

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