5 WWE Wrestlers Who Took Blading Too Far

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Took Blading Too Far

Please note that viewer discretion is advised.
This list is not based on the bloodiest result created by blading but based on the aftermath
of blading and what it’s done to the wrestlers’ appearance such as scars on their forehead.
And another quick note, these are WWE wrestlers only so this does not include any ECW wrestlers.
But if you want us to make the same video but with ECW wrestlers vote in the top right
corner of the video and we’ll see if that’s what everyone wants. Anyway, let’s get into
the video! Ric Flair has been involved in numerous matches
throughout his career, many of which have involved Flair spilling a lot of blood. A
great example is when Ric Flair was up against Triple H in a steel cage match at Taboo Tuesday
in 2005. Ric Flair’s face started bleeding profusely after just three minutes into the
match. Both competitors were covered in blood by the end of the match with Ric Flair taking
the victory. Another good example is Flair’s match against Randy Savage at WrestleMania
8. Going against the policy at the time, Flair and Savage decided to do a blade job to create
a more of a memorable moment. However, Flair’s blade job was caught on camera, leading Flair
to receive a hefty fine from the WWF. These are just a few matches out of many. Flair
has bladed so much throughout his 40-year long career so it’s a real surprise how
Flair hasn’t got any long-lasting damage to his forehead unlike the other wrestlers
on this list. D-Von Dudley is best known for competing in
the WWE and ECW as a tag team under the name, The Dudley Boyz. He fought in many bloody
matches in the hardcore promotion ECW, particularly when The Dudley Boyz fought against The Gangstas.
You know there is going to be blood involved when you are fighting New Jack… Although
there are many other wrestlers who bladed far more often than D-Von did, the results
of when D-Von bladed were far more significant. This has left D-Von with scars that can be
seen on his forehead due to his bad blading jobs. D-Von actually recalled his wife saying
that: “He’d be so handsome if it weren’t for those ugly scars.” Father of former WWE wrestler Carlito and
current WWE wrestler Primo, WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon Sr. is a Puerto Rican wrestler
who founded the World Wrestling Council, a well-respected wrestling promotion in Puerto
Rico. He appeared in the WWWF as it was known back then once in December 1967 and made a
one-night return to the WWF in 1993, making an appearance in the Royal Rumble. But it
was in the WWC where most of his bloody battles were fought against his arch enemy Abdullah
the Butcher. In fact, Colon is quoted as saying: “Eighty percent of the blood I’ve shed
in the ring I’ve shed because of Abdullah.” His many bad blade jobs have resulted in permanent
horizontal scars that can be seen across Colon’s forehead. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is best remembered
as a fun loving good guy who battled the likes of The Million Dollar Man and Randy Savage
in the WWF alongside his valet Sapphire. As well as the WWF, he fought in many other wrestling
promotions such as: NWA, Jim Crockett Promotions, WCW and even ECW. He competed in several thrilling
violent matches over the years with the likes of Ric Flair, Terry Funk and Abdullah the
Butcher. However, all the blood Dusty has lost from his matches did leave him with consequences
as he was left with permanent scars that can be seen above his eyebrow. Nevertheless, Dusty
did not really care about his physique as he was billed as “the son of a plumber”
so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t too bothered by the scarring above his eyebrow. WWE Hall of Famer, Abdullah the Butcher was
a big mean hardcore fighter who was known for jabbing his victims with a rusty dinner
fork. Although Abdullah the Butcher never actually wrestled in the WWE, I still included
him on this list as he is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame class. His international
reputation as The Madman from the Sudan meant that he fought many battles with every legend
in nearly every promotion except for the WWE. He also has a reputation for being involved
in some of the most violent and bloody hardcore wrestling matches of all time. These bloody
matches resulted in his forehead becoming carved so deep with scars due to an excessive
use of blading throughout his career. In fact, his scars are said to be so deep that Mick
Foley himself said that you are able to put gambling chips into them.

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  1. Five wrestlers who took balding too far…

    5. Verne Gagne
    4. Dory Funk Jr.
    3. Killer Tim Brooks
    2. Killer Karl Cox
    1. Hulk Hogan

  2. Abdullah really shouldn't be in the hall of fame he gave another wrestler h.i.v. by blading him without permission.

  3. Holy shit dude. I thought this guys was hiding a pack of fake blood in their hair or clothes and put it on their face In The match lol ?

  4. Devon and Abby self inflicted those scars and not in the ring kayfabe style—like at home to try to as new jack says “be that nigga”.

  5. Okay so when you said blading I thought they're were some hardcore roller skaters in professional wrestling because the correct term is gigging.

  6. As a kid I grew up in Puerto Rico and was a huge fan of Lucha Libre! I watched Carlos Colon vs Abdulla the Butcher many many times as well as Ric Flair and Macho Man Randy Savage! I loved it but once I became a teenager I realized that it was all fake…

  7. Your fucking stupid I see that your separating ecw from wwr cause your running out of ideas and know your channel is going to die just like your fan base . With love sincerely,bob

  8. Shoulda just made it with ecw wrestlers to begin with.. I mean what were you thinking? Grabbing for extra views huh

  9. If when they say wwes fake well if it is they should use fake blood not USing razor could be infectious or dangerous

  10. In the Netherlands they Most of the Time stop a boxing match if there is to mutch Blood:') Crazy sport this wwe

  11. Sounds like the wrestlers in this list were in CZW if you don’t know what CZW is,it is a company from which Dean Ambrose came from,the matches were as brutal as the extreme rules match but maybe twice/thrice or maybe 10 Times.

  12. You forgot Ed farthead that guy got several scars in his face that he looks if a 90 year old bloder who bleeds every day even in his cheeks has scars and several in front head

  13. As much as I like Flair, and as much as he's bladed, he shouldn't have been on the list if he doesn't have significant scarring. One wrestler who should have been included is King Curtis Iaukea.

  14. I read blading as balding XD

    I scrolled down right after writei8ng that to realize there are many others so that's good to know

  15. these video is awesome,i always thumbs up too fact5 wrestling, as matter in fact can u do a lot more of videos involve hardcore matches and busted open

  16. All these wrestlers are very well known, but take a look at Wing Kanemura's forehead and I guarantee you would take anyone of these top 5 guys over his.

  17. The reason why Rick Flair doesn’t have any scars is, because Rick Flair is one of the highest paid wrestlers of all time. Coming in second to only Hulk Hogan, and he can afford to pay for skin graphs. Along with any other surgery his heart desires.

  18. Cause Flair usted to blade with the muscle direction not against it you blade horizontal not vertical if you look most of the scars are vertical

  19. Wow, five wrestlers and not one of them is fully identified as a WWE performer. In fact Abdullah rarely worked for them, same with Colon. Mention Devon to a wrestling fan and they'll say ECW. And not the WWE version. Way before Rhodes was a "fun loving good guy" in WWE he was a bad ass that worked mainly in NWA territories Florida, Georgia, the Mid-Atlantic, and associated promotion Mid-South, holding the NWA World title 3 times. And Flair? Flair has held the NWA title more than any other wrestler.

    Good presentation. In fact excellent. But you should dig deeper into a wrestler's history before you make you show.

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