5 WWE Wrestlers Who Pooped Themselves In The Ring

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Pooped Themselves In The Ring

In this video we will be taking a look at
“5 WWE Wrestlers Who Pooped Themselves In The Ring” so prepare yourself for some incoming
crappy puns as sh*ts about to get messy. If you are eating anything, now would probably
be a good time to put it aside. As always, please leave a like and let’s get right
into this. You weren’t prepared for that, were you? Yokozuna was a very large man to say the least,
weighing in at over 600 pounds and with a daily diet consisting of 120 eggs, 12 full-sized
pieces of chicken and a bucket-sized serving of Japanese rice, I can imagine that he made
a lot of trips to the bathroom. During a tour in India, Yokozuna was suffering from a bad
bout of diarrhoea but still continued his scheduled match against “The Hit Man”
Bret Hart. During the match, Yokozuna climbed to the second rope and was ready to hit Hart
with his finishing move, the Banzai Drop. However, as Hart looked up he noticed a wet,
brown stain on Yokozuna’s trunks. At this point, Hart knew that he was about to be in
deep sh*t and needed to get out of this sticky situation. As Yokozuna’s poop stained trunks
were coming right at him, Hart quickly moved away, the fastest he had ever moved in a ring,
Hart later recalled in an interview. The ring mat was not so lucky
as a wet, brown mark was left in the corner. Things would have gotten real messy had Hart
had not dodged the Banzai drop. Tommy Dreamer is best known for his time in
ECW and is considered by many as the “heart and soul” of ECW. However, one of his most
embarrassing moments in his professional wrestling career was when he pooped himself during a
match against “The World’s Strongest Man”, Mark Henry and wasn’t even aware of it.
After receiving a World’s Strongest Slam from Mark Henry, Dreamer noticed a foul-smelling
odour wafting from somewhere and thought that maybe The World’s Strongest Man had let
out the World’s smelliest sh*t. It was not until after he came out of the locker room
showers that he realised there was a great big poop in his trunks. Dreamer was so concerned
about his discovery that he took it to the doctor, who explained to him that the force
of the World’s Strongest Slam had forced the contents in his digestive tract to expel
out causing him to defecate himself. In other words, Dreamer, quite literally, had the sh*t
knocked out of him. In late 2013, CM Punk was dealing with a bad
misdiagnosed staph infection, however, still continued to compete in the ring despite being
in a tremendous amount of pain. Punk was on a lot of antibiotics at the time and as you
may know, antibiotics can result in one…. pooping more frequently than one usually would.
You can see where this is going. In a match on the 6th December 2013 against “The Lunatic
Fringe” Dean Ambrose, CM Punk did just that and uncontrollably shat himself but still
kept going. Just look at Ambrose’s face following a roll-up pin, he could smell that
something wasn’t quite right. Oddly enough, Punk wasn’t embarrassed by this and used
this as an example to highlight how his health and well-being was neglected while being in
the WWE. “What?!” “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
shat his pants? I sh*t you not but this did actually happen during a match with Yokozuna
in South Africa. What is it with Yokozuna and poop? The guy always seems to be around
it! After Austin took a body slam from Yokozuna he immediately felt that something was not
quite right. Usually when “The Rattlesnake” is around, a lot of sh*t happens but in this
particular case the phrase was quite literal. Similar to that of Dreamer, who I talked about
in number 4, Austin was slammed the sh*t out of, literally, as the force of the slam caused
him to poop himself. Luckily for Austin, his signature wrestling trunks were black so the
crowd wasn’t aware of what had happened to him. Even the best of the best can have a sh*t
day. In an episode of Total Divas, the 16-time world champion, John Cena admitted to pooping
himself at a house show in a match against Scott Steiner. On that very day, Cena was
suffering from food poisoning, however, still decided to wrestle his scheduled match. During
the match, Cena took a DDT from Steiner, however, quickly rolled out the ring and asked the
timekeeper, “Where do I puke?” to which the timekeeper replied, “Under the ring.”
Cena then went under the ring and puked, however, as he puked he crapped his pants. Cena then
continued with the match with a wet and sticky pair of trunks but fortunately for him, it
was near the end of the match at this point. It’s fair to say that it wasn’t a particularly
great day for Cena, a rather crappy one to be honest.

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  1. Fun Fact: CM Punk did not shit himself for health reasons, as he'd have you believe. He had a premonition that he would be challenged to a proper match by the Green Ranger. This is why he has refused it for so long, and feels the need to call a man who was famous before the internet was everywhere (and before himself) a "YouTube star". Just look at their respective records in the octagon for proof.

  2. Yokozuna had a diet of 120 eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? damn u kidding me??????????????????????????????

  3. Brother: Antibiotics or not I still sh— more than an average human
    Me: ok I did not need to know that…

  4. It’s crazy how much WWE inflates height and weight. Yokozuna is a big man by any standards, but wasn’t anywhere near 600+lbs.

  5. To be honest, Stone Cold admitting in a interview where he pooped himself was funny. He said 'It weren't like a gigantic s**t, but I sprayed!' XD

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