5 WWE Wrestlers Who Had PRIVATE Photos & Videos LEAKED

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Had PRIVATE Photos & Videos LEAKED

Toni Storm created quite the storm after private
pictures of her surfaced online. This happened not too long after her 2018 Mae Young Classic
win and as a result of the leak, she deleted both her Twitter and Instagram accounts. This
led to the hashtag #WeSupportToni to trend worldwide and she received an outpour of support
from fans as well as fellow WWE superstars including two-time Divas champion and former
SmackDown Live general manager, Paige, who was also a victim of the same thing. There
was even a Twitter account called “WeSupportToni” created to do just that. Toni has since re-opened
her social media accounts and as of this video, she’s in her first reign as NXT UK Women’s
Champion. Of all people, Seth “Freakin’” Rollins
was unfortunate enough to have his private parts exposed online for the whole world to
see. It all started when a nude selfie of former NXT wrestler, Zahra Schreiber, was
posted on Seth Rollins’ social media accounts. Soon after, Rollins’ then-fiancée, Leighla
Schultz, posted two nude photos of Rollins on her Twitter account, supposedly in retaliation.
I can’t show the photos for obvious reasons but to briefly describe them: Rollins is butt-naked,
rock-hard and ready to “Burn it Down”. Rollins apologised for the photos that were
distributed without his consent and fortunately for him, this did not impact his push as he
went on to win the WWE Championship a little over a month later at WrestleMania 31. This was ass-tonishing… you’ll soon get
the joke… but Ricochet is the most recent victim to have private footage leaked on the
internet. While his face does not appear in the video, the physique and tattoos of the
person match perfectly to that of Ricochet. In the video, Ricochet has a bit too much
fun with himself. Specifically, he spreads his butt-cheeks and “finger-blasts his butthole”,
as one Twitter user best described. I’m surprised there isn’t a Kacy Catanzaro reaction
video on the WWEPC channel by now. Thankfully, the WWE did not hold this against him as he
went on to win the United States championship from Samoa Joe at WWE Stomping Grounds. Paige found herself at the centre of a sex
tape scandal after explicit images and videos of her got leaked online. It wasn’t just
a few naughty images though, but a collection of Rated-R videos too, one of which showed
Paige engaging in sexual activities with her then-boyfriend, Brad Maddox, the one who you
may remember got knocked the f*ck out by The Big Show. However, it wasn’t just the two
of them going at it, Paige was in a “2-on-1 handicap match”, if you know what I mean.
The other one being none other than your boy, Xavier Woods. Let’s just say Paige went
“UpUpDownDown” on Xavier and put a whole new meaning to his catchphrase, “Keep it
tight!” Perhaps one of the most famous leaked celebrity
tapes of all time is that of Hulk Hogan’s. In 2012, Gawker Media leaked a secret recording
of Hulkamania “running wild” in the sheets with the wife of his friend and DJ, “Bubba
the Love Sponge Clem”. But that wasn’t the worst part as the leaked tape also revealed
Hogan using several racial slurs in a rant about his daughter’s boyfriend at the time.
In other words, he said the word n—. Hogan sued Gawker for invasion of privacy and eventually
won millions of dollars in what was a rather odd court case. But the damage was already
done; He lost his wife (who divorced him), he tarnished his reputation and he was completely
removed from the WWE including his Hall of Fame entry… and… he said n—. Several
years later, Hulkamania was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame and he made his on-screen
return as the host of WWE Crown Jewel. The Hulkster’s past comments may be water under
the bridge for some, but for others, they don’t forget that easily…

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  1. I swear to god your editing kills man i watched this video like 3 times and it's really underrated i hope you reach one million soon❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????

  2. I've seen the Ricochet video, I don't know what's worse the fact that it's a close up of him jerking off and fingering his ass or thar it was on a gay website

  3. Well I regretfully watched the video of “ricochet” and despite watching it and vomiting, I noticed that the guy in the video has the same tattoos, but on his left side, the actual ricochet has the tattoos on his right

  4. Are u sure its ricochet in the video xd i can't believe it i can never look at him the same maybe it was som1 else with a similar tattoo

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    Nothing but hoes these days.

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    “Just don’t get all rated R, like ya boy Xavier Woods”
    OMG IM FREAKIN DEAD ???????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. am I from the future? because I saw that Ricochet video way before it became well known, many months prior.

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