5 WWE Wrestlers Who Completely Lost It

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Completely Lost It

Tensions were already sky high between Shane
McMahon and Kevin Owens leading up to Shane’s vicious attack on Kevin Owens last November
on SmackDown LIVE. On the one hand, Kevin Owens had a problem with Shane McMahon constantly
hogging the spotlight on SmackDown and on the other hand, Shane McMahon had a problem
with Kevin Owens always being defiant towards him and blaming him for all of Owens’ losses.
After trying to settle their differences face to face, Kevin Owens took it too far by mentioning
Shane McMahon’s kids. This was Kevin’s first warning issued by Shane. Owens took
the situation further by mentioning how Shane had “daddy issues” and how his entire
family would have been better off if he hadn’t survived his helicopter crash, especially
his kids. As Kevin Owens slyly mentioned Shane’s kids again, this struck a chord with Shane
McMahon and caused him to completely lose it with Kevin Owens. Shane began swinging
left and right at Owens before spearing him into the announce table. He continued his
onslaught as referees and security tried to control the situation but it was Daniel Bryan
who eventually calmed Shane down. He later suspended Shane for his actions on behalf
of Shane’s father, Mr McMahon. Back in 2001, The Undertaker along with his
brother Kane were involved in a bitter feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H,
who were collectively known back then as the “The Two-Man Power Trip”. On an episode
of Raw is War, The Power Trip attacked Kane’s already injured arm, giving him an elbow injury.
This infuriated The Undertaker who appeared out of nowhere the following night on SmackDown
and attacked Steve Austin with a thick metal chain while he was on commentary during Triple
H’s title match against Jeff Hardy. Austin scurried his way out of the situation and
ambushed The Undertaker backstage when he pursued Austin. The brawl came to a quick
end when The Undertaker threw Stone Cold Steve Austin through a glass window which immediately
caused security to calm Big Evil down. But The Undertaker wasn’t done there… Plus,
the best part is yet to come… As Steve Austin was being loaded up into the ambulance with
the help of Vince McMahon and Triple H, The Undertaker surprised the trio in the best
way possible… Taker fought Triple H and Vince McMahon as well as a defenceless tied-up
Austin before security came again to defuse the situation. After receiving news from Raw GM Kurt Angle
that he was fired, Braun Strowman went on a rampage backstage destroying everyone and
everything in his path. He first started by laying waste to a bunch of security guards
who tried to escort him out of the building. He continued his rampage by
kicking down the door to Kurt Angle’s office and destroying everything inside. But he wasn’t
finished there… as he would tell you himself… Braun Strowman made his way into catering
where he flipped over two tables and chokeslammed poor Curt Hawkins into the catering table.
And then Braun just helped himself to a nice slice of chocolate cake thanks to the random
man who just happened to stand there holding a whole chocolate cake… Next, Braun Strowman
infiltrated a production truck and started yelling at all the employees. Don’t think
we missed that fail Braun! After disengaging the production truck, Strowman extraordinarily
succeeded in flipping over the entire production truck… even though it turned out to be fake!
His final act of destruction involved the commentary team… specifically Michael Cole!
Strowman grabbled Cole after Booker T shoved him towards Strowman and just as he was about
to throw Cole off the stage, Kurt Angle came in to tell Braun that Stephanie McMahon had
rehired him. However, that didn’t change Braun’s mind as he still ended up throwing
Michael Cole off the stage! The night after WrestleMania 31 saw Brock
Lesnar demand to invoke his WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch clause against Seth Rollins
after Seth Rollins successfully cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase at the main
event of WrestleMania 31 to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar
and Roman Reigns. However, Seth Rollins had no intention of giving Lesnar his rematch
and denied Lesnar’s request which immediately angered the beast! Brock Lesnar attacked Seth
Rollins as he tried to escape as well as J&J Security. Moments after JBL said: “Brock
Lesnar doesn’t know what to do,” Lesnar flipped the announce table, hitting JBL and
crushing Booker T. He then continued his rampage by throwing Michael Cole into the ring and
delivering an F5 to him. Lesnar even went as far as throwing an innocent cameraman over
the ropes and delivering an F5 to him, not once but twice after Stephanie McMahon begged
him not to. As punishment for the beast’s actions, Stephanie McMahon indefinitely suspended
Lesnar and fined him for all the property damage and emotional distress he caused. In a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Ronda
Rousey was involved in a segment which saw herself get suspended after she totally lost
it and began viciously attacking Alexa Bliss, Kurt Angle and even the referees who tried
to stop her from causing any more destruction. The segment took place the night after the
Money In The Bank pay per view which saw Alexa Bliss successfully cash in her Money in the
Bank briefcase on Nia Jax, just two hours after winning the briefcase to become a 3-time
Women’s Champion. Ronda Rousey came out to the ring using her usual stroppy teenager
tantrum walk to confront Alexa Bliss as she costed Rousey her championship opportunity
by hitting her in the back with the Money In The Bank briefcase, thus causing Rousey’s
title match against Nia Jax to end in disqualification. Alexa Bliss talked about how Ronda Rousey
was irrelevant and how she was an overhyped rookie. This caused Rousey to snap and she
began assaulting Alexa Bliss, Kurt Angle and even the WWE officials. The segment ended
with Ronda Rousey delivering a crucifix powerbomb to Alexa Bliss through a table. As a result
of her actions, Ronda Rousey was suspended by Raw GM, Kurt Angle.

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  1. The dude with the cake if I don’t move blink or anything he won’t touch me just take my cake I made so we can be friends lol n undertaker also was funny

  2. I think that wwe should have better reffs and security because the superstars hit them once and they are knock out

  3. 7:22 that poor guy! Look at him… His trying so hard to run away…
    I'm not going to lie, if a dude that big was trying to beat the shit out of me, I would run too!

  4. I don't like ronda rousey
    She thinks that she can do anything
    She even beat the referees
    And wwe is still giving millins dollar to her

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