5 Worst Sports Cars Only Stupid People Buy

5 Worst Sports Cars Only Stupid People Buy

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about the five worst sports cars out there and with the trends of modern
society they’re selling less and less sports cars now since they don’t sell so
many sports cars many manufacturers that still like sports cars they put their
high level of technology in things that often break rather quickly they may be
fast cars but they break down fast too you don’t want to buy one where the
value depreciates like a stone plummeting down Niagara Falls or one
that breaks down all the time now one sports car not to buy is the
Maserati GranTurismo a new one will cost you about a hundred and thirty three
thousand dollars and immediately it’ll be worth about eighty thousand
dollars when you drive it off a lot it has a Ferrari built flat crank v8 engine
it’s fast there’s no arguing now and you can get a used one pretty cheaply if you
look around but that’s because they cost a fortune to maintain and they
break down as they age now I don’t believe a bunch of crap that you get
from other people on the internet because as with any sports car
especially the high end ones you get false praise all the time because the
guys that are reviewing them half the time hey they were flown to Italy to
road-test the things and of course they’re gonna say glowingly Oh best car
ever drove handled lalala these guys aren’t buying them their not paying to fix
them they’re just having fun driving around in them and in this respect you
certainly can’t believe most of the owners because they spent all that money they don’t want to admit to you that they bought an endless money pit so
they’ll tell you it’s a great vehicle but in the real world no they aren’t the
more exotic a car generally the more problems you’re gonna have I mean
Maseratis been a verge of bankruptcy for decades they don’t make enough cars and years ago when they partnered with Chrysler and
they were kind of files a junk and it fell apart they can’t mass-produce cheaper cars and their fancy sports cars it just don’t
hold up the next money pit sports car not to buy is the Mercedes
sl450 you get a base one it’s about $90,000 in about five years you
can kiss goodbye about $55,000 and if you really have to have one day lease
the stupid thing you know how much more they’ll cost to lease it then you get rid of
it don’t have to pay for repairs if you buy one be prepared to lose a whole
bunch of money just in the lost value itself and then some people think oh you
get one of those mg ourselves the fancy ones and then won’t lose money as much
ah they lose money at the same exact rate the resale values are exactly the
same as the non amg yeaht the amg ones are fancier they go faster stuff of
course you pay more money for but they depreciate just as badly engine oil
leaks head gasket leaks they’re not like those old solid German cars you could
buy decades ago that would run forever with very little maintenance
these things are maintenance pigs and they break before their time take most
things you see on the internet or even in print with a grain of salt when they
talk about it because Mercedes spends a lot of money advertising also Car Talk guys don’t really know that much about cars are they’re
dishonest don’t say how great vehicles are cuz they’re not buying them they’re
not paying to fix them not just drive into new ones around and hey most brand new cars worked pretty good when their brand new and being a sports car of course they
only sell a limited amount and put the modern high tech that often breaks in
them and he sold even less sports cars their regular cars and SUVs there aren’t
that many of a lot there so there’s always a market for people are gonna buy
really expensive cars rich people well the next sports coming out to buy a
Chevy Camaro certainly not in a stratosphere like the previous two cars
in two years they pretty much depreciate about 45% in value
tell you they’re not great made vehicles when you look at the sales alone Ford
sells a ton more Mustangs and Chevy does Camaro they don’t make all that many of
them and they’re a GM product quality is certainly not number one at that company
steering column wiring goes out they get early coolant leaks and if you don’t
watch you’re gonna boil your engine the quality just is in there
and for the money they’re asking don’t buy one zl1 Camaro starts at 62 thousand
dollars it was one thing when I was a kid and you bought a brand-new Camaro
and the thing cost like $3,500 and it had a solid engine you get a standard
transmission and their v8 lasted quite some time but there were only $3,000 if
I was forking out over 60 grand for a car let me tell you one of the last
things on my mind would be to spend it on a GM Camaro product they just cost
too much money for what you’re gonna get when I was young all the kids in high
school wanted to have one right well what high school kids got $64,000 to
throw on on a car these days not in my neighborhood
now the next sports car not to buy is the Tesla Model S yeah we’re going into
electric cars now but it’s a true sports car that thing is super fast it’s much
faster than even a Dodge Challenger with the Hellcat engine with 700 something
horsepower now aside from problems of recharging electric cars I’m gonna talk
about that here the thing is these things have very little resale value
customer mine decided he wanted a gilt one so he sold his fancy Lexus to
another customer line and he bought a brand-new Model S that the original
price was 124 thousand dollars he bought it from the original owner and it only
had 15,000 miles on it paid forty five grand
don’t went from one hundred and twenty four thousand dollars to $45,000 in only
fifteen thousand miles and electric motors in themselves are simple but the
setup that they have the integrated drive unit on those things that burn out
and quite a few of them early and it had to replace them some of them more than
once they can do all the PR in a world that they want but if they’re not
holding up guess where that shows up in a resale value and these have really bad
resale value it’s a cool-looking car and then it’s electric so all the techie
guys want to get something like that but we’ve got the quandary of any sports car
did back into my last since 2012 so they were making it for eight years and
they’re averaging about 20 something thousand a year that they’re selling so
this isn’t a mass mass-produced car that they’re gonna sell millions of cars to
us I can’t base their existence on a Model S that’s why
they’re pushing the model three but now that they’re gonna be making them in
China the price will probably come down somewhat it can make a whole bunch more of them on an actual assembly line instead of intense in their parking lot
in the United States so the Model S yeah it’s a sports car it goes real fast
costs a whole bunch of money but it depreciates fast and that’s probably one
reason that Toyota really doesn’t make any sports cars they make their money
making SUVs cars and pickup trucks the Toyota 86 their little sports car not
even a Toyota it’s made by Subaru in a Subaru factory put a Toyota emblem on
sharply car but hey they’d have to build anybody Subaru makes it the new Toyota
Supra that’s just a BMW roadster made in a BMW factory that’s not the new what
Toyota really other than they put toyota emblems on them, the Supra recently had a recall for bad welds well who made the recall BMW had to make the recall cuz they’re
the ones who built the vehicle and the law is whoever builds the vehicle has to
put the recall so even though you bought a Toyota Supra the recall was done by
BMW personally I think Toyota is watering down a name doing such things
but at least hey they’re not spending a whole bunch of money on research and
development to make a sports car that hey they’re not gonna sell that many of
them anyways stick to su recent cars and pickup trucks nonetheless sports car not
to buy is the Jaguar f-type yeah Jaguar beautiful looking cars no arguing at and
there’s zippy cars no I’ll get out either but there are also cars that fall
apart before their time Jaguar which is now known as Jaguar Land Rover it’s one
company first they got bought by the Indians at Tata the Indians gave it a
try but it wasn’t working out too well with them they were losing billions
so Jaguar Land Rovers is half owned by the Chinese but sadly the quality
control still continuing to go downwards recently a couple of months ago Chinese
citizens who had bought these things went and protested in front of the
headquarters of Jaguar about how poor the quality of these things are and when
you get people in a communist country going and protesting in public
especially how about Jaguars that really tells you
something about the lack of quality in these cards and it can also shows you
how inside our world is becoming that now the British luxury car company is half owned
by Communist China the Communist Chinese are complaining about how there’s such
poor quality in these luxury Jaguar Jaguars historically cars are very
expensive to maintain that’s just the way that they are and a resale value is
in the real world don’t believe half of the values that you get in books or
dealers that are selling used cars and certainly pay no attention to any of
those websites that say oh they’re showing you yes you got a good deal
there’s the best price on this car it is just a bunch of made-up nonsense to try
to sell you stuff and much more money than it’s worth I mean me I kind of had
hope for Jaguar the Chinese buy everything but I thought hey maybe the
Chinese will make the quality go up well I guess it’s a curse company because if
the Chinese are protesting in China how poor quality Jaguars are I guess there’s
no hope for the company in a long run a lot of the experts we’re even saying hey
if they were smart they would just drop the Jaguar line entirely don’t make any
of those at all and just concentrate on the Land Rover because Land Rovers are
extremely popular world right they have a lot of problems too they can be
endless money pits in their resale values or garbage but for some insane
reason in the United States it’s become like the yuppie mobile to drive to drive
around in one of these Range Rovers that’s certainly a big change in society
but as society changes looks like Jaguar just didn’t follow
with the changes they’re still making undependable cars that break down and
have horrible resale value decades and decades they keep making the same
mistakes tonight you know five sports cars that you shouldn’t waste your money
on if you’ve got your money and peace of mind hey if your friends nuts enough to
buy one buy a tank of gas and let them drive it around with you for a while I
have some fun but don’t throw your own money into one,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

100 Replies to “5 Worst Sports Cars Only Stupid People Buy”

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  2. I agree with Scotty here, I really don't like Teslas. The build quality is terrible. I have nothing against people owning electric cars, but I don't think Teslas are any good right now.

  3. I'm Scotty’s worst student, I own a 2008 BMW 550i m sport ( under 5k$ 110kmi ) and a 2007 Subaru Forester ( under 2k$ – 280k mi) neither have required major overhaul. And I'm getting the best of both worlds for under 7k over 2yrs+

  4. There is no way in the world he can complain about the Camaro and not the mustang. The Internet is full of people bad 5.0 engines And God knows how many manual transmissions. One of our truck drivers at work bought a brand new GT Mustang the transmission had to be replaced in at one time at like 17,000 miles and they had to do something else to the transmission at 20,000 miles and when he made Ford buy it back it needed an engine Because it had the tick noise that millions of other people have. Just the problems they’re having with these plasma bore engines And manual transmissions trumps most of the vehicles on this list but he’s not gonna say anything about Ford though.

  5. There’s plenty of good cars that don’t have good resale value plenty of Lexus and Acuras can be had with low miles for a fraction of the cost. And they’re also a nightmare when they give problems and very expensive to work on and they do gift problems.

  6. Tesla – blown head gasket. They have ethylene glycol to cool the batteries. Transmission fluid too. Good thing they’ll be making them in China with their humanitarian record. It will be a superb product, I’m sure. China won’t copy the technology either. Chinese Tesla.. What should they call the knock off? After all China invented fireworks.

  7. Scotty Teslas have inane resale value. Damn they’re expensive even totaled. If they’re broken and don’t even start they still sell for thousands and thousands of dollahs!!!

  8. We are getting a swag of Mustangs in RHD down under and I see lots about, however a factory is being set up [might be a disused GM factory] to import Camaro's in LHD and convert them to RHD, but I am not sure as to what safety rating they will get and they will be considerably more expensive than the "Stang".

  9. Ha ha Mustangs always did overtake the Camaro since who knows when in the races and you proved that it’s still true with the exception of the bastard child of the Mustang legacy namely the Mustang II from 1974-1978. I will say though they looked good with Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, and Jaclyn Smith in them.

  10. I remember when we had an eagle dealership in Hickory those Eagles where the need is looking but kind of weird cars.

  11. I must say I was very surprised that there was no Lamborghini products in this list.
    Also regarding the online reviews: There are also professionals who are paid by companies that go and write rave reviews on a product no matter how poor the quality is.

  12. Scott !!!
    How Come its the STUPID People are the Ones that Have the Money to BUY These CARS ???
    May Be They Know Something that the Smart People Don't Know !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I bought a 2013 Jaguar XFR, it ran good for years until it got 130,000 miles, then it was a nightmare!!!!

    I bought a 2006 Jaguar S-Type R and it ran good until 220,000 miles, then everything went to hell.

    Jaguar are only good to a 100,000 miles, but after that they are a nightmare.

    Certified Jaguars come with a free 6 year 100,000 miles warranty, but you better sale it before the warranty is up!

    I love driving Jaguar and I would still buy a certified Jaguar, because I am retired and would not put a lot of miles on it.

  14. Scotty,
    the rich people who buys these new out of the lot don’t own them long enough to experience the higher mileage problems your screaming about. They don’t hold onto them for a quarter century+, like you did with you Celica. These Benzes, Mazzi’s, Jag’s etc, drive amazingly when they’re brand spankin new so that’s why there’s other YouTubers out there raving about them, they review them NEW and don’t give a rat’s behind what happens to these vehicles 1000 mi down the road !

  15. The model S is not really a sports car.
    It's a four-door family sedan that weighs 5,000 lbs.
    Seems like the best thing would be to buy a used one for the 45 Grand if you wanted one.
    2016 and earlier they came with an 8 year unlimited mileage warranty.
    There is a company called Tesloop.
    They used them for VIP livery service between LA and Vegas.
    They have a 2016 Model S with 450,000 miles on it..
    And NO… It was not trouble free.
    They made a very good video explaining all of the warranty repaired items and non warranty repair item.
    It was quite interesting.

  16. What is your opinion about the GM 4.3 liter engine thats in the Chevy Silverado. I see that Chevy has replaced the 4.3 w/ a 2.7 turbo.

  17. Online YouTuber telling people online, to not believe the opinions of online YouTubers.

    Factor in the increasingly slurred, sputtering speech and frantic gesturing, and it seems like he's heading towards dementia…

  18. Having had major ankle surgery, I've been Ubering a lot lately, and have ridden in the back seat of dozens of cars. The Ford Fusion, hands down the most comfortable affordable car. One common problem I've found with Toyotas have been cheap, barely functioning or broken seat belts. Toyotas are great cars, but hardly perfect.

  19. Scotty, love your vids… but since you were a millionaire before Youtube… and must be making mega-bucks with the vids… why are you not in a MUCH bigger house? maybe you don't need 5,000 sq feet living area… but how about 2500 sq ft on an acre (at least), with a 4 car garage AND a separate fully equipped shop… with one or two lifts?
    In Houston, with their prices… should be a no-brainer! 😉

  20. Hey Scotty
    Love your videos. Here is a real world humorous story for you.
    A buddy of mine was always saying what great cars Toyota's were.
    He'd bad mouth American cars every chance he got.
    Sadly, his Mom passed away, so he inherited his Mother's late 1980's / early '90's Chevy Cavalier.
    He beat the piss out of that car. The starter wouldn't have even stopped spinning yet, and he'd have it in drive, floored leaving work.
    He would say what a cheap piece of junk car it was. In reality, it was just an economy car so it wasn't fancy inside, but it wasn't falling apart, and was very good on gas.
    No rips in the interior, just no leather, wood grain or stainless steel.
    Long story, long. That car ran great. In fact it still does.
    Here is the funny part, he finally saved his Cracker Jack box tops, and Cheerio's coupons, and he plopped down a pile of money, and bought a brand new Toyota Camry.
    He was beaming. …… Until one day it rained.
    His brand new Camry wouldn't start. He had to drive his Mom's Cavalier to the shop. I'm surprised he didn't call in sick, because after all the years he had been bad mouthing American cars, there were 30 machinists waiting to ask him what happened to his new Toyota.
    Toyota had to tow the new Camry to the dealer. …..
    Service manager calls him, and says it's all set, so I drove him to pick it up.
    They said they couldn't find anything wrong with it, but it should be fine. It's brand new after all and Toyota's are supposed to be reliable right?
    Then it rained again. We live in New England, and the weather changes all the time. Usually multiple times over the course of the day.
    The Camry was a no start again. Cavalier to the rescue.
    Toyota couldn't fix the no start problem, again. This went on for years, all the while, all my buddy could say was Toyotas are still night and day better than American cars. Yet it wouldn't start if it was raining outside.
    He even kept it in a garage if it was going to rain over night.
    Finally he had had enough, but apparently, he hadn't learn his lesson.
    He traded his Camry in for a Toyota pickup truck with an extended cab, fully loaded.
    He has had better luck with the truck. It seems to run great.
    The problem that has surfaced with the truck, though, is the frame is rusting out. Very quickly.
    The quality of the steel is horrible.
    I know quite a number of people that have had bad experiences with new Toyota's.
    You like a good laugh, so I thought I'd share my friend's Toyota experiences with you.
    Take care Bud

  21. Stop it, u just can't affort it! … I saw something about this guy, All good cars, or expensive ones, he doesn't like them, he can't miss something to say about those cars!!! … he's against nice/ expensive cars, let's people who can affort them buy them …

  22. Hey Scotty, I’m 16 and I’ve got a 19 Accord Sport 1.5 w/ the cvt. I work for it, make insurance and payments. How do you think Honda’s current products will age, with everything they put in their vehicles today?

  23. My view is that sports cars are small so they are nimble which limits their carrying capacity. If a car has four doors and back seats then it is a people carrier, not a sports car. Having extreme acceleration may make a car fast but that doesn't make it a sports car. Sports cars excel at getting from point A to point B in the lowest time which is quite different from being straight line fast. Sports cars are a hoot to drive so vehicles with automatic transmissions, like the new Corvette, are ersatz sports cars.

  24. Hi Scotty. I've had two M-B SL-class and two Tesla Model S. Sounds like I'm ignoring your advice. But hold on. I don't buy new. Your view on depreciation matches mine. Let someone else buy new and eat the steep depreciation. Paid $7.5k for the first SL 20 years ago. Both Model S were around $42k; I sold the first for more than I had paid and the second one cost me a total of around a thousand bucks beginning to end, with many thousands of miles of very enjoyable driving. The 2nd SL is a recent acquisition with 26k miles, and cost me about $17.5k. Time will tell if maintenance woes come around to bite me. Keep up the honest work passing on your experience.

  25. "On Gm's If you watch your coolant your engine could blow" really? Only Gm's? What car runs without coolant and doesn't run the risk of blowing the engine? GM will always and I mean always be a better product than Ford. In a owned several of both and only 1 didn't nickle and dime me to death and it wasn't the Ford. Ford's numbers of sold vehicles are fluffed from gov. Vehicles owned such as cop cars and Forrest ranger trucks. If it wasn't for that they'd dry up and die.

  26. Interested in your opinion of the Jaguar I Pace since it won the worldcar of the year award at the NY motor show.

  27. Technically this is a performance car list not sports car list that rear seat kicks the car out sports car category. Great list you are so right with it

    Maserati guys told me never buy a Maserati in the United States, only by a Italian Maserati if you have a Italian mechanic on hand to fix it.

    Now I want to see Scotty Kilmer 5 best performance cars list

  28. Did Scottie say Chinese quality that's an oxymoron we all know anything from China is crap how can anything get better if it's built in China I hope he was kidding

  29. I have two Camaros…a 2010 SS I bought brand new…now over 130k miles and it has been rock solid…and a 2014 V6 I bought used with 34k miles….I have had the car two years now with no issues…not sure why they are on this list…you get a lot of bang for your buck with them…and my experience with them has been maintenance free…I also like VW GTIs and have owned several…you just get used to driving around with the check engine light and having to pull the intake off to clean the valves because of the direct injection….Camaro has been worry free

  30. Can we please have 5 sports cars SK recommends as fantastic value for money, reliability, resale value and performance? Maybe they don't exist but Scottie might know. PS a few years ago Scotty's cousin Val was handsome heart throb. Now a few years later, Scottie Kilmer is the healthier and better looking one than Val. Funny how it goes!!

  31. Really just a status symbol.
    No practicality.
    Target audience is usually wealthy clients.

    anyone else is shafted hard.

  32. Model S really isn't a money pit if you lease or can handle the depreciation. Model 3 depreciation is like 1/4th the rate, though its not really a sports car

  33. I have a silver Toyota Corolla, when a Ferrari pulls up next to me my testosterone level goes up because my bank account is increasing while the Ferrari driver’s bank account is decreasing.

  34. Scotty you partnered up with Ford? Those Camaro’s are actually decent daily drivers. Base model sucks but buy an lt or up used and you have a good car!

  35. Now, if Elon Musk can figure out how to harness the kinetic energy from Scotty waving his arms, he could increase the range 200% on his Tesla's!!!

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