5 WORST Finishers In WWE History

5 WORST Finishers In WWE History

Number 5 – Umaga – Samoan Spike Eddie Fatu was a Samoan-American professional
wrestler, best known under the ring name, “Umaga”. His character was built as this
unstoppable force weighing in at 350 pounds, however, his finishing move, the “Samoan
Spike” didn’t do any justice conveying his character’s destructive nature. The
Samoan Spike was essentially a high-speed thumb thrust to an opponent’s throat. Granted,
a quick jab to the throat will do some damage, however, surely not enough to knock someone
out. For a wrestler of his size, a signature splash would have been better as opposed to
a measly taped thumb strike to the throat. Number 4 – The Great Khali – Khali Chop The Great Khali was a giant when it comes
to wrestling, towering at 7 ft 1 inches and debuted on the 7th April 2006 in an episode
of Smackdown!, attacking The Undertaker. Surely The Great Khali must have had a deadly finisher
to accompany his giant and destructive gimmick? Well… I’m afraid that is not the case,
his finisher was just as dull as Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch. The finishing manoeuvre involved
Khali waiting for his unsuspecting opponent to face him until he would karate chop their
head with full force. Although the move could cause concussion, Khali’s lack of athleticism
and speed only made the finisher less believable. Number 3 – Mick Foley – Mandible Claw The Mandible Claw or Mr. Socko, as it is otherwise
known as, was the finishing move of hard-core legend, Mick Foley. The Mandible Claw is a
manoeuvre that involves Foley putting a smelly sock over his hand before placing his middle
and ring fingers into his opponent’s mouth. The move compresses the nerves in the jaw
and renders the opponent’s jaw paralyzed. Although highly entertaining, the move is
no-way enough to finish an opponent off. Chris Jericho even commented on the move saying,
“I don’t like Mick Foley’s Mr. Socko because it doesn’t do anything – he puts
a stinky sock in your mouth and you fall down…. The last thing I want is a dirty sock pulled
out of a guy’s pants and then shoved into my mouth.” Number 2 – Scotty 2 Hotty: The Worm To give this guy credit The Worm was pure
entertainment, however, in terms of it being a finishing move was just farcical. The Worm
was in essence a backhand chop to a lying opponent that would be executed basically
a minute later after a silly routine dance was performed. He would stand over his downed
opponent with a big expression on his face and then hop four times to the other end of
the ring while the crowd chanted W.O.R.M, do the worm and finally sway his arms in the
air before striking his fallen opponent with a backhand chop. The whole build up was just
for a lousy chop to the face! Although amusing, the move itself definitely should not be considered
a finisher and his fallen opponent could probably get back up by the time he is done executing
the finisher. Number 1 – Santino Marella: The Cobra Words cannot describe how stupid this finishing
move actually was! Santino Marella was one of the funniest performers in wrestling entertainment
and his finisher was a reflection of his comedic character. Marella’s finishing move involved
him taking a sock puppet snake from his vest, putting the sock over his hand, slapping his
forearm to ‘summon’ the snake and then turning his hand, yelling “Cobra” before
eventually striking his opponent in the throat or the face. I cannot comprehend how the Cobra
strike was deemed as a finishing move, however, the manoeuvre surprisingly had a pretty good
success rate when executed putting away many opponents. As Marella’s gimmick was hugely
entertaining, I guess we could forgive him over his finishing move as you have got to
admit, it is pretty damn hilarious to watch! Before this video ends I had to showcase this
absolutely bizarre move that was actually a finishing move in professional wrestling!
This is not WWE, however, I had to include this on this on the list because of the sheer
stupidity of the move! The finisher, performed by Joey Ryan, doesn’t even have a name but
to summarise the move it literally involves Joey tugging at his opponent’s crotch which
in turn, causes agonising screams from his opponent.

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  1. Um superman punch is a real move finisher in the ufc and mma. Please look it up and u will find out why. Roman reigns just took superman punch down a notch so he doesnt injury his opponents.

  2. 1. Wade Barrett's Wasteland
    2. Jinder Mahal's Khallas
    3. The Miz's Skull Crushing Finale
    4. Hulk Hogan's Leg Drop
    5. Big Show's Weapon of Master Destruction (WMD)

  3. Stupid if you were 2 actually take all these finishers especially if it's from a WWE wrestler you would be in big shit soooo who else is subbed so I liked my own comment cuz I'm subbed

  4. All of them WERE lame except for Superman Punch by Reigns.. which, let's face it,is even a MMA knockout finishing maneuver. Chuck Liddell got so many with that. However,Reigns doesn't use it as a Finisher..he Uses a Spear after a wolf howl for that. Also, you forget Some Lame Finishers in History..Rock's People's Elbow, The Bionic Elbow by all the Runnells/Rhodes, The Big Back Body Drop.


  6. hey u dick i think u have some problem with non western wwe star… in fact u urself is like all the white crowds in wwe universe who dont like khali or umaga or samowa joe or roman reigns or vladimir kozlov

  7. Sorry but ive literally done the mandible claw to 2 diff chicks at 2 diff times because it was engrained into my brain from watching wrestling throughout my childhood and it works. U grip from under their tongue to under their chin they can't do shit about it

  8. Shawn Micheals sweet chin rubbish should be on that list.He did it every match when he was with the rockers and it was just a normal kick

  9. The cobra is the greatest move in wrestling history imagine a 5”10 Italian man putting a snake hand puppet on and then jabbing you in the face absolute agony

  10. Someone needs to strike this dud in the throat and see how much it hurts you can’t breathe and you,feel like your suffocating

  11. One of worst finisher moves was of the great hulk Hogan..
    He get hulkomanics then punch his opponents then a big boot n leg jump..
    It's insane..

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