A botch is an attempted scripted move that
doesn’t come out as originally planned due to mistakes or miscalculations and there have
been many of these throughout WWE history, including Randy Orton’s funny RKO botch
on The Big Show and the Animal, Batista’s incredibly hilarious back bump… I still
have no idea what he was trying to achieve there. Nevertheless, within this list here
are some of the worst WWE botches ever that have resulted in serious and long-term injuries,
so please be aware that some of the images may be graphic to some, viewer discretion
is advised. Number 5 – Lesnar Break’s Hardcore Holly’s
Neck The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar is definitely
a force to be reckoned in the WWE and back in 2002 in a match against Hardcore Holly,
Lesnar botched a power bomb on Hardcore Holly which resulted in him breaking his neck. As
their match unfolded, Lesnar lifted Holly up for a powerbomb, however, Holly wasn’t
positioned correctly and consequently Lesnar powerbombed Holly neck first on the canvas,
which resulted in Holly taking a 13 month hiatus from Wrestling. There have been many
debates surfacing across the internet arguing that Lesnar intentionally dropped Holly on
his neck as Holly tried to sandbag him but what do you think? Despite this, Lesnar apologised
to Holly and called him several times whilst he was in hospital recovering. After Hardcore
Holly broke his neck, he persisted until he finished the match… now that’s ‘hardcore’! Number 4 – Joey Mercury Gets A Ladder To
The Face During an Armageddon pay-per-view event in
2006 Joey Mercury was involved in a fatal-four way ladder match and suffered a severe injury
to the face after being struck in the face by a ladder. The ladder was set up so that
Hardy would land on it from the top rope causing the ladder to slingshot upwards and catch
both Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury in the face. However, both men would shield their
faces with their arms in order to absorb the blow and thus prevent the ladder from hitting
their faces. Instead, what actually happened was that Mercury was hit straight in the face
with the ladder after he was caught out of position and he was unable to protect his
face with his arms. Mercury’s miscalculation resulted in him breaking his nose and orbital
bone and blood poured out as he fell from the ring. He was immediately rushed to hospital
and received 5 stitches on the inside of his nose and 15 stitches on the outside. Number 3 – Brock Lesnar’s Shooting Star
Press Botch Perhaps one of the most famous botches in
WWE history was that of Brock Lesnar performing the shooting star press off the top rope.
This botch occurred on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania, in WrestleMania
XIX (19) in 2003 where it was the main event for the WWE championship between Brock Lesnar
and Kurt Angle. When Lesnar climbed the turnbuckle, the crowd was confused seeing a near 300 pound
beast poised and ready to perform an aerial move. Lesnar had actually successfully performed
this move before in the past, however, on this occasion he botched. The shooting star
press is an exceptionally difficult move to execute which requires significant agility,
especially for a man of Lesnar’s size and stature. Unfortunately for Lesnar, he landed
on his head whilst performing the move and suffered from a massive concussion. However,
this did not stop the beast as he persevered and somehow finished the match with an F5
to Angle to win the title. Number 2 – Sid Vicious Breaks His Leg At a Sin pay-per-view event in 2001 Sid Vicious
faced Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and Road Warrior Animal in a Four Corner’s match
for the WCW Championship. Whilst attempting a big boot off the top rope to Scott Steiner,
Sid Vicious landed awkwardly on his other foot while kicking with the other. As a result,
Sid Vicious horrifically broke his left leg in half, snapping both his tibia and fibia,
with one of the bones sticking out of his skin. Unsurprisingly, Sid required surgery
and a 17-inch rod was placed in his leg. For months following the surgery, Sid had to use
a cane in order to help him walk. The injury put Sid out of action and ultimately drew
a close to his wrestling career. Number 1 – Owen Hart’s Piledriver Botch At SummerSlam in 1997 Stone Cold Steve Austin
won the intercontinental title from Owen Hart, however, nowhere near the way it was scripted.
Hart was supposed to hit Austin with a piledriver, however, he placed the rattlesnake’s head
too far below his leg and consequently broke Austin’s neck after executing the move.
Austin was temporarily paralysed following the move, however, somehow managed to gather
enough energy to perform a roll-up pin on Owen Hart to win the Intercontinental title
in one of the worst pinfalls in WWE history. Austin would go on to become one of the biggest
stars in wrestling history, however, the injury on his spinal cord in conjunction with knee
problems hampered his career and led to his premature retirement in 2003.

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  1. At least You do say Sids broken leg was in Wcw, but Your title says Wwe and You use the picture so people will click, this one does not count!.

  2. Predetermined = fake is what people mean when they say wrestling fake…..and to that i say who gives a F, the stunts are awesome

  3. I watched buff bagwel fall forward off a ring post and bumped his head against the back of another wrestler. It took a few minutes before the ref. realized he had broken his neck and couldn't move at the time.

  4. Yay Eva Marie she such awesome wrestler way better then Brie. I can see why she on the screen so pretty idc what anyone thinks. I workout with her theme song everyday. Best workout music ever I use her outta my mind and her new theme I just love her I can’t wait for her come back. If anyone agrees leave a like comment or both.

  5. Yo brok that was a bad angle on angle
    And a vicious leg break syd
    Owens pile driver just didn't have enough heart to it

  6. Sorry bad journalism. How can u title an event called top 5 botches in wwe history and use something that didn’t even happen in wwe as your number 2? The graphic even says wcw. Second it wasn’t a botch, it just happened plain and simple. Nobody’s mistake. Next your gonna say that rick flair breaking his back in the plane crash was a botch by the pilot.

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