5 Used Sports Cars You Should Never Buy

5 Used Sports Cars You Should Never Buy

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about 5 used sports cars that you should never buy, now buying
a used sports car is one of the toughest things to do correctly, with all used sports cars
there’s two main problems, the first one is, people who buy sports cars tend to drive the
heck out of them, so with any used sports car you got to check it out to make sure that
it’s still in good shape, not also the resale value of sports cars is often rather low,
the go for a rather cheap price compared to what a new one costs, and that’s the second
thing you got to worry about, over the last 51 years I can’t think of how many customers
I had who said, oh scotty look I got a really good deal on this used sports car, to which
I will often respond, you think you got a really good deal, let’s look a little bit
further to see if you did or didn’t, because as one of my customers bought himself a porsche
and thought, wow I only paid $8,000 for this shinny porsche what a deal, and compared to
the original price oh course that’s a deal, but what he didn’t realize was, that particular
porsche, hey you’re going to expect to spend $5-10k a year maintaining a used porsche like
that, it’s going to need transmission work probably, eventually it’s going to need engine
work, you’re looking at big money repairs, that’s why the used one was so cheap, so you
always have to have a mechanic like me check one of before you buy it of course,
here are 5 used sports cars that you should never even think about buying, but here I’m
going to give you a little disclaimer, I’m not going to be talking about exotic sports
cars, or Italian sports cars, because really never buy a used exotic sports car or a used
Italian sports car, they are money pits when their new and when their used their doubly
so, so just stay away from all of those if you value your money,
now the first used sports car not to buy is the mercedes sl600, you do not want to buy
a used v12 mercedes sports car, now I have had customers that did, and only one of them
was ever happy, he got it cheap, he realized, I’m only going to use this thing on the weekends
for a knock around car, I know I can put a ton of money into it if I have to, he was
happy with the car that he kept for 2 years, but then again he only put like 1-2 thousand
miles on it total in two years, and it didn’t ride all that great because the struts were
all wearing out on it and he didn’t want to spend the money to fix that, so he just stayed
away from really bumpy road and he didn’t take long trips or anything in it, to him
it was kind of a lawn ornament you know, but if you’re going to buy something like that
and actually drive it around, the thing is going to bankrupt you, that’s why you can
find cars like that, that originally went for $100k+ and you can pick them up all day
long for $15k or sometimes as little as $8k, but there’s a reason you can buy them so cheap
used, so stay away from that mercedes sports car
if you’re looking at a used sports car, now the next used sports car not to buy is a gm
product, the pontiac solstice they were kind of cooling looking, and the were fun to drive,
they put little engines in them but they were all modded and they could really go, but they
could also really fall apart, my customers that owned them, the either go rid of them
as they aged, or they bought them cheap second hand and used them for a weekend toy, and
the customers of mine that bought them as weekend toy, they still tended to fall apart,
it didn’t matter if they only drove 1,000-3,000 miles a year they still starting falling apart
as they got older, with gm’s designs would show and things started breaking, so as far
as I’m concerned the pontiac solstice, hey it’s another lawn ornament, it looks cool
you know, I mean if you want to have a collection of cars and have them lying around and you
look at them, yeah it’s cool looking you know, and they were fun to drive around, you’d go
around the block a couple times hey it looks cool, but it’s not something that you want
to buy used and expect to get a lot of life out of,
now the next used car not to buy is the porsche 911 m96, I wouldn’t advice anybody to buy
any kind of porsche second hand because of their high parts costs, high repair labor
because of their crazy designs, and basically they do have a tendency of falling apart as
they age, hey it had serious engine problems, they didn’t build the internals right, and
a lot of the engines blew out, and if you want to price a new engine in a porsche, you
better have some money in your bank account, I would have to say with the porsche 911s
that’s probably the worst used sports car you could possibly buy, from my own customers
experience I’ve had quite a few of them say, hey look scotty I got a great deal on this
911 porsche, and then if they keep it for a year or two or three years and they total
what they have to spend on it or what they will have to spend if they want it to run
right, their like oh man I’m kicking myself for buying that thing, I even had one customer
who bought one new and then kept it for decades thinking, I’m not going to drive it much,
after decades he had like 20,000 miles on the car, and he thought oh it’s going to be
worth money one day, then we went to try to sell it when it was old and he was old too,
and he found out nobody wanted to pay any serious money for that thing everybody knows
how much money it costs to fix them, and when it was that old all the rubber parts went
out, the ac went out, the steering bushings went out, I mean those are expensive cars
to maintain and buying a used one, is probably one of the worst decisions anyone could ever
make, now the next used sports car not to buy is
the dodge challenger, especially the 2013-2014 model, consumer reports, they said that it
didn’t even complete their reliability test, the 2013-2014 challengers, yes they have a
lot of horsepower, but v8 engines that are screamers, they are a chrysler product and
they do have a tendency of falling apart as they age, people are always doing burnouts
in them, the people who buy those cars with the big v8 engines, they drive the heck out
of them, the probably get the most abuse of any sports car out there, if your buying a
used one your taking a huge gamble that the thing is going to last and it’s not on it’s
final legs already, if you really have the hots for one of those, lease the thing, then
you know what you’re going to pay out, your leasing the vehicle, it’s not something long
term and you can have some fun with it, but buying a used one, is that a gamble, my advice
with that one is, get an older one, maybe from the 60’s, that at least will hold it’s
value, you take care of it, if you like it you could keep it forever, if you don’t you
could sell it, if you get it at a good price, the modern ones their values go down fast
now the last used sports car never to buy is the audi s5, yes another German car isn’t
that surprising, now I’ve had a lot of customers that were suckered and they thought they’d
buy one used because of the prices, a new one when it went for $54k hey it loses over
$34k of it’s value if it’s 4-5 years old, so they thought hey, I can get a $54k car
for $20k and it look great and it handles and rides really well, at least for the time
being, they are endless money pits as the age, price some of the parts at an audi dealership,
and at least here in the US it’s not that easy to get aftermarket parts that are any
good for audis, they don’t sell enough of each model, like Toyota they sell million
of camrys, corollas, aftermarket parts are all over the place, but with the audis your
often stuck to dealer only parts where they just stick it to you with a crazy pricetag
and half the time they don’t even have it in stock you have to order it and wait, as
an example I was working on one time, and I found out it needed a fuel pressure regulator,
a little bitty thing you know it should be $80-90 max right, so I go in and they say,
well we don’t sell the fuel pressure regulator as a individual part, you got to buy this
whole assembly for $900 something, and this was on a customers car who had of course bought
the thing used and thought he got a deal, well at least I got it to run decently, I
didn’t put the part on it was so expensive and he just sold the car, he said I can see
it’s a money pit and he got rid of the car, and since he bought it used he only lost like
$3-4,000 so that’s a cheap lesson to learn and not buy one of these audi in the first
place when their used, so hopefully now I’ve saved you guys a whole bunch of money and
grief by telling you which used sports cars that you should just run away from if you’re
even thinking about buying one, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

100 Replies to “5 Used Sports Cars You Should Never Buy”

  1. I know people are going to debate the Challenger being classified as a sports car. Well it’s a muscle/sports car and it’s a competitor to the Corvette, which is a sports car.

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  2. Bought a Porsche 914 many years ago, my back still aches just viewing a photo of one as it reminds me of how it was working on that mid engine!

  3. My Saturn Sky Turbo runs like a charm, drives on rails and turns heads, no thanks to Scotty's advice. If he had it his way, we would all be driving Camry's & Hondas, BORING….

  4. Good morning I have 2006 caddy dots problem I have a leak an no prowler streeindg rev is full what could be my problem

  5. On any Mercedes SL built after 2003, you can spend a small fortune repairing them. A routine break service cost over 2k, you can spend 5k on a certain kind of suspension repair, you can drop 10k in the blink of an eye. You are better off getting a Corvette than a 911 or SL, these cars may have better cabin materials than a Vette, but as far as reliability and general up-keep, the Vette is a superior car.

  6. Huh. That's funny. Cause my buddies 100k mile Porsche he daily drives has been one of the most reliable cars he's ever owned, and outside of a small transmission repair he did himself in 2 hours, it's been nothing but solid. As for the Solstice and Sky, once again, look for cross compatibility with components from other makes and models across the GM line. I could argue this for the Audi too. Volkswagen will crossshare parts across all their brands. Hell, there's a guy out there that found out his Lamborgini uses an Audi fan for the radiator and was super cheap at a junk yard. He was also able to find that a cheap Alpha Romeo economey car in Europe shared the same transmission pump as his Ferrari. Also, keep in mind that a lot of parts, especially electric ones, are made by another company. You'd be surprised the money you can save going right to Bosch for example. These manufacturers buy things already made by other companies that fit many different brands, makes, and models.

  7. In Europe Audi parts are easy to come by … there are aftermarket VW parts that fit just as well and cost a fraction of the money. I agree with Scotty that in the US this is different, parts are not easy to come by, mechanics don't work on many of these cars so they don't know all the tricks etc.

  8. Scott in case you didn’t know EVERY vehicle depreciates, its the nature of the business. Every car at some point requires repairs. I rather buy a car that requires repairs every 2 years than your crappy car which dont last. Seems you never owned a Porsche or MB cause if you did you wouldn’t worry about cost of repair. Please dont be so narrow minded, kmow the business of vehicle manufacturing.

  9. Surprised to find Porsche on this list. Have run a Porsche Boxter for 10 years. Perfect reliability, no major bills, great fun to drive. Still looks great. And annualised depreciation is negligible.

  10. I wonder if the cat in the background is like here he goes again waving and yelling at the piece of electronic thing in front of him
    Your great Scotty so entertaining

  11. You keep showing porsche. Yet porsche is a solid built car. The ims bearing was something that only affected 5% of them. And was a quick fix from the dealership. In fact the 911 turbo is one of the best used sports cars you can get. Solid engine. Strong turbo. Maintenance is high due to it being a porsche. Common sense.

  12. As usual, Scotty is right-the cost of maintaining these cars is so high that the market devalues them. Of course, if you can do the work yourself, they can be a good deal. My BIL bought a used Boxter from an old man who only put 30,000 miles on it (the car was 12 years old). The first year the car cost him over $2000; and the bills got larger. After 3 years he had enough and sold it..who really wants these "White Elephants"? Rich people don't, (they lease new every 3 years), middle class people don't-which means they get sold to people too poor to maintain them-then they really fall apart.

  13. hey i got a bmw 03 e39 530i for $500 off this guy who lost his license. And it just needed new tires. I beat the living hell out of it for the past two years and the only thing that i needed to do was oil changes and tires. {rear more often then the front tires of course} it had 150000 on it when i got it and now it has 188648 on it and still runs like a champ. it has the 3.0l i6 m54b30 engine i love it.

  14. Interesting.
    I have watched videos of people mentioning that they had Porsches Boxster 986 used and put between 458 to 790 dollars per year on the required maintenance, with around 1289 to 2567 dollars for both required maintenance AND improvements.
    Obviously these were DIY done, not including labor cost.
    Its one of the reasons I have been looking at that particular car for a few months and considering it. It was sort of my teenage dream car so getting it cheap would be quite cool.

  15. I’m a sales rep I drove a Pontiac solstice every summer for 4 years putting 100,000 miles. It used the ecetec motor form the Colorado pick up (which Scotty said was a good motor) I never had a problem. The interior was cheap very cheap! However if anyone is looking for a poor man’s weekend rag top, definitely recommend.

  16. Talks about a Porsche M96 while showing a picture of a 996 Turbo! Wrong engine, that's got the Mezger engine with none of the issues of the M96. ?

  17. The only thing left in a 2 seater SC is a Honda S2000. I test rode one and even as a small guy I felt cramped and knew I couldn't do vacation trips to the mountains in one. The Miata has a good build quality but just not enough motor. YMMV

  18. You are seriously right, Scotty. Porsches and Audis are pieces of crap; even when they are brand new. I got 33 years of driving experience with all well known brands and just can agree with you.

  19. I second the Audi S5 MONEY PIT. My experience is with our 08 S5 purchased new, dealer maintained its entire life even after the warranty expired. Has just over 75k miles. BUYERS BEWARE of the engine design flaw with the V8 model that will cost you thousands yearly to correct.. (Well documented here on YouTube) It can happen as early as 30k miles or what seems to be just after the warranty expires. The car is driven with spirit, but not abuse. The issue, Cylinder Misfires and the repair required to clear the CEL. First, the excessive cost to remove the intake manifold to clean the carbon build up on the valves and heads. Also, include the required plug and coil replacements. You’re looking at over $3,000 religiously almost to the date of the last repair. Used top tier gas and high quality oil. Also, Sea Foam, Lucas, Royal Purple fuel system and intake valve/manifold cleaners will not correct the issue. It will just mask the issue a little longer. Next, The control modules are another issue. They will fail and when they do, they do in pairs and cost $1000.00 plus to replace. Last issue is the entire front suspension, the bushings start to tear at 35-40k miles requiring expensive parts and high labor cost to replace.

  20. The only Porsche with some reliability is the cayman s, my friends has lasted for 4 years of daily driving.

  21. "Stay away from used Italian sports cars." Of the over thirty cars I've owned ten were older Alfa Romeos — four Spiders, three GTV6s, a Milano, a 164Q, and an Alfetta GTV. Great cars, fantastic cars. The 164Q was expensive to own; not unreliable but just expensive maintenance. The others were no problem as long as you take care of them. Reeves Callaway said he couldn't break the GTV6 engine though he tried, whereas he had no problem breaking the engines on other makes. Scotty's a fun guy but has some blind spots.

  22. Used Porsches are solid cars. Sorry…gotta hard disagree with that one. They're usually well maintained, the construction is like a tank, and they're always at the top of reliability lists. The 98-2007 models had a fatal design issue that's most likely been corrected at this stage of their life. Oil changes are easy to do in the garage with an extractor (the oil filter is easily accessible in most models). The interiors are leather and durable plastics, and they don't go nuts on tech so there's not a lot to break. Porsche flat 6's are pretty bulletproof. The older air-cooled models are legendary in their longevity (we have 3 1980's models in our local PCA with over 400K miles on them!)

    If you can find a good deal on a Porsche (especially a single owner one), spend $130 for an inspection on it and if it passes, you'll have an amazing vehicle for a long time.

  23. ….. talking about expensive fuel pressure regulators….. I am looking at a nice used 2001 Aprilia RSV Mille 1000cc Superbike… that owner says it will crank and run good for a few minutes and dies… said shop assessed bike needs fuel system work and injectors cleaned $800…. I asked a local shop bike specialist and he said super hard to find anyone that will work Italian sport bikes…. he could at home but children now….. and the shop he works for all will do "just get you rolling" work on those bikes…. he said a fuel pressure regulator for the Aprilia is $700 alone… if that may be wrong with the one I may buy ?..

  24. You lost all credibility when you threw every Porsche under the bus. It was only a few years of Porsche production that had the issue you're referring to. I personally owned one of the Porsches you say to avoid for almost 3 years and had zero issues the entire time I owned it. My next car will be another Porsche. A 997 911 is what I'm getting. If you want a sports car that will cost you the least amount of money to run, get a Porsche. Talk to Rob at Superspeeders who has EXTENSIVE experience with sports cars.

  25. Number 6-2002 Camaro Z28/LT1 engine-when the oil pan gasket springs a leak, as it will, you have to pull the engine to replace the gasket. My mechanic said "This is the era where GM took 3 pounds of crap and jammed it into a 1 pound container."



  27. Biggest piece of junk i ever drove was a 1987 Camaro Berlinetta with the 2.8 engine, total crap on wheels, pretty though lol

  28. Yet another great video from Scotty. I am really hooked on these youtube videos Scotty, but its a shame a lot of wat you talk about it not really relavant for UK cars. But even still I will keep on watching. Keep them coming Scotty.Cheers. Simon from the Cornwall UK.

  29. Scotty, what’s your opinion on used horses and new horses? Also which makes and models are the most reliable and fuel efficient?

  30. Scotty is right …if you work at taco bell…dont buy a nice car that might cost a few bucks to buy……….LIFE cost money people…get a better job and live life and marry a hot blond !!!……..Or buy a camery and marry a troll….lol

  31. My wife's '04 Camry has been a money pit. The A/C has gone out twice in ten years. The LCD readouts in the dash don't work when it's hot. The glovebox stops broke. The powdercoating on the wheels blistered off in several places and the metal underneath is badly corroded. The upper oil pan gasket leaks. The power windows are starting to fail. Several other small things too. She bought the car new and has had all maintenance and repairs done at Toyota dealerships (for stupid amounts of money) at the correct maintenance intervals so bad ownership can't be blamed.

  32. Porsche M96 is an engine, not a car. The car that engine came in was a Porsche 996. That was the first water cooled 911. Not my favorite. You can get a really good one for dirt cheap. The last of the air cooled 911s (993) in good condition are selling for close to new prices, or more for the Turbos.

    The 911 is my first choice for a top-tier sports car. I love driving other people's Ferraris, but don't want to own one. A Porsche 911 is a car you can drive every day, and do track days on weekends. Yeah, a proper oil change will set you back 250 bucks, but it is the price you pay for a great driving car.

    Never buy ANY used high-performance car without a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) from an expert in the brand you are looking to buy. It may cost you 300-bucks, but it is well worth it. You just don't know what the previous owner did to the car without a PPI. Make sure you go to a shop that specializes in that brand. That is not a job for a shade-tree mechanic.

    BTW Scotty, Toyota is coming out with a new Supra — with a German engine from BMW. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

  33. Scotty, there are some exceptions…. not everyone could walk into a Ferrari dealership and pick up a new one…. even if they wanted to.

  34. Can you give some insight on a Used M4? I heard the 2015/2016 models have a couple of issues, especially if you put on some after market equipment.

  35. Lol I had a brand new 2015 Camaro SS 2SS convertible. I babied it and I don't think I even spun out lol it was more for show. I recently traded it in a year ago for a Truck.

  36. I'm car'd out !!! Maybe that's the point? To watch so many vids on YouTube that your only conclusion is….they are all just pieces of pressed steel…they all depreciate fast…my next car will be a prius ! Maybe a prime if I win some money….but ultimately they are all money pits!!! I just want an easy life ! And that is not spent at the side of the road waiting for recovery or at a dealership getting my car repaired….I see why the rich just hire the odd one now and again….anyway yes many many hours spent living vicariously through others has probable saved me hours of pain !!! After all last episode of top gear proved in the real world no one can go fast !!! O well thank you too scotty…you are what YouTube should be about! honest guys sharing their opinions….?✌

  37. Porsche post 2009 the only reliable poor man’s sports car. 987.2 and 997.2 Have driven my cayman s from 52,000 to 119,500 and had no problems. Engine oil, Pdk oil, fuel 99ron and tyres will cost you obviously but the car keeps going. Buy a tvr, jag, Aston, Mercedes, bmw and you’re asking for trouble…

  38. Scotty.    You finally talked about an Audi.   They must be reliable if you don't talk about them in your other videos.   Or do you shy away from working on German vehicles?

  39. i bought a 2000 porsche boxter in 2004. it had very little mileage on it. i drove it very little probably putting about 5,000 to 7,000 miles per year on it. I have had 10 cars and I can't say that the porsche had any more or less problems than any other car i had. also the please and fun i had with it outweighed any maintenance cost problems. this guy sounds like he has a little bias against porsche.

  40. NEVER buy a used sports car. Whoever owned them before you def ran them into the ground and drove them like morons. All those losers who think they are in a fast and furious movie flooring it and breaking hard all the time. Theres a reason they are so cheap. People dont treat those cars with care. There too busy trying to act cool in them driving like morons

  41. Another sports car to avoid I thought would b 91-96 corvettes with the optic spark system n the water pump above the distributor so if the water goes it takes out the distributor

  42. If you’re not willing to do basic maintenance yourself then yes, buying a performance car is a bad idea. 911’s overall are extremely reliable when compared to other exotics and super cars In their categories.
    Pride = reliability

  43. The advice against Porsches might be an American experience. In Europe a 911 in good shape is one of the best sport cars one can buy. There a plenty of specialist mechanics that are not OEM where you can service and repair your Porsche.

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