5 TALLEST GIANTS To Ever Step Foot In A WWE Ring (REAL Heights)

5 TALLEST GIANTS To Ever Step Foot In A WWE Ring (REAL Heights)

Originally billed at 7ft 3 but with an actual
height of 7ft 1, The Great Khali made his debut in the WWE when he attacked The Undertaker
during his match with Mark Henry. He then made his in-ring debut when he defeated Funaki.
This was no wrestling match… this was literal murder… Throughout his 8-year stay in the
WWE, Khali only won one title which was the World Heavyweight Championship. Don’t forget
he also won a slammy for “Damn! Moment of the Year!” for his Khali kiss cams… Yeah
that was a thing! It’s a shame that he went from being a once dominant giant to doing
stuff like this… Referred to as the forgotten big man by the
WWE themselves, Giant Silva was a giant of a man standing at a real height of 7ft 2.
He wrestled for the WWF in 1997 and was the resident muscle of the stable, The Oddities.
The Brazilian giant only had a short tenure in the WWF mostly competing on the losing
end of tag team and handicap matches. After his brief stint in the WWF, Giant Silva would
go on to transition into MMA as well as wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling which even saw
him clash with The Great Khali! I’m sure Vince McMahon was watching that match and
loving every second of it. It probably went a little something like this… Jordan Omogbehin is the WWE’s newest giant
in town. Standing at an impressive 7ft 3in tall (which is his real height by the way),
this makes him the 3rd tallest competitor in WWE history! But, a lot of you may have
not heard of Jordan and that’s because he’s been training at the WWE Performance Center.
Jordan made his in-ring debut at an NXT house show last month where he squashed 3.0 in a
2-on-1 handicap match. It will be interesting to see how the WWE will use this giant of
a man on the main roster. The most famous giant to ever compete in the
squared circle was that of Andre The Giant. Prior to his world-famous match with Hulk
Hogan at WrestleMania 3, Andre had not been defeated in the 15 years he competed in the
WWF. Andre was a gentle giant but if there was one thing you did not do with Andre, that
was tell him what to do… When it comes to Andre’s height, it’s difficult to verify
his exact height due to a lot of conflicting sources. His official website lists him as
7ft 4 but other sources claim he was just over 7ft tall especially comparing him next
to the 7ft 1 Wilt Chamberlain. It’s quite possible that he was 7ft 4 in his peak but
bad posture as well the effects of acromegaly took a toll on his health as well as his height. Probably the most intimidating giant to ever
step foot in a WWE ring was that of the Giant Gonzalez. He was best remembered for his epic
showdown against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 9 which was The Undertaker’s only WrestleMania
win by disqualification. Giant Gonzalez was a truly terrifying giant who struck fear into
anyone in his path and to those who disturbed him… Giant Gonzalez came out to the ring
wearing a full furry body suit and was announced standing at 8 feet tall which was a large
exaggeration on the WWE’s behalf. In reality, he stood at around the 7ft 7 mark which even
so, makes him the tallest ever WWE wrestler still to this day.

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  1. That was a poor choice of words to say that Khali literally Murdered Funaki considering he actually killed a guy in the ring from a botched powerbombs from a few years earlier…..look it up.

  2. AYEEEE MY BOIIIII TOP 5 love ur vids keep it up man I CLOCKED ON THIS IS SOON AS I SAW IT
    Heart emoji heart emoji heart emoji
    Ps shaq should’ve been a honerable mention

  3. Andre was never even close to a legit 7'4". He was billed at 214 cm (7'0.25") in his prime in 1971 in France. If you were using his legit height, he wouldn't have even made this list because he was shorter than Khali. He was probably more like 6'11" at his tallest. In the famous pictures with 7'1" Wilt Chamberlain, Andre was wearing big cowboy boots and still looked a little shorter than Wilt. He was a gigantic guy, but not that tall. Similar to Big Show.

  4. In a March 1971 clip (age 24). Andre himself claims to be 2.14m (Just over 7ft) and 171kg (377lbs). Thanks to a French translator. I don't know about you, but I think I have to go with the man himself here. Plus this looks like Prime Andre here. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2zCvL87K3bk.

  5. Always knew where shit going with actually height in WWE .also means Kane is about 6'8-6'9 and Bigshow is 6'11-7'0

  6. he was not a scary Giant he was way too skinny with a fake suit on 2 hide how skinny he was the tallest but Andre was the overall biggest giant at over 7 feet and a legitimate 500 lb and had the look of a giant Andre was a true proven power house also Andres voice could be very scary just watch matches with him No One Compares

  7. Great Khali akka dalip Singh Rana is 7feet 6 inch tall.you know nothing about them because you never accept any Indian is taller & greater than Americans.

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  9. Yo in my book Anerd the giant will always be the tellest man in the wwe and always will be the8wongs of the world. And the one and truth giant. And that's word to my family and friends that made God bless their souls that they rest in peace and I say word up doc. August19_2019.

  10. Whole WwE is a fixed Entertainment presentation , Which work on contracts and conditions, Reality is totally 0

  11. All with major pituitory gland pronlems, these guys would have HgH outputs far in excess of normal ranges. All will/would have had serious joint and internal organ problems later in life leading to short life expectancy..

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