5 sports sedans under 10k

5 sports sedans under 10k

Are you looking for a fun sporty car that can be practical and comfortably fit five passengers for less than 10 thousand dollars? If you answered yes then this video is for you. I’ll be showing you five sport sedans for under ten thousand dollars

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  1. Sorry for the rough voice. I haven't been feeling well lately. Anyways as always, I hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to follow me on social media for updates, links below
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  2. bruh. BMW 335i, Lexus IS350, Infiniti G37, Acura TL, and Audi A5. All round same class and similar HP and Torque.

  3. I drive a 2007 lexus is350. Its fast, good looking, reliable, very nice interior, and cost me less than 7k. I like your list though. Wouldn't buy a bmw or audi used though. I'm too broke to afford fixing them up ?

  4. You're an idiot, you know nothing about cars. BMW makes a V6??? LOL dumbass, bimmers are known for their inline engines (go google that).

  5. @vehicle virals I liked a few sedans on your list but the one I was looking for was the Infiniti G35 sport (could pass as a 4-door 350Z), which has been a rival to the 3-series for quite some time now. I guess not all sports sedans under $10 K can make the cut

  6. Subaru legacy gt? Same turbo engine used in wrx and basically a wrx in a bigger sedan form and a bit more luxurious and less aggressive, but just as fast. These cars are between 6k to 10k

  7. Before I was watching this in the intro part I was like there’s an si because people always put but what about the Jetta GLI I was like please be a gli in there’s and there was one wow

  8. Audi A4 and vw GLI are great choices. Rather than a 2010 it would be wiser to get a 2012+ from that gen as they made updates to the timing chains and water pump issues that were more noticeable in the 2010s & 2011s. Yes they could still fail but there are recalls for them and will be swapped with updated parts at no charge. Great cars

  9. Good choices; all cars I considered buying….I love the TSX wagons myself. They're rare and so beautiful.
    This one is gonna be contraversial with many peeps, but being a Mazda fan I'd put the Mazda 6 v6 on there… It's quick (6 sec 0-60), reliable, nice interior. Also the 2014 Mazda 3 s sedan as well.. Very quick 4 cyl car too with awesome technology and corner carving handling. I used to work for Mazda and know these cars well. Bit of a stretch finding a 2014 Mazda3 for under $10 but doable… I think especially within the next year of depreciation.

  10. so sad that in europe cars are much much more expensive than in USA, for example AUDI A4 2010 costs min. 15k euros which is aprox. 18k dollars 🙁 and the 328i is 16k euros which is 19k dollars

  11. I live in the UK and never really heard of Acura, nor have I ever seen one on the roads. I love the Honda Civic, it's one of my favourite cars. Lexus is also quite nice

  12. 1. BMW 328i
    2. Civic Si
    3. Audi A4
    4. Volkswagen Jetta GLI
    5. Acura TSX

    You gotta message me man. I would love to share my ideas for list entries and/or videos!

  13. Bruh u put a civic si over the Nissan Maxima for luxury sport sedan… the maxima is literally designed to be a budget luxury sport sedan and it does it very well

  14. I think my pick would be a ford taurus sho (the eco boost model) it'll be hard to find one that cheap but it's a dope ass sleeper with twin turbos AND AWD, it's also got a very family friendly interior with sexy leather plus nice features like heated seats

  15. The bmw first on the list doesn’t come with a v6 it’s a straight 6 aka inline 6. Since you have one you should know.

  16. Hey brotha don't sleep on the 06 to 07 Infiniti M45s V8 dual over head cam engine.335 HP 334 TQ. Pretty quick for a bigger sedan!? high mileage ones under 10 all day!

  17. I’m sorry but you can’t daily drive the bmw? Also, you considered the 4g eclipse gt “slow” ….. guy,……. you just posted many slow POS cars that are Literally slower??.

  18. the audi a4 and vw jetta gli are clones of each other, even built at the same plant in germany, i would of switched one of them for a G35 sedan but good video man keep it up!

  19. I bought a G8 v6 for just under 10k and its faster then all these lol 250hp 249 ft/lbs audio system sport mode auto or manual

  20. Thought this was gonna be a good video
    Until the first car you show is a douchey 3 series typical white butches first car thanks fag

  21. Soo many mistakes about the cars, expecially about the bmw, that's just funny how you are doing this reviews without doing some research…

  22. HEy why not include a mercedes c350 ………… ? they have 268 hp , 3.5 v6 and sporty look bro …. and more faster than 328i and a4 and honda civics

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