5 Kĩ năng cần biết với Bàn Phím khi chơi FIFA ONLINE 4 ENGSUB | Phần 1

5 Kĩ năng cần biết với Bàn Phím khi chơi  FIFA ONLINE 4  ENGSUB | Phần 1

*Insane fast pace passing skills* Kid: What the actual fuck is that o_O……! Kid: Oh My God ! Really ??? *Still doesn’t know what is going on* Kid: What ? What ? What the actual fuck is that ? Heh ! Welcome back to Fo4Korea channel ! So in this video I will show you 5 skills you need to know in Fo4.( Part 1) So I think that this can help you guys a lot. Especially for those who want to get higher division in Fo4 or 1v1 your friends ! I hope you guys like this video ! And I hope that I can motivate you guys to play and enjoy this game more. The first skill I want to show you guys is Drag Ball ! Now when i say “drag ball” I mean the skill name is “drag ball” NOT dragging your… You know what i mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Drag ball is a old school skill back in Fo3. Back in Fo3 you used to hold C + controls key that is the opposite direction where’s your player facing is. Like the one you’re seeing on the screen right now. But in Fo4 instead of holding C key to drag ball, you need to hold Z to drag ball in Fo4. It’s mean that you still doing the same thing but the only difference is instead using C key, you use Z key. But because they change it. Lots of people thought that this skill has been remove from the game. So this skill can help you a lot in tight situation. It can also use to change direction a lot quicker than using your controls key. And that player has to have at least 2 stars on skills stat to able to do it However a 2 stars skills player (casemiro) can’t do it while moving (not while sprinting). When you try to hold Z to drag ball while moving with a 2 stars player they will stop the ball instead. But with a 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars, 6 stars skills player you can drag ball while moving (not sprinting). But In Fo3 you can’t drag ball while moving even with a 5 stars player. You have to stop the ball (Q) to do it. So I think this is also something that you guys need to know about. Now let’s talk about the multiple uses of C key! In Fo4 the C key can also use to push, drag, or even punch (0-0 i’m joking but i wish there is one for that as well) your opponent player when their player is holding the ball. For example when you try to steal the ball from your opponent, all you need to do is move your player close to that player and SPAM THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THAT C KEY ! And your defender or midfielder will automatically push or drag their player to either slow or steal the ball from that player. Like the one you’re seeing on the screen now. But when you are the one holding the ball you can also use C to keep their defender away from the ball. All you need to do is simple… SPAM THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THAT C KEY ! Your player will use their shoulder or their “big fat butt” to push their defender away from the ball or turn their back to their defenders to keep them away from the ball. Even with the strongest defenders can’t do a god dam thing about that ! Like the way Messi is pushing Smalling on the screen now ! Even Smalling The One, The Captain of MU, one of the most powerful football EMPIRE ever created on the planet ! Can’t do shit about it ! Ok… At this point. I know lots of MU fans gonna piss off about what i just said… (~˘▾˘)~. But hear me out. The reason why I said that is because I want to show you guys how effective it is ! So I’m sorry if I make any of MU fans feel offended…¯_(ツ)_/¯. I mean it… I’m just joking around so…Please don’t be mad… please….. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ. Ok back to the video… This trick (or skill) is very effective. Fun fact: I just figured this one out myself a few days ago. Before I knew about this I got shitted on by this trick (or skill) to the point that It’s not even funny ಠ╭╮ಠ. Other than that there was a time there was a skill that I already showed my viewers how to do about a year ago. So that skill back in Fo3, the way you do it is tap Q while running your player will stop and then you want to immediately start sprinting again. But in Fo4 this skill got nerfed and the way you do it is instead of using your Q to stop the ball, you use your C to stop the ball. But it not as good as it used to be. Like the one Iniesta is doing on the screen now. *Tap “C”* See ? He stopped then sprint again, that make their defender kinda shock and can’t react to it. Now look closely. *Tap “C”* See that ? I tap “C” to stop the ball then immediately sprint forward and pass to pogba. In conclusion I can’t show all the use of “C” in this video because it will be to long. So I want your opinion on this. I want you guys to comment down below. Do you want me to make a specific video about all the use of “C” or not? Let me know. Now onto the next one ! CE ! I’m one of those people who extremely like this skill ! Why ? You ask ? Because it’s so easy to do and very very very very effective in almost all situations ! You can use it to make sudden direction change, you can use it to dribble through defenders ! *talking randomly (._.) ( l: ) ( .-. ) ( :l ) (._.)* In this video I just want to show you that “CE” useful in FO3 and now in Fo4 it’s still useful. If you want to know how to do this skill, I already have a video how to use “CE”. I put the link to that video in the description below so check it out. Even tho that video is a video tutorial how to use “CE” in Fo3 but there is no difference between the two when it comes to this so you can also use it in Fo4 as well not just Fo3. Don’t Forget To Like And Subscribe For More Helpful Video Like This One ! Auf Wiedersehen (Till I see you again) Peace !

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