5 Game Balapan Terbaik di Android, Nyesel Kalau Nggak Instal!

5 Game Balapan Terbaik di Android, Nyesel Kalau Nggak Instal!

Brum bruumm, ciiittt.. Hi, good looking guys… Racing games is one of the most popular gaming categories among smartphone users, with stunning graphics that will pamper your eyes, Gang. Also the full action of speeding, which will entertain the players. Aw, I also want to be entertained! Hihi.. This time, JalanTikus will recommend the best racing game for Android smartphone users who has thirst for speed. So, you can taste a bit of racing sensation in the real world via smartphone. Check it out! In the first place, there is the latest racing game made by Gameloft, what else beside Asphalt Street Storm Racing. The latest Asphalt series game with a slightly different gameplay when compared to the Asphalt series in general. Arguably, this time the game is more specific to drag racing, Gang. But just like the previous Asphalt game, Street Storm Racing is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Here, you will feel the sensation of darting through storms, blizzards, and heat, Gang. Not only that, Asphalt Street Storm Racing presents a wide selection of licensed vehicles that you can try! Starting from old school cars to high-powered supercars, which can be customized with a variety of paints, superchargers, nitro systems, and much more. In the second position, there is Real Drift Car Racing. Which of you likes to hassle, skid and drift? You definitely will love this game! Real Drift Car Racing presents racing simulations that are so realistic, yet easy to control. So the game still feels good. Real Drift Car Racing is divided into 2 versions, the free version and with 4 circuits, Gang. You can upgrade to paid version to open all existing circuits for only 12.000 rupiah. Cheap, right? Well, hope you succeed to be a Drift King! In third position, Real Racing 3. EA racing game that certainly satisfy every lover of Android racing games, Gang. Real Racing 3 has a pretty realistic gameplay, so you can taste a bit of racing sensation in the real world. Also the cool blend of graphic detail, will definitely make you amazed! Real Racing 3 maintains the visual quality that EA has brought since its first series, even improving it to different levels. Collections of cars and tracks in the game look like the original portraits translated into video games. EA is also very kind Gang, providing updates that make Real Racing 3 remains relevant until now. Immediately try it! In fourth, there’s Need for Speed: No Limits. If Real Racing 3 presents a racing simulation that is close to reality, different with Need for Speed: No Limits is presenting more action. Although cannot reach the quality of the console, but many argue if the graphics Need for Speed: No Limits is quite good. Simply spoil your eyes for a long time in a thrill-speed racing action. Especially with the concept of Grinding, which is designed to make you more challenged to play it. Do not miss also the customization of the car, Gang. Although not as deep and cool as Need for Speed: Underground 2, but enough to eliminate your thirst for racing games with a great level of customization! Many things you can modify, ranging from body kit, spoiler, exhaust and others. Immediately download it! And for our smaller brothers. Relax, there is also a game for you. In the last position, there is Cars: Fast as Lightning. Cars: Fast as Lightning combines two unique elements of Gang, the race and town building simulation. Racing inside the game, will happen automatically. In other words, you do not have to drive left or right. You just have to hold the gas so that the car can go and release it in the face of the bend so that the car does not slip. The art is to know when to gas and know when to slow down. When you are finished with the race, you will return to the city where the other cars are assembled. Here, you can build a place to stay for the cars, visit the garage to do the paint job, to adorn the city with various objects that will make the atmosphere of the city more alive. Those are some of the best car racing games on Android that you can try, Gang. If you have any other Fast and Furious game recommendations, please write your comments below and watch the other JalanTikus videos!

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  1. Sebenarnya yg terbagus itu nfs no limits tapi sayang game ini jadi susah karena adanya sistem blueprint kampret..masa harus untung untungan ngumpulin blueprint biar dapat mobil dan bisa modif

  2. W paling gedeg ma game racing klo da balapanya klo nabrak mobil lain malah nembus kan begonya kebangetan keq nfs no limit maen multipelernya klo ditabrak malah tembus.ktemu lawanya jg jauhh diatas speed qita asuu.pdhal nfs nolimit bagus tp malezz maeninya klo keq gitu ?

  3. No limit? Aspahlt? Nope itu game gak bagus. 1 no limit terlalu pendek dan mobil bukan beli tapi ngumpulkan blueprint dan 2 aspahlt fisik mobil terlalu arcade, game unrealistic dan no modification. Yang seharusnya di ganti assoluto racing, Car X drift 1-2, dan yang baru Torque Drift

  4. Asphalt 9 kok gak ada, asphalt 9 gak semua ada ya di play store, khusus hp bagus baru muncul di play store mu asphalt 9

  5. Real Drift pro Tanpa Bayar
    1 download aptoide
    2sesudah download aptoide
    3tulis Yang kamu mau Tanpa Bayar!

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