5 Football Skills You Can Use in a Match

Today we’re gonna teach You five cool football Skills that you can do in a Match and although Yes i know you can’t teach Brilliance It has to come to you in the moment well if you do Learn These five Skills You’ve Got some Pretty cool stuff to Draw upon in a Match and to teach you guys How to do it i brought a Little Help from a Friend Who has some cool skills he also happens to be the guy who is Normally Behind the camera Number five The ultimate body Feint Step Across the Ball in a quick motion to unbalance Your opponent Step past the ball in the opposite direction to fake a Dribble Now use your momentum to go back and this Time Bring The ball with you Dancing Like a Ballerina Hand me that Wand i am a Wizard look at His face, Just look at his face Number four the Eriksen – Use your body to shield the ball Take One Step in front of the ball with your weak Foot Now drag the ball in one Swift motion While twisting Your body and let the ball go through Your opponent’s legs Do you Need a plug to fill that gap mate Number three step Over rabona Roll The Ball Sideways While stepping Over the ball with your Weak Foot Do a Rabona and choose, to go either Through The legs or past your opponent look at That I’ve sent Him for a hot Dog taxi for jay Number two – the outside akka Gently Drag The ball in front of You with the inside of your Foot Wait for the defender to take a Step push the ball back Through Your opponent’s legs with the outside of your Foot Hey Jay are you even trying mate Number 1 the Flying eagle Roll The ball back and flick It Up whilst Jumping Lean To Your strong side in order to stretch enough to hit the ball with your Weak Foot When the Ball is in the air tap It with your weak foot to bring It Around Your opponent 60% of The time This trick Works Every time Ok, so hopefully you’re going to learn all of The five tricks at some point but if you’re struggling to get the hang of all of them go back and Watch The video again Until you Master them because as you may Know practice Makes Perfect We also Really want to know What you want us to teach you in the future should We Make The tricks easier Should We Make Them harder You Should Let us know in the comment Section right down Below Also If You want to learn 5 more cool tricks that you can use To impress Your Friends you Should Click the link right down here and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking Up here To learn even more cool tricks in the future leave me a Thumbs up if you enjoyed me getting Roasted by the Cameraman and Spread The Word By sharing the video With Your friends and with That Said i’m signing off cheerio Translated these subs? Leave your name here for credit and unrivalled appreciation 😉

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