5 FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenges to Make Your Game More Exciting & Realistic

5 FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenges to Make Your Game More Exciting & Realistic

So it’s a running theme that Career Mode
tends to get a bit stale and repetitive after a while because the mode doesn’t offer anything
new to keep players enticed. Well, in the past I’ve released videos giving
ideas on how to mix it up with challenges to make it more exciting. I plan to give you guys more ideas with this
video today in order give you some freshness in your career mode saves and perhaps bring
you back to the mode for FIFA 20. Before we start, if you enjoy this video,
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tactics in fifa 20. With that being said, let’s get into the
challenges. First of all, we start off with the strict
owner challenge. In this situation, the owner of your club
is heavily driven by financial targets. Perhaps it’s even a plc which needs to show
profit in order to please the shareholders and maintain a high share price on the stock
market. As a result, you have to make profit in every
transfer window; so your transfer fees will be lower than your sales in every transfer
window. Profit doesn’t carry over from each window,
so you start with a clean slate at the start of every window. This only includes transfers. If you’re making profit and generating income
from other means such as sponsorship or tv revenue etc. that makes no difference. The profit has to be from transfer outgoings. In this challenge, you’ll find it very difficult
to build that squad if you’re having to sell certain players in order to bring in
new ones. Creating a dynasty will be very tough and
a real challenge for you to overcome. The majority of you will probably start with
top tier football teams, but if you want to make it very tough for yourself, then start
with a club in one of the lower tiers, particularly leagues one and two in England; where your
players will carry much lower transfer fees, but to improve the side you’ll have to pay
higher prices. That one will be a real tough, intriguing
challenge. Next up we have the transfer ban challenge. Now, I don’t really need to go into too
much detail in order to explain how this challenge works. Think of a Chelsea situation in real life. After some dodgy dealings in the past by the
club before you joined, a disciplinary panel decided to hit your club with a 12 month transfer
ban; meaning that for the next two transfer windows, you will be unable to sign players
for your club. Now, this isn’t a complete transfer ban,
meaning that you can still sell players or loan them out should you wish to, but you’re
unable to make any incoming signings for the next 12 months from when you join. This challenge will see you be forced into
having to work with the players you already have at your disposal for the full first season. Now, there are some work arounds that you
can utilise to your advantage should you choose to. The transfer ban doesn’t stop you from signing
players on a pre-contract agreement during the second half of the first season; so you
should certainly bare that in mind if you decide to take this career mode challenge. Whilst doing this with Chelsea is certainly
a realistic challenge, you should definitely look to find clubs who have a current problem
with the quality in their squad – and are crying out for changes; because then that
will be a real tough challenge to sink your teeth into. From one transfer challenge to another, this
time you’ll be restricted in the transfer window once again, but perhaps not in a way
that you’d think. The Basque Country transfer philosophy is
something that has been at the heart of some clubs within the Basque Country. For those of you who don’t know, Basque
Country is a region covering some of Northern Spain and Southern France. Whilst it’s still part of the respective
countries, it does have features that separate it from the rest, such as its own language,
flag, native food and dialect – and much much more. This regional patriotism has seen some clubs
reflect that in their transfer and staff hire philosophy. In particular, Athletic Bilbao, who will only
sign players if they were either born in the Basque region or have spent a considerable
amount of time there from a young age; most noticeably as part of the youth academy. This way of running the club has seen the
La Liga side praised for not only their desire and proven record of sticking to a philosophy,
but also how it promotes the growth, nurture and promotion of local young talent. Yes, most impressively, the majority of players
who feature for Bilbao are products of its very own youth academy; making it all the
more impressive that the club has been able to remain competitive throughout its existence. Even winning a trophy along the way. A great challenge for you to sink your teeth
into would be this one. Not only does it encourage you using the youth
academy, but the restrictions in place for you in the transfer market mean that you’ll
be a lot more active minded and challenged throughout the entire transfer process. The best way to replicate it in game in terms
of the youth academy would be to do as follows: send a scout to Spain and a scout to France
(as they’re the two nations covering Basque), then use a random fruit machine generator
which gives you a 1 in 10 chance of promoting a youth player from Spain – and a 1 in 15
chance of promoting a youth player from France. That way it maintains the tough nature of
this challenge – and also represents how small the region is in comparison to the size
of the two respective countries. You also don’t have to do this with Athletic
Bilbao either if you don’t want to. On top of them, you can also pick from other
Basque-based clubs such as: Eibar, Real Sociedad, Deportivo Alaves and Leganes. Whilst these clubs aren’t quite as strict
on this philosophy as Bilbao are, you can soon change that should you choose to manage
one of them instead. Moving on to the fourth challenge on this
list, we have the squad registration rules challenge. This scenario is very much tailored to people
who want a realistic and challenging experience within their career mode saves. It involves you simply adhering to the squad
registration rules for whichever league you decide to start a save in. For example, for Premier League clubs, the
rules are that the squad must have a maximum of 25 players, and at least eight of them
have to be home grown (i.e. have played in England for at least three years before they
turned 21). Meaning you can only have a maximum of 17
foreign players registered. However, it’s important to not that players
under the age of 21 do not have to be registered – and therefore don’t count towards the
squad registration criteria. If you have players beyond the criteria who
you wouldn’t be able to register, then you simply can’t play them. You can do this in other leagues as well. For example, the Chinese Super League has
a very strict policy on squad registration. Clubs can only have up to four foreign players
registered in the squad – and only three in every matchday squad. In addition, every goalkeeper must be of Chinese
nationality. This one is a whole lot tougher, but it’s
certainly an interesting challenge to get your teeth stuck into. There are registration rules in almost every
professional league in the world, so for other divisions which you might want to do this
challenge in, simply do a quick Google search and you’ll be able to find the registration
rules to start this challenge for your chosen club. Fifth and finally on this list, we have the
club liquidation challenge. This ideally needs to be done in either England
or Germany, because Germany has three leagues and England has four. The basis is this. Choose a club, any club in the top league
of the country. That club goes into liquidation; meaning that
they went bust after being unable to pay off many debts and spending beyond their means. They transfer ownership of the club to a new
company, but as a result, are relegated to the bottom tier of that country. Swap them into the bottom league of that country
and start the career mode save with them. Can you return back to the top league in your
Career Mode? However, the challenge doesn’t stop there,
though. Not only do you have to start I the bottom
division, but you also have to sell every player at the club that was already there
at the start. You can not field any current serving player
in any game. All of them have to be new players that you’ve
signed during that career mode. If you’re unable to sell the players from
the old regime in the first transfer window, then that’s fine, but you’re still not
allowed to play them. That’s where the real challenge comes into
play. This scenario is very much modelled on that
of the situation that occurred with Rangers in Scotland a few years ago. Almost the whole of their team from the previous
season had rejected new contracts and had therefore left the club. Forcing them to field an almost entirely new
team of players. This is one that I’m certainly going to
look into doing at some point soon. So, that rounds it off for this video guys. Please do get at me in the comments section
if you have any other suggestions for challenges on career mode that aren’t on this list. Let me know which of these challenges you
fancy doing and In addition, if you tried any of these challenges out, tell me how it
went and what you thought about it. Please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t
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in game. On that note, we’re going to round it off
there. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see
you next time.

17 Replies to “5 FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenges to Make Your Game More Exciting & Realistic”

  1. I've done a Basque cantera-style policy but with Espanyol and Catalan players. There's some really talented options especially Barca youth rejects.

  2. Exactly the career mode videos I'm looking for. Thank you for making such differentiated content for the community that loves playing this game mode! Compliments from Portugal💪

  3. Leganes is not from the Basque Country, it is from Madrid.
    And Bilbao has also signed players from La Rioja and Navarra. But I find the challenge very interesting. Keep the good work up ☺️❤️

  4. Some good ideas. I tend to play a mix between 1 and 4, restricting myself on transfers, limited free signings, getting a youth scout fitting my club, and buying preferably local players.

    I have done number 5 the other way around, took a German 3. Bundesliga club (KSC) starting in 1. Bundesliga and tried not to get relegated, while only buying players not better than my teams average. Not realistic, but a nice challenge. Finished 11th, good times.

  5. Some amazing ideas mate 👍 I love putting a spin on my own career mode. So many friends say to me 'career mode is to easy or career mode is boring' just mix it up a bit with your challenges 👍make it interesting

  6. If you're looking at the Basque challenge… check this out!
    All players match one of the following;
    Born/raised in Basque Country
    Would be eligible if Basque were a national team (i.e. Basque parent or grandparent)
    Passed through a youth system with a Basque club (or Osasuna), however briefly, before age 16

  7. Doing a variation of the Strict Owner Challenge with Newcastle, but I refer to them as "The Mike Ashley Rules", and they are as follow:
    1. Must end each transfer window/ season with a profit
    2. I can't buy players over the age of 26
    3. I must focus more on signing players from the French leagues
    4. I can't sign players from other Premier League sides, but I can loan them. I can sign players from the Championship.
    5. I must focus more on youth academy prospects.
    6. All player contacts must be long term and, if possible, have a minimum release clause added
    7. If I qualify for the Champion's League or win a cup, then I can use the financial takeover ability and scrap the Mike Ashley rules.

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