5 Current WWE Wrestlers With The Best Physiques (2017)

5 Current WWE Wrestlers With The Best Physiques (2017)

I know what you are all going to comment,
something like: “Vince likes big sweaty men.” Well, if that’s the case then this
video is dedicated to you Mr McMahon. But before we get into the list, we would just
like to give our honourable mentions to: Finn Bálor, Jinder Mahal (and his many many veins),
Tony Nese, Seth Rollins, Titus O’Neil and Goldberg (age 50 and he still looks jacked!)
Remember this video is about wrestlers’ physiques (the form, size, and development
of a person’s body) so this does not necessarily mean the strongest wrestlers. We hope this
makes sense, anyway enjoy! It might be surprising to some that we have
included Neville in this list but the King of the Cruiserweights as he is aptly named
has a very good physique especially considering his height and weight. He is not the biggest
of guys with a billed height of 5ft 8 and not the heaviest of guys with a billed weight
of 194lbs but his physique sure tells you a different story. Neville takes on the usual
body building, powerlifting and conditioning that most WWE superstars do but what he excels
at the most is cross conditioning. This means as well as his high-intensity work outs, he
plays a lot of sports including: football (or soccer), basketball, roller hockey and
tennis which all contribute to improving his endurance. What is even more impressive is
how much muscle he has put on since starting his wrestling career. To keep building his
muscles, he says he eats a lot of protein and also a good amount of fruits and vegetables. Billed at 6ft 1 and weighing in at 240lbs,
Apollo Crews has a fantastic physique, even comparable to that of an Olympian. He works
very hard in the gym as you can probably tell with his best friend, Akira Tozawa. I’m
sure it goes a little something like this when working out… [insert video of “aahhh”]
I also wanted to show you all this clip of Apollo Crews recording Tozawa about to do
a deadlift. It is so funny, just watch! What is so scary about Apollo Crew’s physique
is as well as the super strength he possesses, he also is very agile and quick for someone
of his size. He is certainly not letting his heavy muscles get in the way of what he can
do in the air. The word “big” in Big E’s name is a
severe understatement. He’s got big arms, big pecs, big quads, big everything! Big E
is billed at 5ft 11 and weighs a hefty 285lbs. As a child, Big E was always the strongest
kid in class – an advantage he used to win state championships in high school wrestling
and punish quarterbacks on the defensive line for the University of Iowa. At the age of
24, Big E was already setting powerlifting records and setting personal records such
as a 575lb bench press and 806 pound deadlifts. You even have other WWE superstars such as:
John Cena, Roman Reigns, Titus O’Neil, Cesaro and The Big Show all claiming that Big E is
the most impressive bench presser. Even Paige can’t get enough of Big E’s pecs… When you look at Brock Lesnar you cannot help
but think to yourself, what a badass looking beast. His physique is scary looking in a
good way. I mean just look at his pecs, it looks like each one weighs at least 50lbs,
right? Billed at 6ft 3 and weighing in at 286lbs, Brock Lesnar is certainly not a character
you want to mess with. You can ask Randy that. In order to maintain his impressive physique,
Lesnar works out every day (taking no rest days), not the smartest thing to do but I’m
not going to tell him that, are you? He completes this routine every day: round 1 focusing on
pushing movements such as: spiderman-style push-ups, plyo box push-ups, and tire pushes,
round 2 focusing on pulling movements such as: reclining pull-ups, wide grip pull-ups,
and jumping pull-ups, round 3 focusing on cardio such as: very steep incline running
on a treadmill and biking, round 4 focusing on strength training endurance such as: single
arm sledge hammer work and bear crawls and round 5 focusing on intensive cardio such
as: sprinting on a bike while standing and running on a steep incline again. After he
completes this monstrous circuit, he then proceeds to do his strength training. A beast
indeed! Approaching 40 years old this April, John
Cena is still in fantastic shape. His physique reflects the passion and hard work he puts
in each and every day to become the strongest person he can. John Cena works out 5 days
a week: day 1 being on his legs and calves, day 2 being on his chest, day 3 being on his
arms, day 4 being on his shoulders and day 5 being on his back. He also performs one
set of 60 crunches following each training day for abs training. He also keeps to a strict
diet plan which consists of 7 meals. Meal 1 being breakfast which consists of: oatmeal
with applesauce and raisins mixed in, two whole eggs with six egg whites, meal 2 being
a protein bar, meal 3 being lunch which consists of: two chicken breasts, brown rice and vegetables,
meal 4 being whole wheat pita bread with tuna, meal 5 being a banana whey protein shake,
meal 6 being dinner which consists of: chicken or fish with vegetables, a salad, and pasta
or brown rice and finally meal 7 being low fat cottage cheese with another protein shake
but this one made with casein protein.

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  1. Umm some of the information is wrong.


    John Cena works out 4 days a week (2 upper body days, 2 lower body days)
    Brock did the conditioning 1x per week, he worked out 4 days a week . I dont know what is his training regime today.

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    Whatta physique he has, mannn.. OMMGG ,I mean who waaasss that guy??????
    Ohhhh whattt waaass his namee.?
    I still can't remember it????????
    Uhhhhhhhhh that name was in my ****inn mind for many days????????
    Cannot u guess it for me????
    Oooooo Comeonnn
    Don't screw up that early .
    Huhhh finally it came in my mind sorry for wasting 2 damn minutes of ur life. And the name is Samoa Joe, N? Doubts.

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  4. Roman reigns didnt even get an honorable mention? Your one une of my 5 favourite channels but I'm disappointed.

  5. Cool video! Hope you get 1,000,000
    subs someday 😀
    Who else automatically though of King Ross when they heard "Vince
    McMahon likes big sweaty men"?

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    5 Current WWE Wrestlers With The Best Physiques (2017)

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