5 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Fans TURNED ON

5 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Fans TURNED ON

Jason Jordan is best known for being one half
of the tag team: “American Alpha” and as much as we like to forget, Kurt Angle’s
long-lost son. In NXT, American Alpha were loved for their fighting spirit and wrestling
ability and then came the terrible angle… pun most definitely intended… of Jason Jordan
being Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son. What Angle was trying to say was that he wasn’t
“Ready, Willing and Gable” to pull out. Following the announcement, fans immediately
turned on Jordan and his talent in the ring was sadly overshadowed by this truly bizarre
storyline. The only positive thing to come out of that storyline is reading all these
“Next week on RAW” comments. Ronda Rousey made her in-ring WWE debut at
WrestleMania 34 in a match that exceeded expectations. Rousey then went on to have an impressive
rookie run while also making it clear to everyone not to get on her bad side. For this poor
guy, he must have missed the memo…. But she wasn’t just destroying
people physically though, she was destroying them mentally too. Just months after her WWE
in-ring debut, Rousey made light work of Alexa Bliss to win her first WWE championship at
SummerSlam 2018. However, fans slowly started to reject her and by Survivor Series 2018,
Rousey was booed out the building despite being the victim of a vicious assault from
Charlotte Flair. Rousey eventually dropped her Mrs Nice B*tch attitude (in her words)
and turned heel, reminding everyone why she’s known as the “Baddest Woman on
the Planet”. Bayley is a sad example of how fans can suddenly
turn like the flick of a switch. Back in NXT, Bayley was adored by the WWE Universe. Her
overwhelming enthusiasm, her wacky inflatable entrance and not to forget, her hugging, (that
includes grown-men too) made it hard to dislike her. But somehow, fans eventually did. Over
time, fans started to turn on Bayley and that was mainly attributed to the bad booking of
her character. A good example of this was her match with Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules
2017. Bayley finally turned heel for the first time in her WWE career, much to the delight
of the WWE Universe. Kofi Kingston made history when he won the
WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35, becoming the first African-born world champion in WWE
history. After how long again, Kofi? In the lead-up to his match at WrestleMania 35, fans
were completely behind Kofi, chanting his name at every arena
and the hashtag “KofiMania” even became a worldwide trend. But not everyone was a
fan… *cough* Vince McMahon. Despite being replaced and told that he isn’t good enough,
Kofi overcame all these obstacles and won the WWE’s top prize at the Grandest Stage
of Them All. He went on to become a great fighting champion but it wasn’t long until
fans started to turn on him. In particular, during his reignited feud with Randy Orton
at Clash of Champions 2019, which is a shame considering that fans were all behind him
just a few months ago. “Overrated”, “over-pushed” and “boring”
are some of the words that fans have used to describe Seth Rollins now. It wasn’t
that long ago when Rollins was the WWE’s hottest babyface, putting on clinics each
week as well as generating huge crowd reactions. But ever since his victory over Brock Lesnar
at WrestleMania 35, he just hasn’t been able to “Burn it Down” with the fans,
especially with him being involved in awkward storylines, causing a ruckus online and generally
making a fool of himself. These are just a few reasons why fans have started to reject
Rollins. So, maybe it’s time for Rollins to bring back his evil cackle and turn back
to the conniving heel that he once was.

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  1. I don't think its the fans being fickle, its the confusing shit that Vince puts out every week. All this crappy ass storyline soap opera bs is ridiculous

  2. If WWE turns Seth Rollins into a heel, fans will want him to become a face in no more than 6 months. Y'all don't know what you want

  3. Im sick of everyone thinking this About Seth he shouldn't be boo the best Superstar In WWE Today the storyline isn't Cringe stop saying This shit Get over it I love that he's Over pushed Everyone dosent think that & He knows it Dumbass Man

  4. You are thee FUNNIEST YouTuber/Commentator I’ve seen on here. WWE should hire you to do announcements.

  5. I’ve always liked Jordan, even as the illegitimate son of Angle. IMO, the story had lots of potential. The only problem was, he should’ve been book as a heel.

  6. Jason Jordan is so old news. He should of been replaced with Becky. I still like Becky but lets not pretend that a lot of fans turned on her.

  7. Seth Rollins saying he's the best wrestler on the planet when there are 25 guys backstage that could light him up given half a chance… is laughable at best, delusional at worst

  8. Fans pre Seth & Becky storyline: BURN IT DOWN!
    Fans after Seth & Becky storyline: I am not here for this! STOP THIS NOW!

  9. It's like when u win titles in wwe the wrestlers are cursed with boos afterwards even tho the fans be cheering them to win for weeks to get the title ??

  10. That’s why I said Kofi should’ve lost the belt at Summerslam or the PPV before. That way he has his time at the top, a nice few month run with the belt and he can stay in the Main Event Scene

  11. This proves that all faces shouldn't be like Actual face be like badass guys with new promos, better performance and all heels are cowards I don't get this point

  12. Out of those 5 wrestlers mention on the video i only support one and that is kofi
    I was never a bailey fan
    Never a rollins fan
    I hate ronda rousey
    And i never cared about Jason jordan


  14. I remember long time ago. Kofi one time came out of nowhere (looked like he was on steroids or something) did not have his usual smiley face and gave a vicious beating to randy ortan and chased him through the crowd. Man that brawl was damn awesome seeing randy run away like a scared cat.

  15. I think Rollins should turn back heel BUT not a coward version. He should fight always and not run away like he used to do.

  16. Its been boring for me becoz kofi is just booked overpowered he beat randy orton and if he won against lesnar… Screw Kofi just like what the guy who talk in this video said at 6:00

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