5 BLOODIEST WWE Matches Of All Time

5 BLOODIEST WWE Matches Of All Time

Number 5 – MNM vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Paul
London & Brian Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor This match took place in Armageddon 2006,
and it left fans with a holy shit moment when an unfortunate accident occurred, which saw
Joey Mercury taking a full forced ladder hit right to the face. The incident occurred when
Jeff Hardy attempted to jump on a ladder which pushed the other end up off the ground, right
into Joey’s face. Joey Mercury was immediately scrambling around on the ground and the blood
gushing from his nose. This stunt was definitely unplanned and was one of the worst injuries
in wrestling history! Number 4 – John Cena vs. Edge vs. Triple
H The main event of the 2006 Backlash was a
triple threat match for the WWE Championship between John Cena, Edge, and Triple H. As
the match began, Edge chose to stand outside the ring, hoping that Cena and Triple H would
simply fight the match themselves. However, Cena and Triple H teamed up and turned against
Edge. The first blood was drawn by Edge who catapulted Triple H into the steel ringpost,
which made Triple H bleed profusely as a result. Afterwards, Edge drove Triple H’s head through
a table and then focused on Cena. Eventually, Cena went on to win that match. However, Triple
H afterwards took a sledgehammer to Cena, Edge, and even the referee. Brutal! Number 3 – Triple H vs. Batista Triple H vs Batista in a Hell in a Cell for
the World Heavyweight Championship was the main event of the Vengeance pay per view in
2005. This match soon turned bloody when Batista hit Triple H’s head against the steel cage.
Triple H would then go on to bust Batista’s head open by delivering a DDT into a steel
chair wrapped with barbed wire, head first. During the match, Triple H choked Batista
with a chain and hit him in the back with a steel chair wrapped with barbed wire. Batista
regained the momentum by grabbing Triple H’s sledgehammer and hitting him in the mouth.
This epic match soon ended with Batista delivering a Batista bomb on Triple H. Both men ended
up with serious wounds and a mixture of each other’s blood covering both wrestlers. Number 2 – John Cena vs. JBL The John Cena/JBL feud in 2005 saw Cena win
his first WWE Title from JBL at WrestleMania 21. They followed that match up with this
I Quit match at Judgment Day 2005. This bloody match began when JBL hit Cena hard in the
face with a steel chair causing him to bust open. Cena soon had blood covering his face,
arms, and chests. The fighting continued out of the ring and into some equipment in the
entrance way, JBL was bleeding just as much as Cena. The match ended when JBL said “I
quit”, as Cena prepared to hit him with an exhaust pipe, which came from the semi-truck
that was at the ramp area. As a result, Cena retained the WWE Championship. Despite the
match being over, Cena still hit JBL with the exhaust pipe. Number 1 – Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL The Eddie Guerrero match against John Bradshaw
Layfield was a WWE title match that ended in a DQ, but it will never be forgotten by
anybody that ever saw it. This brutal match occurred at pay per view, Judgement Day in
2004. You might be thinking to yourself, why was this the bloodiest match in WWE history?
Well, it was due to the amount of blood Eddie Guerrero lost during this match. JBL hit Guerrero
in the head so hard that it caused an artery to cut open, severely causing his head to
gush out with blood! Despite the bad cut, the match continued and the blood continued
to pour from Eddie’s head; even more so when JBL got him in a headlock. Minutes later,
the blood continued to pour and it was all over the ring mat. Guerrero was so gashed
up that he went into shock backstage after the match. This one was just simply hard to
watch. Guerrero would keep the title, losing the match via disqualification.

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  1. Note: We do know that the majority of the wrestlers in this list bladed. It's really surprising that the small majority of people can't tell we were trying to kayfabe but oh well…

  2. When he said DDT he showed a picture of a Pedigree. Was it a random picture, or does he think a Pedigree is a DDT?

  3. Seeing triple h being brought to blood makes me want to cry my eyes out. He was part of my childhood, I looked up to him, I hate that he is always the bloody one! I almost cried during #3 and still want to, I almost never saw the bloody ones, but I want to cry so hard, triple h, john cena, JBL! All of them were my childhood! Seeing people covered in blood makes me want to cry and throw up.

  4. Seeing people Comment about Him saying "Triple Haytch" Really offends me as an australian. Its his accent, And he shouldnt be judged by it

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