5 Biggest mismatches in WWE history: WWE List This!

[MUSIC] Everyone loves a good David and
Goliath story, especially when it comes
to the squared circle. Yet the underdog isn’t always
able to topple the giant. Here are the biggest
mismatches in WWE history. Believing Hornswoggle was his illegitimate
son, Mister McMan wanted Him to prove that he could overcome
the odds like a true McMahon. So it’s Survivor Series 2007. The 4’5” superstar had to
face the 7’1″ Great Kahli. The Miami crown wanted
Shaquille O’Neal to compete instead, but McMahon wasn’t about to deprive
his son of the opportunity. Hornswoggle dodged Kahli at first, but the Punjabi giant knocked him
out with a devastating chop. Luckily, Finlay proved to be more
of a supportive father figure and came to Hornswoggle’s aid. In spring 20o3, Rey Mysterio woke a sleeping giant
after repeatedly embarrassing Big Show. Mysterio had to face the world’s
largest athlete at Backlash 2003. Mysterio’s speed and agility couldn’t
overcome the 300 pound size difference. And Big Show countered the west coast pop
with a devastating, decisive choke slam. After the medical staff placed Mysterio
on a spinal board, Big Show returned for a final,
vicious reminder that he wasn’t a giant to mess with.
>>I’ve been in this business 15 something years, I have never
seen anything like that in my life. Later that summer Lesner faced
Zach Gowen in one of the most monstrous displays in WWE history. At 159 pounds the one-legged Gowen
was defying the odds as a member of the Smack down roster. But he simply couldn’t
match the beast incarnate. Lesner not only dismantled Gowen
in front of his family, but he also taunted Gowen’s
mom throughout the match. Gowen technically won by disqualification, because Lesner’s assault was so gruesome
that the referee had to call for the bout. [MUSIC]>>Don’t I know you? [MUSIC] Any man with two hands has a fighting
chance except against Braun Stroman. The monster among men destroyed dozens
of local competitors in 2016, but none stood out more than his
destruction of James Ellsworth. On a July 2016 edition of Raw,
Stroman measuring a full foot over his opponent launched
Ellsworth around the ring, like a toy, before mercifully throwing him
face first into the mat to end the match. King Kong Bundy outsized everyone
who dared to cross his path. In a six man tag team
match at WrestleMania III, the 458 pound Bundy teamed
with Lord Littlebrook and Little Tokyo to take out Hillbilly Jim,
Katie Kid, and Little Beaver. The rules stipulated that Bundy and Jim
could only fight each other, but during the match, Bundy turned his attention
to the four foot four Little Beaver, slamming to the mat, and
squashing these 60 pound superstar. WWE is sometimes nicknamed the land
of the giants and for good reason. Until next time, thanks for
watching List This.

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