5 Best FIFA Players of All Time

5 Best FIFA Players of All Time

Cristiano Ronaldo may be the highest rated player going into the 2018 FIFA World Cup And he’s definitely among some of the greats for sure but in this episode of FTD facts I’m taking a look at the overall ratings to see which FIFA World Cup player was the best in history Welcome back guys. My name is Leroy Kenton now This is gonna be a pretty awesome episode, but before I jump in guys let me know which football player Do you think is the best let me know down below this episode of Ithaca facts is brought to you by? pirates of the carribean tides of war this game is available for Android and iOS devices I have the links down below in this video Description where you can start downloading them have more about it at the end of this episode Okay, so starting off counting down from number five we have zinedine zidane so this french, man He scored one of the greatest goals in UEFA Champions League history with a left foot volleyed winning goal in the 2002 final and he scored twice for his national team in their three nil 1998 World Cup final win over Brazil Zidane also almost single-handedly led them to victory in the Euro 2000 and of course he also was just as renowned for his Temperament as his ball control and his agility now moving on to number 4 we have Cristiano Ronaldo now this is a footballer that doesn’t really make it easy for us to actually like him well I mean he’s been known to throw several temper tantrums over the years, but in any case we can’t help But recognize his achievements He was once the world’s most costly player and he is Real Madrid’s all-time leading goalscorer the first ever player in a major league to score 50 plus of gold every season six consecutive times And he’s also the only European to win for Ballon D’Or awards and we got to throw in his three Premier League titles La Liga win a Champions League and a European Championship Christiano Ronaldo Truly is a legend Leonel Messi comes in at number three and of course we can’t have a video about the best FIFA players of all time without including Leo Messi she’s been known as a miracle from God the Mozart of soccer this Argentinian forward has earned Hansa respect Thanks his technical ability and a record-breaking list of achievements unlikely to be surpassed by anyone in the near future Playing with Barcelona he lifted eight league titles for Champions League trophies and five Ballon D Or Awards for them were won consecutively and he also became the highest Liga scorer of all time with well over 350 goals and Messi silenced his critics when he picked up the Golden Ball at the 2014 World Cup, okay? So we’re coming down to the last two and in the number-two spot. We have Diego, Maradona Yeah, this guy Diego Maradona is one of the greatest dribbler the game has ever seen his hand of God gold against England in the 1986 World Cup and the amazing solo effort that followed some up Maradona better than any other words Maradona did not always play by the rules however And he did confess that his expulsion from the 1994 World Cup after testing positive for F Adran is actually one of his saddest memories, Maradona he played in four FIFA World Cups including the 1986 World Cup where he led, Argentina to the Championship and won the Golden Ball as a tournament’s best player, Maradona Also, led Napoli to two Serie A titles and a UEFA Cup all right So what we’re talking about the best people players of all times who do you think number one is? Well of course it goes to Pele this superstar football player was born Edson Arantes Dead Nascimento became a name that rolled off everyone’s tongue when he lit up the 1958 World Cup at the age of 17 pelé scored six goals at the tournament including one of the all-time Final grades to help Brazil lift the coveted Jules remade trophy for the first time in their history By the end of his career Pele had earned twelve hundred and eighty-one goals making him the most prolific Goalscorer in soccer history soccer or football I may go back and forth from time to time But like either way, I’m talking about the same exact sport alright guys so that does it for this episode of FTD facts Let me know down below Who do you think is the greatest football slash? Soccer player of all time and before I get out of here Just got a shout out our sponsors the parts of the Caribbean tides of war in this realtime strategy game you are the captain of your own pirate Haven and you get to build your own pirate base as well as recruit an army and Fight against supernatural creatures and pirates to dominate the ocean parts of the Caribbean tides of war is available for Android and iOS devices I have the link down below where you can get it and start your own parts of the Caribbean adventure Alright guys. You’ve been awesome. I’ll see you real soon in another episode Okay everybody so you made it to the end screen, so you might as well check out our other FIFA 2018 videos We have a playlist here of more videos where you can catch up and be informed of really what’s going on in FIFA as well as learn some interesting information that you may not know just by watching the games

34 Replies to “5 Best FIFA Players of All Time”

  1. Pele Messi and Ronaldinho are all time best and current Salah Neymar are the best and the future of football.

  2. The greatest football player of history is Lionel messi.he is known as God of football.messi is love❤

  3. man plesase get yor facts right that CR have 5 BALLONDORS. Pele scored this much goals when offside didnt implimented if there was offside rules his 60_70 percent goal have been dis allowed . for me messi is first and ronaldo is second

  4. 1st Pele so far (statistically looking), close in 2nd Messi BUT HE'S GOT TIME, he is only 30 ATM (ask me in 2021), 3rd Christina Penaldinho (no comment about his athleticism, but THE WAY he scores goals its just not impressive, those penalties and dives lowers my respect about him…LOVED HIM in Machester United, but in Real he is just another corrupted version of Ramos…sorry) 4th Ronaldinho (that charisma and they way he handled the ball, pure beauty) 5th Maradona (another great ball handler…buuut thats it)…..

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