48 Minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

48 Minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

Go Welcome to the gameplay demo walkthrough of CD Projekt RED upcoming title cyberpunk 2077 a narrative driven open-world RPG Set in a dark version of the future before we start a small but important disclaimer The gameplay are about to see is from a work-in-progress version of the game. Everything you see is potentially subject to change in Cyberpunk 2077 you can fully customize your character using a deep customization system For this demo. We’re going to play a female Keep in mind that what you see here is not final We just want to give you a glimpse of what will be possible in the released game This is an RPG. So before we get into our appearance We need to define our backstory what you choose here will unlock different possibilities later in the game also You can use an array of different options to modify how you look these include body type hair style tattoos Makeup skin tone and many many more but visuals aren’t everything You’ll also be able to customize your initial attribute setup. You’ll notice we didn’t pick a class cyberpunk 2077 Features a fluid class system and you’ll be able to modify your class Throughout the game this demo takes place near the beginning of the game v and her friend Jackie Along with a net runner named Kiba are hired to find and retrieve Missing person a girl whose locator implant went dumb that’s clear go On your right Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person role-playing game This perspective enables us to maximize your immersion should have full access in eight seconds Reached your turn what I live the way I know Eliza Is that her that our target V-rooms too. Simple, not our girl I think Just looking it looks like these scavengers are kidnapping people to harvest their implants Okay, things are about to get heated We’ll take a reflex booster that temporarily allows us to use the karez Nick Offerman This is Korres, Nicole He’s ball bad Can’t be shit got none – fuck it you Ramiz it looks out on the balcony got a window on the left go This anymore pussy layout shows only one room left the bathroom go Sure, hope our target in their Copper oh nice Thank you gotta got our target we make it she live This does not look good No in a minute checking into biome on Sandra Dorset, NC 5704 42 got a winner. Well, she will be if we can get her to a hospital She’s trauma team Platinum to platinum shit DD should have food in if she sneezed Something’s jamming the biome on signal talk to me t bug virus probably Locate her neuro socket should be a shard slotted inch It’s probably on that if we clear it free up the signal TT could actually drop in take her off our hands Got the shard removing it now done And is due to arrive at your location in Biome on claims from all the air in three minutes like the fucking cavalry Let’s get her out of here your premium plan will cover 90% of the projected costs of your net Yeah, yeah, that’s she’s flatlining Do you need to know what’s going on Jackie err hypo can’t China She’s stable. Yeah. Well, uh, I gotta get her outside. I’ll cover you It turns out a virus disrupted the girls locator implant we fixed that and now help is inbound Get her up Therese Please the patient on the stretcher Five step back now. I Said step back TT 133 to control agent MC five seven zero four four two secured stimulants being administered 70 milligrams dopamine Hey, give us a lift out of here Cutting connection debug out All clear that was trauma to be blow a kind of high-end premium medical insurance must strive for what book said We’ve delivered the target and teba has notified us that the scavengers have called in reinforcements Let’s get out of here before they arrive. I got that eighties for new wheels. Now. I had something real fine to About Joanna probably blow it out on booze in three days Talking about somebody else Jack using more than a content Cyberpunk is a mature Visceral experience and as such it will let you explore a variety of different interactions with the game world And as you just saw its people Mean the job was a success and V obviously has some money to burn My balls and I’ve been a hot date with my Ripper doc Oh doc Wait, put some pants on your cool. Don’t get down here subway entrance put your iron Okay Jackie has just told us he has some big news for us and we have an appointment with our refer back to those Before we leave let’s take a good look around our home Good morning night City the song on the radio is by rocker boy Johnny silver it’s part of our creative process to draw inspiration from the pen and paper system created by Mike pon Smith and to put our own 2077 spin on Let’s go grab our keys Okay, we’ll take these trusty pistol And also grab our jacket Since cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG the jacket not only provides us with protective stats like armor But it also increases our streak Street cred is a form of experience the player acquires by completing side missions It is used to unlock new vendors and content throughout night scene All right Let’s go meet Jack these current apartment is located inside a mega villa a huge building complex that forms a micro society of its own in this timeline and Technology in the world have evolved in some ways that seem familiar when but entirely surprising in others As an example in this world lab people pay with editors slang for euro dollars We make sure to route every detail in the world’s law. So everything has its purpose and stays believable a big part of our RPG experience is having a world that is interactive here a Generic ad has morphed into an advertisement specifically tailored to the mother to close informing her of the nearest venues You can purchase the prop in this case. It shows us where to find some nicola. So And let your time This is Wilson one of night city’s many guns We won’t be checking his wares, but you can purchase an upgrade your weapons and gear throughout the city Cyberpunk 2077 is set in night City a bustling metropolis Located on the coast of the free state of north, California It’s a dystopian City or violence and oppression are the norm We are working hard to make knight City fully realized seamless open world with no loading screens Currently, we’re in watson a former industrial district. Where a crime now mixes with money Three times yo the piece of shit now give it back my edits Give me some truth to that We’ve greatly enhanced our crowd and Community systems to create the most believable city in any open-world games and entities the city streets are bustling with crowds of people from all facets of life all Living their lives within a full day and night sight Okay, there’s Jack And finally the love it’s happening What’s up, jack Dexter DeSean, yeah some familiar there was the tech to you Okay, you see that caddy need to walk on over there and get us a job ina Fine I’ll meet him talk via zio rippers It turns out we’ve caught the attention of one of knight city’s biggest players Dexter DeSean a fixer a Person who gets things done. He wants to meet up and discuss a job. Do let’s see what he has for us Yo miss V a pleasure Let’s roll Scanning the serious job just now Playing gargantuan compared us smashing up a scare home You interested Interested sure. Tell me more Glad to hear Before we can start in on this though. I need to be sure sure you all right Re in the nature of this test Start in the show Seve got a classic tale for you psycho game just doing his thing jump the court convoy got away with Now I need me that little combat bar they call it the flathead of course I got the Eddie’s to buy it, but me and the Maelstrom boys ain’t the best of friends no flow to our convo see Who’s the woman Corporation She’s on the hunt for the dogs who sold the gang goons info on the convoy got herself a prisoner their chief suspect looks like they’re Going on 20 hours since the convoy was jumped and she still don’t have me a good body Gotta be desperate by now Be wise to think how you could use it Got any questions for me We’re on at all I think time I got to work beautiful. Here’s hoping my inkling checks out So see you at the afterlife soon as the job’s done do good And this will be the start of a beautiful friendship based on heaps of Eddie’s It seems dexter has given us a test of sorts to see if we’re a word He wants us to retrieve a piece of hi-tech combat gear a local gang stole from the military We’ll be able to approach this job from a variety of angles Let’s try calling the militant act to see where that leads Hi heard, you were looking for some tech let’s talk First exit off skyline going towards the NID storm channel under the overpass meet you there The situation’s tricky because the contract Giver as a corporate agent who seems a little high-strung Before we get down to business. It’s a great idea to visit our Ripper Yeah, yeah you see this camp I get got a real whack take change your fucking life Crime is a common occurrence night city is not a safe place life here is not easy Got some real juices Your heart chakra looks a little out of whack babe B I can release gonna play out with Dex it’s all here Alright, I’ll check it out while I wait for you Doctor vector will see you now We’re at a ripper doc clinic Ripper Doc’s are specialist vendors who offer people the possibility to install or upgrade their cyber we Need to bump up my specs and get a grip Really no Finally next shit just got real hit in the major leagues got a job from Dexter Shawn The Dexter – ah, yeah, that is something But let me guess Hasn’t paid you yet Quick Ryan Vick I’ll bring you the antes later with interest You know, I will last time I swear no sit That’s Karoshi best I’ve got and she’d be about right under the circumstances Now Jackie You peruse and shoes while I scan see what’s going on inside We’re going to install both an optical scanner mark one. Like I said Decent enough scanner displays data on your cornea and a subdermal Weapon ribbon links not labeled and to be perfectly honest not entirely sure where the hell I got it Still looks like it’ll talk to Karoshi tech I’m ready carve away. Okay all clean now for the fun stuff They made you League on yours right here Just like that Thanks now a bit of an aesthetic and I can start reading Feel anything Duck Away by play makes you sound like a dentist. They’re always going on and on Don’t be mean. Yeah. Remember I’m old. I got a shaky Ganic hand could slip Lights out for a minute. Alright Good so, let’s test it linking you in You might feel a little discomfort maybe blurred vision low contrast glitches So, how’s it look to you With the scanner we can zoom in on things and take a closer look This is fantastic beautiful time for this game Additionally we can analyze objects get details on enemy weak points or gang affiliation Eventually sync with your thought processes read your intentions Work like a charm Now draw your weapon You should see your ammo count and a brand new site The subdermal weapon links to our skin and shows us weapon information like ammo count and fire levels It also increases the base damage on all connected weapons Not bad, I Don’t know what to say say, you’ll take this and remember the dosage – whips now and another – in an hour Thanks again, you’re the best Vic Your kid showing what you can do And once you hit the big time, don’t forget where you came from While some Ripper docks operate legally others provide black-market services for the right price they can even offer to install illegal military-grade cyber where Left a few minutes ago said he’d wait outside Roshi Well Vic’s got a soft spot for you Hina come on how about you use them fancy ass optics to scan my new wheels Sure, you’ll have to let me take it. Where’s Ben? Hey, just watch the big job Get a problem This guy looks an awful lot like one of those scavengers we took out earlier so That tells me that wasn’t no coincidence Jackie’s car is a super-powered sports car running on to to the super fuel of the future Players can explore Knight city free in many different cars on bikes and in other types of fields This does not look good It looks like the scavengers earlier still angry All right I think we got rid of that was intense Night city never sleeps Danger lurks around every corner even in daytime Random encounters like these are an example of how your actions directly influence your open world experience Let’s get the fuck out of here Okay, Jackie, so They’re done riding our asses Scoffs gosh, maybe she’d be looking for a new spot to slice and dice not gunning after us Who knows real messed up in there horse-cars saw it yourself Many forces are fighting for control of night city, but the mega corporations are the real show room The agent we’re going to meet represents mill attack one of the largest companies in the private military sector while we stop it Remember the corpo off deficit chard ringer. She’s in the area looking to me. Let me guess. She’s in hot water Desperate when you think you can use that see if I can yeah Since cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG Preparation will be key when dealing with knight city’s powerful, especially when these are core boats Instead of just rushing in let’s assess the situation with our freshly installed Karoshi optical scanner There let’s take a closer look Composite armor cars a fucking tank. Yeah Milotic about it Yeah, gotta do this don’t you move a damn muscle not unless I start that is These guys are levels higher than we are let’s try to approach them carefully Stout take it you were the one to call. Yep. We wanted your smart home The hell down, what is it? You’re insane I’ll know in two seconds flat that fucking thing ready all set Are you here alone? the core bows have hacked us through our personal link and have subjected us to a kind of lie detector program the dialog system in Cyberpunk, 2077 is fully gameplay driven. I asked if you came alone Yep, just little old me. She’s lying search the area This piece of shit Anthony Gilchrist Did he or another asshole at Miletich week info to you or anyone else about a convoy? It might be tempting to reach for the gun. But the consequence is God. I remember these guys are really – shit checks out You got nothing on me nothing won’t get away with this you bitch you are dead Somebody shut him up. Take me home now Alright I Have no idea who you’re working for or what you even want. But you better give me something solid or I will end you I’ve got an offer Oh, you are stretching this better be fucking good Gang goons who ripped you off. I know where to find out. They got a bot I want give me the funds to buy that but you can do it you want with the gang I Don’t give a shit about the thieves. I want my mold Friendship 50k just enough to buy you your bot Thing is chips got to make it into the thieves terminal. That’s all I need Think you can do that then we got a deal Fine I’m in Try to fuck me in anyway and I’ll be seeing you real soon you’re making a mistake this cuts good is dead The agent gave us the money to buy the bot we need from the game by choosing to call the militant early we have now opened up a Non-violent path through this quest. Of course, we could try and keep the money But that would mean we’d have to take the merchandise by force which requires a lot of firepower No signal so I stay put good thing too Went down about like I expected made a deal and we’re good to meet with Maelstrom now. Yeah Be there soon what do you expect Courts don’t forgive or forget Even these bored fucked sets that feel the pressure. That’s why they’ll hold up in the shithole praying to the Almighty trip six Gotta move the tech but they can’t he’s your new best friend from the tripped-out tanked out SUV. He’s just begging them to try How you want to do this even now we can choose how to approach this quest do we go in guns blaze or do we Try to negotiate for the plan simple. We pay with the corpus cred and get up You’re calling this for this demo let’s try the more diplomatic approach Top shit all we needs for them to buy it Don’t know you want to talk to Royce main room I’m waiting The devil prepared all strapped with militant care psycho butch chromed up with military-grade hardware worth millions Should be the guys were about to meet are dangerous They are members of the male stronger and their obsession with body modification goes way beyond even this world standards on their path to becoming machines They don’t shy away from even the most extreme measures anti-personnel mine shrapnel splitter My favorite gang goons getting creative with their gear It looks like they made this abandon all foods meat factory their hideout charming another one seriously Maybe we should have taken him by surprise Little late for regrets like that got us in their sights now, just keep moving Stay cool. You’re just trying to spook us Remember we’ve chosen to buy the tech not steal it hopefully this will get fast and cheap This is a pretty well guarded place you can imagine what would have happened if we’d taken the violent path What Looking to buy a bought model MTO d12 looks like a spider couch planting You don’t occur peak around the corner see if we got anything like that Well shit Sit down. I’ll stand can’t move on your culo makes you an easy target sit down That really necessary hombre I ain’t your own brain sit Sit your ass down before I played a bullet you Skype sit down they sing gonna end we’ll All right, fuck it Bravo come on lighten up have a whiff Better Now we can talk – bye suit yourself Fucking trick down state of the artist II don’t even got no stand important Bells whistles though dynamic camo Armour and motor impulses rather than that of the human nervous system Its actuators are actually pinpoint titanium fiber and it can go anywhere literally watch it Fully integrated blink tubes what the spider starts climbing up walls dangling from ceilings You could lose your lunch So, what’d you think me up and let’s get the fuck out of here The buck I’ll take Two questions what the fuck’s going on and who the fuck is this? Got fifty large on this pressure and you positively reek of Milotic Dexter does chanson Dexter Dashon threats go plate saddle fuck not him We’ll pay for the bottom field away How much you say you had 50k Fred’s on this Move it Not the smoothest deals, but it worked out in the end right flat that’s a good gear It’ll do the trick. Whatever. That trick is shit It turns out the cred ship we got from the military agency team the virus Auto fried there’s sis Their leader is making a break for real attack In this way Before we figure out a way to leave let’s grab the splinter that controls the bottom from one of these dead male strummers The inspection system allows us to take a closer look at the Splinter You can inspect specific items to reveal details that can help in solving quests Okay, let’s equip the splint to our chip where’s With this done the body will now follow wherever we go Alright, what else do we have here? Nice a street modified Tech shotgun tech weapons fire rounds that penetrate walls and other type stuff They also have an alternate fire mode that allows you to power up shots and deal more damage It looks like there are several ways out of this room like those gates For example, however, you’d have to be a skilled net runner to hack into this term Luckily our engineering skills should allow us to disassemble that maintenance panel so we can get through the door There are many skills in the game that players can apply in solving problems the engineering skill can be used to fix Disassembled and is arm devices So at this point, we’re going to unlock the abilities of a high-end character to showcase some of the different mechanics we have in the So One of the new weapon modules we now have installed is a ricochet targeting system connected to our eyes This allows players to bounce bullets off walls and hit enemies hiding behind cover This is another targeting system that will reveal enemies behind walls Paired with the penetrating rounds of our tech shot It’s a deadly combination Looks like we found some loot This is a smart gun. It’s one of the more advanced weapons in the game allowing the bullets to track and follow their target It’s one of many different weapons players can acquire weapons are built of modules that allow for deep customization And progression this way you can be sure to find something that will suit your place the toughest bastards guarding this round Just to remind everything you’ve seen and are about to see Including this particular feature about to show you is from a work-in-progress version of the game and may change over the course of development Okay, let’s try something different we’re going to take this guy down and connect directly to his neural sign In the world of cyber once you are jacked into a network you have access to everything it connects to Through this Maelstrom gangman. We’ve now connected to the gang hideouts internal network This is the building’s personnel system. Let’s focus on the squad containing the Maelstrom gang Are we just connected from here? We can deploy software that affects the whole squad For now, we’ll simply unlock the ability to perform quick hacks All right time to show off our new high-level abilities With quicken using the back door we unlock the minute ago We’ll install a virus that jams the connection between the Maelstrom ganger and his weapon. This will prevent him from firing Nice Some of you might recognize these mantis blades we can also double jump and bounce off of walls Which makes us a very agile fast solo Checked out here Sweet we just found a corporate tackle for weapons are top of the line Let’s scan this guy and see what’s going on It looks like Royce is back and it’s pret he’s got an armored exoskeleton You won’t be able to get rid of him that easily Our weapons are not dealing a lot of damage because he’s packing an autonomous tree Luckily the scan we performed earlier reveal the week’s Attacking should bring the shield deck Shields down, let’s finish him up Okay, let’s put him down and get this job over That wasn’t the smoothest raid but we’ve got the bots and Dex should be happy but think back what would have happened if we hadn’t met with the Militant or told Royce about the agent and her plans or just decided to buy the bought ourselves So many options so many Possibilities and each will have consequences that will ripple through the game world and your story and that’s just one quest Let’s head out and finish the job. Fuck god damn time. Let’s get out of here You know, we really ought to work together more often Your chip had the clap that’s not discrete you set me up I Fucked you over you. Fuck the gang over somewhere at the start of the story. Somebody fucked the Corp See how this works. Now only the Corp gets what it wants remember that Yep being a raging bitch to whoever’s doing my dirty work for me Okay, let’s call Dax and tell him how things went down Bubba nauseous. Hey, mr. Dex get us that table at the afterlife Just my gut now, you know, well you were right too Shit I can’t believe it. I know major leagues we’re in means Ride the door open, but the only thing I want to pry open right now is a bottle of scotch oh, no, not another three nighter what Bob or Need to get to know this city jack not just gun in hand. I want her safe Amen, I now we finished the job But our story is just beginning This concludes our gameplay demo one. Thanks

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  2. This better not be like the Phantom Pain trailer where I come back to watch that instead of playing the game cause it was trash. I heard the new demo was on consoles but it does look worse than this, if the new demo looked like this nobody would be screaming about downgrades.

    Still have hope Cyberpunk will be the greatest game of all time!!

  3. Congratulations, something finally new, something finally good in the gaming market, I hope it will not be a mere promise when it comes to selling fog with demos, as most game creators do, they will release a demo that looks fantastic and when it comes out it doesn't look like a thriller of a running game. congratulations, it looks beautiful.

  4. You can change the title but this type of game play is so over done,so old now,it is boring.Basically run through rooms/halls and shoot stuff GG thanks for playing.In these games it is also hand holding 101,give you a quest do it,nothing special,not much exploration or thinking needed ,just continue through the halls and corridors and eventually the game is done.

  5. Fuck console gaming. Who the fuck will accept 30 fps, low not changeable graphic settings, bad controlling, lower gameplay.
    Biggest question is, is the fuck plays fps game with a fucking joypad, Jesus fucking Christ. I hope this only comes for PC poor fuckers with consoles is a cancer that must be cured.

  6. on this video doesnt look good at all, even old game like timeshift is better looking
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  7. This is great but some simple animations are missing , those animations are so simple and so good if you add to the game , like when you want to put your clothes on when you are in your house, or picking up animations for weapons or anything , this will make it less arcade and more realistic which can be fantastic imo , i know it is a working progress but im aftaid you will forget this simple thing in the end and you wont get 100% positive rating cause of only this one , you know i will dislike it if not fixed , you know its 2077 , you should have seen the future , so make it happen and goodluck 🙂

  8. I'm excited about this game, but I felt like for all of it's promise, it would end up feeling like just another looter shooter with bullet sponge enemies. This gameplay trailer makes me feel a bit better though. The world is obviously stunning, and the lore seems cool, but what impressses me most is that, within that, the gameplay actually looks pretty decent. Time to kill (most enemies) seems quick, combat seems fast paced, and there appear to be some pretty cool mechanics (that ricochet mod comes to mind). If the game really allows the freedom of playstyle it promises (Stealth, run and gun, dialogue, hacking all being viable options on the same missions, with how you handle them causingg different ripples in the world); which I guess we'll find out; it fulfills that last thing promised, and this game really could be an all time great.

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  12. I love cyberpunk and looks like a rad game that i'll be jamming for sure, awesome!. But would be cool if could eventually be open enough one can just open a shop and design and sell tech, or be able to develop own code for body mods and plug it in. Still looks pretty sadly tired to a linear mission line… Got plans to do this, or already has been done? I guess when playing with imagination it's unlimited you can do nothing or anything, rather than a hero as always, so might be cool to sit back and play as an interactive sub character. Dunno.. Still great work, can't wait to jam it. Looks really epic and like loads of work has gone into the production. Nice job

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  21. What I love about the map is that it seems so realistic, in the sense that the world really can look like that in 2077! It’s not really a comparison, but for example Vekta city from Killzone is also very futuristic and epic, but it’s too far fetched and everything. Really can’t wait for CP2077 to come out!!

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