46. A Rocket Boosted Racing Game – #indiegame #devlog

46. A Rocket Boosted Racing Game – #indiegame #devlog

Hello Turtles! February started off by improving the code-base
for maintainability. This should reduce bugs and increase development
speed overall. In the process a solid effort was placed in
optimizing framerates. Mid February new player experience issues
surfaced; how would you as a player without knowing about Rally of Rockets experience
the game. The answer was disappointing, but important
to learn and consider. Immediate efforts were made to improve the
main title screen, first by giving a notice that the game is work-in-progress. The buttons were next to get upgraded, and
while doing this work a Developer is Live notice was added to show when the twitch livestream
is up. (link in description) I also shuffled some secret multiplayer server-only
files around to reduce the risk of accidentally leaking them while streaming or otherwise
sharing the game. Some players complained about the main menu
almost killing their machines, so a new setting, enable vsync was added. In this process I also fixed a bug with audio
volumes not taking proper effect on the settings screen. In other areas of Tim Beaudet’s Indie Adventure,
the stream overlay got a new subscriber event and giveaway race. This allows me to offer my games as rewards
to viewers. Also wrote an article on gamasutra about why
knowing and tracking time-cost is important as an indie dev business. Subscribe to the channel for more updates
in the future.

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  1. Gosh I havent been around for sooo long – youve put a lot of effort in the game since then. I have to catch you streaming one day again 🙂

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