4 Training Tips To Get You Ready For Winter | Shred Hacks

[Music] [Music] so in my mind there are four areas that I’d like to take in considerations to get ready for the winter so first of all the core I feel that this is the most valuable because everything comes from here [Music] [Applause] yoga also has always been a great help before I practice yoga I used to go to the physio every month and get my back all aligned and everything and now I barely need to get that and then the general fitness that’s basically having all of the muscles kind of being used to work so I like to go out running in the forest I like to go and pick some mushrooms I like to go and climb a long route I like to go into the mountains and it’s basically all those things that kind of have your muscles ready and that will make you adapt a lot quicker once you get on snow this is happiness the brown gold endurance training I’ve never been a huge huge fan of it but it is super important that means going on a bike or going on a run and go for a long time that will build up your heart and I will build a really good base for you to get out there later and pick up the endurance quickly when you’re in the mountains last but not least the vision the feeling the commitment all those things that are not into the books but that are so important so my thing is to go downhill biking or enduro biking or to take a skateboard and go and ride a ball it’s basically all the sports where you need a lot of speed a lot of commitment and where you need to react fast and without thinking so every day you need to kick yourself in the butt get out there and get out of your comfort zone

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