360 Video – 15min of Star Wars Jedi Gameplay in 360 VR 4K

360 Video – 15min of Star Wars Jedi Gameplay in 360 VR 4K

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order in 360 degree interactive. Get on board. Captain! 15 Minutes before. Hold it. Don’t move. Easy now! Got a stowaway. You don’t need to call the Sith. Repeat. Did you say Jedi? I see you! Did you hear that over the comm? A Jedi? It’s the traiter! Blast him. Move up already. Contact confirmed. Shoot. Just you and me. You! Get up here. I’ve sealed the cargo door. You can’t stop everything. Welcome to YouTube channel 3D-VR-360. This is my gameplay of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order in 360° interactive. This action-adventure game has been developed the Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Playser control Jedi trainee Cal Kestis in story, set in the Star Wars universe shortly after the film Episode 3 “Revenge of the Sith”. The Empire dispatches two inquisitors trained by Darth Vader, the second sister and the ninth sister to take down the Jedi Cal Cestis. We are here to help. Who are you? No time, keep moving. We’ll pick you up when we can. The train stopped? Oh, this can’t be good. Jump now! Hold on! This is the second sister trained by Darth Vader. Going somewhere? I recognize that stance. Perhaps you had some traning after all. Who was your master, Padawan? Someone I know, perhaps? What Jedi gave their life so that you might live? Get on board. Okay, shut that thing off and grab some seat. Thanks for the help. Who are you people? My name is Cere Junda. And this is my captain, Greez Dritus. How you doing? Yeah, the Mantis is my ship but you better pay attention to this lady there. Who are you? My name is Cal Kestis. Who was that back there? An Imperial inquisistor. She’s a Force user hunting Jedi survivors. And now that she knows who you are, she will not stop until she destroys you.

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  2. Info: Go to video settings and switch the video quality to 4K 2160s or 1440s for best image quality or use a VR headset to feel like beeing in the Star Wars universe.
    1:18 Jedi vs 2 Stormtroopers
    1:42 Jedi vs 8 Stormtroopers
    3:10 Jedi vs 7 Stormtroopers

    5:23 Jedi vs 4 Stormtroopers
    6:20 Jedi vs. Battleship
    10:00 Jedi vs. 9 Stormtroopers
    11:14 Jedi vs. exploding train
    12:13 Jedi vs. Second Sister
    Time effort to create this 360° video: 3 days

  3. Yo i played you your are great and nice i was jensonmodeli my sister isabelle likes you she has a youtube channel one more please BTW

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