35 Sony PSP Racing Games + GamePlay Footage!

35 Sony PSP Racing Games + GamePlay Footage!

(rock music) – Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now, about five years ago, I released a video called
Top 10 PSP Racing Games, and at the time, I wasn’t really very happy with that video because I didn’t have a lot of games to choose from in my collection at the time, and also my game capture
was pretty terrible. Now, fast-forward five years, and my PSP racing collection has grown to be well over 30 games, and also I can capture the footage much better now. So I thought it might be kinda fun to revisit the racing genre on the PSP. You guys know that I love that handheld. So in this video, I’m gonna show you all the games that I have in my collection, as well as
gameplay for almost all of them. Let’s take a look. (plastic clattering) (rock music) Oh, yeah, baby. You know that I love the Burnout games, and the PSP got two really great ones. (engine screaming) (crashing) (engine revving) The first one that came out
is called Burnout Legends, and the reason why it’s called Legends is because basically it’s a best-of the first three Burnout games
that came out on consoles. But it was put on a portable device without sacrificing really any of the speed or chaos of
the original versions, and it feels really great playing it on the PSP, even though
you have that smaller screen. A little bit later, we
got Burnout Dominator. Now, what’s cool about this is that it’s an all-original Burnout game specifically designed for the PSP. Some changes to this sequel is that it has slightly improved graphics. He can see a little bit more detail in the background there, and also they tweaked the gameplay a bit. Specifically, Burnouts
are back in the game, which is great, meaning that if you can drain the entire boost without crashing, then you can chain them together, basically boosting for huge sections of the race. (tires squealing) However, they did remove Crash Mode from this version, which kinda sucks, ’cause I always loved Crash Mode. It’s also important to know that they did port this eventually
to the Playstation 2, so you can play it there. I think, for me at the time,
when I first got the PSP and played a proper Burnout game on it without really any compromises, I was blown away, and I still am. These are great games. Test Drive Unlimited is a game that I never really expected to see on the PSP because the game is, well, it’s an impressive
open-world racing game that just happens to fit on the UMD. Now, when I say open world, this game is very impressive, because
it’s actually modeled after the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It has over 1,000 miles of roads on it and almost no load screens. Has pretty great graphics
for a handheld, as well. Now, I like the arcade control here. This is my kind of arcade game because the cars feel
light and responsive. I’m not really a huge fan
of arcade racing games where the cars feel
heavy and kinda sluggish. This is my kind of
arcade racing game here. (heavy metal music) Basically in this game, you just drive around Hawaii, exploring the island, buying houses, and adding more cars to your collection, and
hopefully winning races. (heavy metal)
(engine revving) Oh, yeah, baby. Here is a great PSP racing game. This is Motor Storm Arctic Edge. Now, this game comes up in a lot of conversations as being potentially one of the best-looking
PSP games ever made, and I would have to agree. It’s a really well-made game. But one of the things
that people kinda knock against it, and I tend to agree, is that the controls are a little on the floaty side, but
after a couple races, you do get used to it. (engine revving)
(heavy metal music) There’s also a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, including motorcycles, quad runners, big-rig trucks,
dune buggies, and much more. I like how each of the massive
levels has multiple ways to race through it and
shortcuts to discover, some of them specific to a certain type of vehicle, meaning that
a particular path might actually make more sense for a motorcycle to go through it than, say,
a lumbering semi truck. And this game, like
many other racing games, has a pretty cool licensed soundtrack by bands like Bullet for My Valentine, The Prodigy, Motorhead, The Hives, Queens of the Stone Age is on here, Radiohead, stuff like that, although I will say that, in this particular video, to avoid a copyright claim,
I’m muting all of that. But just be aware that a lot of these racing games have
awesome soundtracks. Out Run 2006, Coast 2 Coast, yet another fantastic arcade
racing game on the mighty PSP. Being an arcade racing game, as you see from the footage here, it
has super tight controls and a great sense of speed. Now, don’t get me wrong, as a kid, I did enjoy the original Out Run in the arcades, but I have to say, I actually prefer this version over that because there’s
just more depth to it. It just feels like a better racing game. One of the things I like about this is that there’s a mode where your girlfriend, who is in the passenger seat, will call out realtime challenges that you need to do during the race, and then at the end of each section, you’re ranked on how well you did them. It’s a really fun addition to this game. Now, obviously you have the
traditional racing mode, but there’s just a whole package here that’s just fantastic to discover. When the PSP came out, one of the launch titles was Wipeout Pure, a fantastic game that really showed off the power of that handheld. However, I’m gonna move on to the sequel, which is Wipeout Pulse. Now, this game came out two
years after the original and was an excellent game in its own rite. If you are familiar with pretty much any Playstation console, well then, of course you’ve probably
played a Wipeout game, so I don’t need to tell you that these games have great graphics, excellent control, and also
an awesome sense of speed. I especially like the mode where you try to survive as long as you can while you’re racing
through different zones and your vehicle keeps
automatically speeding up. You basically go faster and faster until you just can’t take it anymore and your vehicle just explodes. As you can see by this footage, they look and play great on the PSP, but if you wanna play them
on the newer Playstation 4, they included this content in
the Wipeout Omega Collection. Definitely worth checking out. (heavy metal music) – [Announcer] Race complete. – [Metal Jesus] Now let’s
move on to some games that are a little less
arcadey and more simulator. I think the first one I’m gonna talk about is Race Driver 2006 by Codemasters. Codemasters has a long history of releasing simulation-style
racing games. That includes the F1 series, Dirt series, Grid, stuff like that, so it was cool to see a proper simulation
game released for the PSP. It’s kind of interesting to learn that this was actually
developed by Sumo Digital. That’s the same developer
that also made Outrun 2006. It’s also interesting to note that this game was released in 2006. A lot of people were waiting
for a proper Gran Turismo game, but they would have to wait three more years, until 2009, to get one. So for many years, this was the best way to play a proper racing sim
on the Playstation Portable. And once 2009 came around, well, the highly-anticipated Gran Turismo was finally released on the PSP. I know, for me personally, it did feel like a long wait at the time, but at least the game was very polished. Like other Gran Turismo
games, in this one, you have approximately 800
licensed cars to collect. However, there’s no proper career mode, which is kinda disappointing. But as you can see, the graphics are just excellent, and definitely a step up from Race Driver 2006. They seem to be running at a
rock-solid 60 frames a second. (heavy metal music) (engine revving) Despite some features being scaled back from the console versions, I still think this is an absolute joy to play. Here is SBK Superbike World Championship. Oh, man, full disclosure. I am pretty terrible at these
motorcycle racing games, especially when they’re
more simulation-based. So basically, you’re gonna see a lot of footage of my crashing or flying off into the weeds there. So I have to apologize. I don’t have a lot to say about this one, but if you’re into this kind of sport, well, people seem to like this one a lot. And then we’re gonna take a look at a couple Rally games now, the first one being FIA World Rally Championship. I haven’t played it very
much ’cause I just got it, so I’m gonna quickly move on to one I have played, and that
is Sega Rally Revo. This is an off-road rally game that is the fourth game
in the Sega Rally series. What’s kind of interesting about this game is that it’s
developed by Bugbear. That’s the same developer
that makes the FlatOut series, which explains why the physics in this game are so good, because that developer, they are
just masters of that. Now, I’m not gonna
claim that I’m an expert at these rally dirt racing games, but I do enjoy them quite a bit, and this is definitely a good one. (heavy metal music) The PSP was home to a bunch
of Need for Speed games, and all of ’em are pretty decent,
but my favorite would have to be Need for Speed Carbon, Own the City. The reason this is my favorite is because it has this really cool mechanic where you have crew
members that are racing along with you, and they
each have different abilities that can help you in realtime. For instance, one of your crew
members can be an assassin, where they can lay down spikes in front of a rival racer and
then blow out their tires. (heavy metal music) Or there’s a brawler that can knock somebody out of the way,
or you have a crew member that can allow you to
slipstream behind them and then gain a speed advantage. Honestly, controlling
these wingmen kinda reminds me of playing classic Wing
Commander, but in a racing game. Plus, you level up your crew, which makes it feel a little bit like an RPG. The graphics are a bit dark and muddy because it’s an early PSP game, but trust me, it’s still really fun. (engines revving)
(heavy metal music) (engine revving) Ridge Racer does not need any introduction to fans of the PSP because
it was a launch title in North America and a
very good version of it. And no other arcade racing game feels quite like Ridge Racer. It’s definitely unique. It’s all about drifting to build up your boost so that
you can use your nitrous. But again, there’s just something very unique about the way
that Ridge Racer controls, and on the PSP, it feels really great, especially considering
that it’s a small screen. And it has a rock-solid framerate and great graphics for the time. It really showed off the PSP nicely. I’ve heard that there’s a sequel that was released outside the US, but sadly, we didn’t get
a physical copy here, and I’ve never played it, so if you have, let me know down in the comments below. The PSP got two Midnight Club games, the first one being Midnight
Club 3, Dub edition, which was frankly notoriously terrible, so I’m gonna move on to its sequel, and that is Midnight Club L.A. Remix. So being the second game on the PSP, thankfully Rockstar fixed almost all of the annoyances
of the previous game. (beeping)
(engine revving) (heavy metal music) (whooshing) In the sequel, they were able
to shorten the load times, which frankly, was terrible
in the previous version. They also brightened
up the graphics a bit. They have better framerates. And also, the controls are tighter. It’s funny because I do like
the Midnight Club games, but I find them very frustrating. I don’t think I’ve finished any of them because either
it’s the level design is just unforgiving or the
AI is brutally difficult. I don’t know what it is, but they’re games that I want to love, but I
just can’t, for some reason. There are two Pursuit Force games that are exclusive to the PSP. Now, somehow, I lost the original game, so in this video, I’m just
gonna talk about the sequel. You need to think of these games almost like cheesy ’80s action cop movies, but in video game form. In this game, you zip around levels, trying to catch up with the bad guys, but then, when you do, you can hop out of your vehicle and then jump over to the enemy’s vehicle
and try to commandeer it. And it’s pretty cool, too, because you’ll be holding onto their car, dodging bullets, trying to shoot the guy who’s hanging out the window. And then basically, once
the driver’s killed, you can get into the driver’s seat and then just continue on the way. But because it is a racing game, there is a limit to the level, so if you take too long, well,
the enemy might get away. So you can almost think of it as like a timer, but basically it really keeps you on your toes. (engine revving) – [Man] We need to get to the dock! (heavy metal music) – [Metal Jesus] Now, the
sequel added sections that are on foot, where you’re not in a vehicle, and admittedly they’re not my favorite, but they
do break up the game. That said, I would love to see this franchise get rebooted in some way. (engine rumbling) – [Man] Incoming projectiles! (exploding)
Careful! Who knows what strange powers
inbreeding has given them. – Here is a racing game that is based on a popular Pixar movie, and to everyone’s surprise, it doesn’t suck. Actually, it’s a total hidden gem. As you might imagine, this
is an arcade racing game that mixes in fantasy and personality from the movie so that each car has its own powerups with its own abilities. Now, some of these abilities are like the jump mechanic that you see, where you can hop over into special areas or jump fences, things like that. And the controls are
tight, but they feel unique in its own way, especially
the drifting mechanic. At first, it can be a
little bit off-putting because it’s different than all the other games in this video, but when you play it a lot, it
actually is pretty forgiving. And as you can see from this footage, the tracks are very colorful. There’s also a lot of hidden wrenches that you need to find that
you can use to do upgrades. For a licensed kids’
game, this is way better than it should be, and
definitely should not be missed. Juiced 1 and 2. So these games were released at a time when a lot of developers were trying to create their own brand of tuner-themed arcade racing games. Back then, it’s like the Need for Speed
Underground series was taking off, and everybody wanted to do that. I’ll be honest with you, these games, while they’re not really anything special, they aren’t particularly bad, either. I would go so far to say is that, if you’ve already exhausted all the other Need for Speed games on your PSP, well, you could certainly do
worse than the Juiced games. Split/Second. It seems like I talk about this a lot, but it’s primarily because, well, it’s a pretty awesome game that a lot of people have forgotten about, and the PSP port is pretty cool. (crashing)
(engine revving) (heavy metal music) (exploding) So what is Split/Second? Well, as you can see here, it’s a bit of a futuristic car
combat slash racing game. It feels an awful lot like Burnout, and that’s definitely a good thing. And like in Burnout, it kinda rewards you for driving recklessly. For instance, you’ll
notice, as I’m drifting around this track here,
that you’re building up that little meter
underneath your car there. There’s actually three levels that you can build up to, and
what it does is gives you the ability to trigger the environment to take out your rivals, or sometimes, you can open new paths. Really, it’s about risk
versus reward here. You wanna build that up as much as you possibly can to do
as much damage as possible. I really like the futuristic design of this game, and it
looks great on the PSP. Now, I’m not gonna lie, it’s
definitely a difficult game, but certainly unique, and a lot of fun. Worth a look. (tires squealing)
(engine revving) (heavy metal music) (crashing) Here is FlatOut Head On. Now, this is based on the third game of the beloved series that a lot of people played on the original
Xbox, as well as the PS2. The series is notable
for being a little bit more physics-based with the driving model, and I have to be honest,
I’m, I don’t know. I struggle with it a little bit. Sometimes I like it, and other times, I’m just, I feel like
I’m fighting with it. But it’s cool because they’re
completely over-the-top and they’re definitely crazy fun. Not really much to say
about Street Supremacy here. It’s part of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series that got its start on the Dreamcast. Now, these are based on
kinda highway racing culture in Japan. I’ll be honest with you, it’s not necessarily a terrible game, but it’s not one of my favorites, either. I think it’s just okay. As we get towards these last ones here, I’m gonna go a little bit quicker. So this game here is called Rush, but in other parts of the world, it’s actually know as L.A. Rush, and it’s a cool arcade racing game. It focuses mostly on
destructible environments and over-the-top action. There were a bunch of ATV games released on the PSP, and I have three of them here. And not much to say about these other than, if you like quad runners, or motorcycles, or just
racing through dirt, well, these are gonna be for you. But honestly, I haven’t
played them a ton yet. This is Initial D Street Stage, and you may notice that this
is actually a Japanese import. So the Initial D games,
not necessarily popular over here, in North America, but in Japan, they’re extremely popular, and what makes ’em kinda unique is that they’re very story-driven street
racing games based on a popular manga series. However, because this
is a Japanese release, it is a bit hard for me to follow because I don’t read Japanese, so all the story elements
are kinda lost on me. Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing. This game is often compared to F-Zero, but obviously with, well, Hot Wheels. And probably the biggest complaint with this game is that it’s
notoriously brutally difficult. So fair warning. Full Auto 2, Battlelines. This is the portable version
of the Playstation 3 game, and it’s kinda forgettable. It’s a racing car combat
game that’s just, meh. Here is an interesting release on the PSP. This is Crazy Taxi Fare Wars, and this was exclusive to the PSP. Now, what this is, it’s
a mix of Crazy Taxi 1 and Crazy Taxi 2, plus
there’s a new mode that lets you compete with real-world
opponents via ad hoc, and then you compete for customer fares. That’s actually a pretty cool feature. So that’s a quick look
at the PSP racing games that I have in my collection, and as you can see there, developers
really embraced this handheld. I love collecting racing games on the PSP because as you can see, so many of ’em are awesome. But I didn’t cover them all. These are just the ones that
I have in my collection. Now, according to sites like Metacritic, there looks to be about,
say, 50 or 55 racing games that were released on the PSP. Pretty cool, right? Love to know which ones you think I missed in this video, and that I need to add to my collection. Please let me know down
in the comments below. All right, guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you for subscribing, and take care.

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