300 Pound Music Millionaire to IRON MAN ATHLETE

300 Pound Music Millionaire to IRON MAN ATHLETE

– I managed 2 chains for 10 years and I was a good manager I run a 15 million dollar a year business. I left to pursue, my dream, you know? Follow your heart sounds super cheesy. Oh my God, that sounds cheesy, but it says something like What does it say, what makes your heart sing, you know? And sometimes we gotta go back to that 8 Year old self. I, uh, grew up, Atlanta, Georgia. Mom sold vacuum cleaners. Dad just worked on houses. I, uh, always had just this one dream to be fit. I was the, I was a chubby kid. Loved basketball. I read every Michael Jordan book… Studied the moves. But I was always that, that big kid so, when I’d go to the playground and play shirts vs. skins, I’d have to drop out. And kind of, as life went on, I needed something… That kind of identified me. You, you need something to be good at! For me, I was like, “All right, I’m gonna do business”, you know? That’s gonna be my thing. So in high school, man I had my suit! Like I was like, CEO Charlie. Like, everybody knew I was gonna be, like, that business guy. So as life went on business just… I got, I got pretty good at it! Started a music, business won Grammys, world tours, and sold over 8 million albums, I mean for some people, it would, it would look like the American dream! For me, I was never as unhappy, I was over 300 pounds and… I was, I was super depressed. The bigger my business got, you know, the bigger the bigger my, my stomach got. [Video]- Look how bad I look. That’s horrible. That’s horrible. My name is Charlie Jabaley, and I’ve been overweight my whole life. My addiction to food just, just beats me down. I… I, I binge eat ’til I get sick, and I do that so I’ll never want to binge eat again. But it’s just a downward spiral. I don’t want to be in a depression anymore. [Voice Over]- Food just took over my life, and I just buried my one dream! And this man walked into my life, man by the name of Scott Cameron, and he changed my life, and he said, “Look. I’m not gonna leave you, I see something in you, and we’re gonna do this. Like ,we’re gonna lose this weight. We’re, gonna run.” I said, “Run? What do you mean, ‘run’? I’m like, I’m big! Like, I can’t run!” He was like, “I challenge you to a marathon!”. And then, like, in that moment, I kind of went back to like, my childhood dream! (Whispering) Like, man i want to be an athlete, like That’s the one thing I’ve never been able to do! I’ve been able to do this successful business, make millions of dollars, live in big houses, drive nice cars! But the one thing, was this athlete dream of mine. So I said, “Scott, man let’s do it.” I remember the very first day. It was 19 degrees in February! It took me longer to get dressed, than the actual amount of time we ran ’cause I could only run, like two minutes! (Workout Music) Last time you’re ever going to see this! (More Workout Music) I’m getting almost 50 pounds after running three marathons. Like, I was carrying so much weight when I ran that LA marathon all my toenails fell off because, pounding for 26 miles. (imitates explosion) I was working out in the morning, and I would crack! I would crack every single day! I would out eat all the running I did. And after I ran a marathon I gained weight! There would be nights that I would, like, eat so much that I would wake up the next day… After eating, like 10,000 15,000 calories, and my skin would be bruised. All over my body! It would hurt to touch my skin! Like, I was never addressing my real, problem. Scott, he walked into my office one day he pulled out a scale, he told me, “Get on the scale”, I said “I’m not getting on the scale.” He said, “Get on the scale”, I said, “Man, Scott. I know what that scale says. I deal with it every day. I’m the guy, who can’t fit any of the clothes in my dresser. I’m the guy who not a belt fits. I’m the guy, who, when I look in the mirror, I don’t even look. I don’t look! Like, I’m terrified. I’m terrified of every meal! Like, I envy people who are addicted to, like, drugs because you can cold-turkey that and never have to deal with the drug again. With food that bein’ an addiction You’ve got to deal with it every day! Three, four times a day! And, man. I thought I was at the lowest point in my life but the amazing thing about rock-bottom that’ll make you actually see the roots. I woke up one morning and… I… Looked up to the ceiling and the room just started spinning (Whispering) And I’m like, “Woah man, this isn’t good.” Got out of bed went to pick up my shoes and my socks and then (Imitates explosion) Passed out. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Brain tumors wrapped around, my left optic nerve, my coronary artery And say it can start corroding the top of my Spinal cord. At that point I’m like, “Man my dreams of being an athlete are so far out of the picture it’s like, I just wanna live!” But then, I was like, “Man, I gotta fix my roots, like, everything I’ve been doing To, this date has been wrong! I have to say, “yes” to the scariest thing I ever did. I’m gonna completely reinvent, my entire life. I’m gonna leave Atlanta. I’m gonna leave My company. I’m gonna leave, my family. I’m gonna leave everything I built. I knew I could never truly be successful unless I had my health. The first chapter of my life, is music industry. The second chapter of my life is gonna be… Transformation If you jump into the swimming pool, and you don’t know how to swim… You got two options. Learn really really really fast, or you gonna die. And for me, Heh Dyin’s not an option! I moved to California. Completely, became the exact opposite of everything I was I was. I was this workaholic who’s working 100 hour work weeks, now i’m this free-spirited Vegan endurance athlete lost 120 pounds, training for an Ironman in March, and the most important thing, I’m reversing my brain tumor I’m reversing it naturally I’ve learned every single thing there is to learn about food, I, I transform every morning, when I work out Into, this person who’s like, to me, my superhero. His name is Charlie Rocket. Like i put my Bandanna, with the little rockets on, I put my glasses on. I have my bright colors. I see everybody else who just, bikes or who runs, and they all look the same, and I said, “I want to be this glowing ball of energy.” And when I’m biking down the boardwalk, I’m smiling, I’m listening to my music and I’m high-fiving people so if somebody Who is going to the beach, early, that’s in the this depressed mood like, they can look, and be like, “Wow, like, that guy, looks, like he’s having fun! Maybe I should try that.” This energy is contagious, and I don’t care if, if it’s, you’re fit and you need to figure out how to get your dreams of success, or if you’re older, and you’re stuck as a lawyer and a law Firm and your heart is saying, “I need to go chase my dreams before I die” There’s somebody I don’t care if it’s one person. They needed to hear it. So that’s just, my way of reaching my hand back On January 1st, I wrote on a postcard, and I put it on my refrigerator, and I said, “Contract to myself: Become top 1% of athletes in the world.” Well, I’m on pace to do an Ironman, I’ve already done a half Ironman, I’ve run Three marathons, I’ve lost 120 pounds, I’m reversing my brain tumor I’m chasing my dream. Captions by: Shawn Monteiro

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  1. more of these!!!! :)))))) I love this episode so much it cuts deep into my heart and makes me inspired. Thank you!

  2. Charlie's description of food addiction is eye-opening. I can only imagine how terrifying must it be to be addicted to something that keeps you alive, and then it starts killing you.

  3. I used to have 6 figures salary with a very demanding Chef job , no time for myself , no fun , weighting 280 pounds 5'6 height. quit my job got myself a postmate biking job, I have lost already 60 pounds and happier than ever.

  4. I think you went from one extreme to another.
    Why not find a middle way?

    Also: Which idiot motivates you to run (an entire marathon) with 300 pounds? Swimming is way better for your body, especially for your knees.

  5. well, all the things get easier if you got the money to pay for the time your losing doing things like that as regular "working" people do…

    alltough great performance!

  6. I'm 170 I'm in middle school my hope is to make it to 120 then start building muscle for anyone else wanting to lose weight I truly hope that you get to your dream weight and remember don't give up.

  7. Yes yes yes!!!!!
    So inspiring! Vegan is the way to go!! So glad you reversed your brain tumor, that's just incrediable. And so happy you found sport that you like and do because you want to!

  8. yeah, addiction to food and especially to sugar is very difficult to overcome, and there is also this comfort eating thing.

  9. Fuck this dude and his ego explaining he would "rather be on drugs because you can quit come turkey" yeah right go snort some h for a month and then tell me how easy it is to quit, you think you knew pain because you were a fatass but really don't know shit

  10. I personally don’t understand why you envy people who struggle with drug addiction? They can and do deal with it everyday. They have their triggers and at times their environment that makes them want to use doesn’t even change. Please don’t state that this is an easy issue, because far too many people will lose their battle with it.

  11. I love this guy!! Congrats bro for what you have done!! Keep doing you bro! Loved to listen to you’re story. Truly amazing and inspiring!!

  12. The video is great guys <3
    Love the inspiration. History of this guy is great. Very motivational.
    And the music is also awesome 😀
    Btw. does anyone know the name of the song at 2:55? Its amazing! Would love to add this to my workout playlist <3

  13. was that brain tumor fat, my brain is 80% fat or something too. Reversing brain tumors aint a real thing guys. But good video, motivating as fuck!

  14. every body is talking about how big they are, and how much they lost. its really impressive. but for me just taking 1 kg more on is hard. like really hard. i have done so much seeking for the magical feed. so i could eat enough so i could grow. but it never happens. people look at big dudes and are thinking how hard it is to lose weight but trust me its just ass hard to take weight on. and if u wont it to be just a little healthy its even harder.

    with 4000 cal every day and still not taking any weight on. i mean i was eating my brain out.
    after 3 years of seeking and trying 100 of cures. i thought is was never going to happen. but for a little more then a year ago. i begin to chance my life. i wont to be a pro bodybuilder and i'm not gonna give up. in 1 year i toke 20 kg. on me from 60 kg to 80 kg.

    i know its not a fitness channel but u guys still made me follow it and made me be willing to chance so much. one day i'm gonna stand where u guys are now and speaking to others and shewing them if i can they can. making others go for they dream like i did/do.. thanks. for the motivations Yes Theory.

  15. You help me be inspired, I contemplated killing myself multiple times from the people I love calling me fat and teasing me , then I found this video , you helped me loose 15 pounds in 1 week , much love bro I’m going to keep going watching this everyday running everyday at 6:30 am to 7 am because I can’t run that long yet . Much love bro !

  16. hi guys i got so inspired with u guys u r awesome i wanna join u guys i m from India i wanna get out of my comfort zone and wanna jump from plane go deep down ocean wanna break the records just wanted a way to get can i get a job just wanna be with u guys to get limitless wanna show myself ya i can do it i can i will thanks )

  17. I saw Charlie today at an incredible speaking engagement he did and he is the real deal. He is such a remarkable young man.

  18. The only reason you dislike this video is because he's a millionaire. I was 380 pound as a chef and one day I saw a video of a girl that was anorexic, she tried Every thing to get better, SHE FUCKING DID!!!!!! So I said if she can do that I can lose weight. Now I'm 225 pounds and a dad of 2 girls

  19. Fitness is a whole different rush when you've experienced the opposite life, it's an escape and a mission, always channel your motivations into life.

  20. You see the problem is being inspirational and all, you said 15 mil a year, and in a couple years you can make more then enough to satisfy most of your needs for a long time and you have a really solid resume to get back into business. So like yes, you did good by changing your lifestyle, but dont talk about going to roots, and other hardships, your only hardship at the time, was your mind and body in the sense of loosing weight and becoming better physically. . .

  21. Got to me. I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor almost 5 months ago and it is such a wake up call to lose your health. You are more grateful for everything you have, you try to see everything in a positive light, and you want to work at being your best self. It should be that way always, but it takes a wake up call for most of us to realize how precious life is. My tumor is benign but caused me health problems. Luckily everything is going well with treatment 🙂 This video was very inspiring, thanks!

  22. I just found this today, I am also overweight and i feel every word he is saying down to the bones, and i have to face my harsh reality that i caused myself, thank you for the inspiration as always Yes theory , 2020 going to be my year

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