3 Unbelievable Olympic Village Scandals

3 Unbelievable Olympic Village Scandals

( music playing )– Welcome back.
– We’re in the middle
of the Olympics and what a
coincidence because we’re about to play
a Real or Fake – Olympic Village
scandals game.
– OH, what are the chances? What are the
chances? 100%. You know how all
the Olympians gather and they’re roaming
around this village. You only compete for
a certain amount of time and then the rest of
the time you gotta
create snafus. – Yeah, in that old village.
– Or, if you’re really
sensitive, you can call
them “scandals.” I’m gonna prevent–
prevent none of them. But I am gonna
present some of them
to you right now. And you’re gonna
tell me if they’re
real or fake. If you get three
right, you win the Olympic onion rings. – Oh.
– Edible Olympic rings… – ( breathily ) Yeah.
– made out of onions. I need something savory
after all that sweet. You will not believe it
when you see it. And you’ll be frustrated
if you don’t get to eat it. First question: At the end of the 2000
Olympics in Sydney, the Australian team threw
a huge bonfire party and burned a lot of
the furniture from
the Olympic Village. Uh-huh. Real or fake snauf? Well, you know
that Australia– Mm-hmm. Tell me something
about Australia, Rhett. –was founded as
a prisoner colony. – ( laughter )
– Right. – So…
– I see where you’re
going with this. DNA-wise, Australians are
just more likely to be bad. ( laughter ) Sorry, Aussies.
I love you. – I think you’re great.
– It’s just a definitive fact. I mean, you’re cool.
You’re a lot of fun. Everybody loves to
drink wine, all the time. They all got box wine.
Every one of them. They keep it in
their pockets. – Yeah.
– Pocket-box wine. They wear backpacks
that have wine in ’em. – Every Australian.
– So are you saying
this is true? How deep can I dig
my Australian hole? You can dig your
Australian hole. You can
dig it all the deepest. I’m gonna say true,
burning things left
and right. I wish I could say
this was false – in order to undercut
everything you said…
– ( laughs ) – but it is true.
( counter dings )In an interview with
ESPN, Aussie footballer Alicia Ferguson described
the event saying, quote:( bad Australian accent )
“Who knew the furniture
could burn so–“
Whoa! Whoa! What?
( laughing ) – Okay.
“We started hooking up
around our very own
Olympic Village bonfire.”There ya go! It came– bonfire. – ( laughs )
– That is Alicia Ferguson… – That’s great, Link.
– to a T. – ( laughter )
– That is great. – You got it right.
– You sounded like somebody from North Carolina
doing a British accent. ( accented )
“Bonfire.” – You don’t have to try.
– At the 2014 Olympics
in Sochi… It doesn’t make you
a better person just
because you can do it. Many– I’ll do all
of them like this. – Uh– ( sighs )
– Many– ( laughs ) Many bathrooms in
the Olympic Village featured multiple toilets
but with no divider. So if you had to
go “number two,” chances are you were
gonna do it in full view of your friend doing
“number two,” too. – Quite a snafu.
– There’s always some
kind of disappointment with
the Olympic Village. People complaining on
Twitter, you’re saying? Yeah, there’s always
some news. It’s like, “They don’t
even have dividers
in the bathroom!” – So, I could totally see
this being the case.
– In Sochi? But I gotta say
that this sounds like a problem that is
so easily…rectified. Probably shouldn’t
use that term. – Just erect… a barrier.
– No, no. – ( laughter )
– It was a rectum joke. – It wasn’t an erection joke.
– Oh, now it’s both. – You can make it both,
I’m gonna say–
– Go team! False!
Fake. No, it’s real.
Here’s a photo from
BBC new reporterSteve Rosenberg’s tweet-er.Check that out.
Maybe it’s a love toilet.The weirdest part is
when Bob Costas comes in – and does commentary.
– Ooh. “It looks as if she,
on the right has won. Nope, I’m sorry,
that’s just a courtesy
flush.” ( laughter ) – You missed that one.
– I did. After winning gold
at the 2008 Olympics,
Hope Solo, – Uh-huh.
– no relation to Han, admitted that she and
the rest of the U.S.
women’s soccer team were still drunk! When they did an interview
on the “Today” show! From Olympic Village
earlier the next morning! I didn’t know exactly
where to put emphasis – in that question.
– I saw that. So I just kinda… Still drunk the next
morning on the “Today” show. Now, this is the
US team, not the
Australian team, right? – Right.
– ( laughter ) – U.S. women’s soccer team.
– Uh-huh. Won gold. I mean, they
were really happy.
They were super happy. And Hope Solo is
no stranger to controversy. ( drumming fingers ) Fake. –( buzzer)
– It’s real. – No! Really?
– No, and we have a clip.There is no pressure
going into the game
other than it being
a World Cup– I mean,
an Olympic final.
Oh, dang it! The clip
ended just before she
motorboated Al Roker. – ( laughter )
– Oh, ho, ho, ho! Oh, gosh. Aww. It’s not
the version I saw. You know I’ll be
Googling that later. – Question four…
– “Hope Solo motorboats
Al Roker…” – Put that on a t-shirt.
– At the 2004 Athens Olympics, – I’ve missed two.
– Greek Greco Roman Wrestler Phillipos Kuriakos
got drunk, and according
to his teammates, stole a horse
from a nearby stable, brought it back
to the Olympic Village, and tried to wrestle it. Oh, that seems like
a fake laugh. – ( chuckles )
– “Ha, ha, it was so funny
when it didn’t happen.” But they’ve all
been real, so far. – Every one of them’s
been real.
– They’ve all been real. A fourth one
can’t be real. – They could all be real–
– They could all be real. ‘Cause that’s kinda
something I would do. Ah, yeah. You would be
just like that. You wouldn’t want to
take the time to make
anything up. It’s fake. – It is fake.
– Yes! But if it were real, this is what it would
look like. – ( grunts )
– ( laughter ) Olympic Wrester Chase,
everybody. – With a “My Little Pony.”
– That was very convincing,
Chase. – You’ve got two right.
– I was waitin’ for the
video to pop on. – Should’ve known.
– It all comes down
to this one if you get to enjoy
the Olympic Onion Rings. I do wanna note–
I do wanna say that just like a great
Olympian, I’ve let it come down
to the very end, just for drama,
I mean I knew all these
the whole time. – That’s not true.
– We’ll find out. At the 1984 Olympics
in Los Angeles, – Mmm.
– Jack Nicholson and
Sylvester Stallone got drunk with
the Norwegian men’s
soccer team and ended up taking
them out of Olympic Village and tee-pee-ing a young
Judd Nelson’s house. ( laughs )
Oh, gosh. Really? So many of these
involve “alky-hol.” – You know what it
does to the kids.
– Jack Nicholson? Not Jack Nicklaus. He was– okay– he was also there,
I just didn’t want
to mention it. No, the golfer
was not there. I used to get them
confused as a child. When I was saying
“Jack Nicholson,” I would, like,
hesitate at the last second, ’cause I was afraid
that it would come
out like the golfer. – Or vice versa.
– Yeah, you don’t want to
come out like the golfer. – No, you don’t.
– True. –( buzzer)
– ( laughs ) Sadly,
this never happened. – ( chuckles ) Dammit.
– Except in my dream journal. – It didn’t happen?
– It happened in my
dream journal. Aww! I don’t get to
eat the onion rings? ( imitates fanfare ) – That’s not the right song.
– Ah. – You know what?
On second thought,
– Look at that. I’m glad I don’t
get to eat ’em. You can have ’em. They look like they’ve
been there a while. ( laughs ) Yeah,
that seems more like
a punishment. – Ugh!
– Thanks for liking,
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  1. Lol. As soon as you started on about the box wine i was thinking " Rhett…you're digging yourself a hole" but then you beat me to it. Aust wasn't just prisoners…there were innocent people here too. Links Aussie "accent" sounds slightly more British (sorry brits out there)

  2. Oh my gosh!! There's someone else in this world that gets confused between Jack Nicholson and Jack Nicklaus! It's been a problem since I was a kid.

  3. I used to think that Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicholson were the same person. I thought it was so cool that he was an athlete and an actor ?

  4. hahahahaha goon rhet goon LOL hahaha i LOVE when we cop shit from americans about how we are a prison colony and yes i know this sounds like sarcasm but its not i LOVE IT when we cop some kind kind of flack over being nuts here in aus LOL cheers Rhett

  5. What if there was an Australian cat lover who went to community college… I don’t know what Rhett would do with himself

  6. @Good Mythical Morning
    The Australian joke was not in good taste. You're basically saying all Australians are criminals because of the history of convicts being transported there. I know it's a joke. But that's a really bad joke. That's like saying American blacks are all strong because of slavery.

  7. Yea Aussie r all criminal decendants… at least we don't have a serious gun problem in our >Schools<

    Or anywhere else…

  8. Love you guys to death. For future reference however, Aussies is pronounced “Ozzies”, not “aw-sees”. ☺️

  9. also u shouldve seen my baby brother the other day he put so much wine in his backpack he fell off a cliff no joke

  10. Love how Link got distracted at the end and there was a kinda awkward quiet before he remembered to say "You know what time it is!" XD

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  14. Every morning in Nashville, TN the morning news crew has an alcoholic drink segment where they have a good ole time. Truth.

  15. "… admitted that she and the rest of the US women's soccer team were STILL DRUNK when they did an interview ON THE TODAY SHOW from Olympic Village earlier THE NEXT MORNING."

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